11 month old baby William

11 month old baby William means that in one more month my little baby will be ONE YEAR OLD! WHAT?!?!?!  I seriously cannot believe that.  Baby William is growing up!

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Height & Weight: Not sure. Let’s just say BIG BOY for height and SO BIG for weight. 🙂

Eating: William still eats Earth’s Best oatmeal in the morning and sometimes in the evening depending on how much other food he eats.  In the morning with his breakfast, he also has a fruit or vegetable.  New foods he’s tried include raspberries and blackberries, and he’s liked both!  I’m still doing all organic for him.  William eats a snack in the afternoon.  Sometimes that means puffs, more vegetables, Stonyfield yobaby yogurt, or turkey or chicken which he really likes.  I get nervous about him choking, so I cut it into really small pieces.  Good thing his fine motor skills are great!  Favorites still include avocado and sweet potato.

Sleeping (naps): William has been napping a lot better! His naps usually last for an hour (at least two of them anyway), and he’s even had a couple of almost two-hour naps!  I think it was because he didn’t feel well over the weekend, but still, two-hours is a long time for him.  He woke up once, which I thought was his wake up for good, but after I nursed him he went back down for another 45 minutes.  I know he’s been sleeping more these last few days since he hasn’t felt well, but I’m glad he is getting his sleep since it’s obviously needed.

Sleeping (at night): Sleeping at night still includes a few wake ups.  Some nights are better than others and he’ll actually go a few hours.  When he was sick, he would be up for like an hour in the middle of the night just wanting me to snuggle him.  That’s not usually the norm for the middle of the night though, thank goodness.

Clothing: It’s so funny to me how different clothing can be for babies.  Some of William’s six month onesies still fit him, yet in other brands he’s in 12-18 months!  On average, he wears twelve month clothes.

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Standing opens up a whole new world for Baby William!  So much to see!

New this month: I think William is getting so close to walking.  He stands up all the time, and pulls up on everything.  Occasionally he’ll get really brave and let go of whatever he’s holding on to, so he’s standing by himself.  It doesn’t last long, but he’s definitely trying it out.  He’ll get a very serious look on his face at first, and then burst into a huge smile after!  It’s so cute.  I hope this is the extent of him being a daredevil…

William likes: Playing catch!  William has loved playing with all different types of balls (soccer, basketball, football, etc.) for weeks, and would normally just grab the ball and start clapping on it.  Probably because every time he “caught” it, I would clap.  Recently he started throwing the ball back.  Like, the ball wasn’t just accidentally rolling out of his hands.  He puts both arms over his head with the ball and THROWS! Future athlete!

William dislikes: Being with new people in new environments without me.  Separation has definitely started.  Luckily, if he knows the people and the place, William is just fine.  But what can I say?  William loves his momma!

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This picture is over a month old, I just never shared it on the blog yet.  I cannot believe how quickly William is growing and changing!  I see many differences between this picture and more recent pictures and they’re just a month apart! Crazy!

Mommas: when did your baby start walking?

13 thoughts on “11 month old baby William

  1. Such a cutie!! I can’t believe he will be one either!!! Wasn’t it just last week you were having maternity pics taken?! Man time flies!!

  2. I can’t believe he’s almost 1! Time flies! I’m glad to hear that napping is getting better, mommas need a break for sure!
    I have (almost) 2 year old twins, and my daughter started walking at 11.5 months, but my son didn’t walk until 15 months. He was just lazy and much preferred watching his sister 🙂

  3. Time is totally flying!! I remember when you texted me he was born!! That was like yesterday.

    Lily walked about 2 weeks after she turned 1, but she took steps a few times before then. She seemed interested for a bit, lost interest, and then went for it again those few weeks later. Which I’ve heard is really normal!

  4. Too bad you don’t live anywhere close to me because it sounds like your William and my Hudson are little twins! And would be besties!! He sounds just like my little man

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