10 month old baby William

Somebody turned ten months old on Tuesday…

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Baby’s got style!  Tank top and tube socks?  Oh, yes!

Here’s baby William’s ten month update:

Height & Weight: 20 pounds 0.5 ounces and not sure about his height.

Eating: Loving Earth’s Best foods, especially their oatmeal that he still gets twice a day.  Other favorites include carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, turkey, and yogurt.  William eats puffs, and I try to give him finger food to practice feeding himself. However, he still doesn’t really chew because he’s used to purees, so sometimes chunks of food get caught in his throat and he ends up throwing up a lot thanks to his active gag reflex.  I have learned to let him practice feeding himself before his oatmeal and fruit / vegetable because if he does throw up, at least it’s a bit less than after his full meal.

Sleeping (naps): Same as last month –> Our goal is to have three 45-minute naps a day (or three sleep cycles).  Ideally, he would take one 45-minute nap and one hour and a half nap (two sleep cycles back to back), but that rarely happens at day care – usually three naps which is fine.

Check out my Beginning to Sleep Train a Baby post where I explain in more detail about sleep cycles and naps.

Sleeping (at night): The last week has not been so great, honestly.  I think William’s teething (again), and he’s a little bit congested, so the combination has been rough on both of us. He’s been having more difficulty going to sleep. I’ve always rocked him to sleep (I know, I know…) but usually transferring him to the crib is fine.  Lately, not so much.  He screams when I put him down, even if he was asleep.  Then sometimes he’s wide awake after.  A couple of nights ago he went through multiple cycles of this and I could not keep him asleep in his crib at all.  Literally, over an hour later, I needed a breather, so I safely left him in his crib and stood outside his door taking deep breaths just for two minutes. Well, sure enough, because he was fussing…. he threw up all over his crib.  Oy.  Big thanks to my momma for coming to my rescue, washing the sheets and bumpers, and letting me get some much-needed sleep!

Clothing: Mostly twelve month clothing, but he can still fit into some nine month items.

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Clothes?!  What clothes?!

New this month: William has figured out where his milk comes from… He literally lunges at my chest when he’s hungry… or just wants to play lol.  He waves and claps all the time and just started giving high fives.  He especially loves to clap when we say, “Yaaaay!”  William has been pulling up more and more, especially in his crib. New this month has been crawling while holding items.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s just an accident that he’s still holding it while he’s crawling or if he really wants to move the toy there.  He also loves banging things together and opening and closing his hands.

William likes: Chasing our dog Zoey though she wants nothing to do with him. Opening cabinets.  Smiling and laughing.  Watching people throw things in the air.  Playing with his cousins Jackson, Jacob, and Audrey. They have him in stitches belly laughing! Trying to grab the water during bath time.  Singing.  So much singing. Throwing his binkies, toys, or food and then looking down to find it. Music.

William dislikes: Teething and getting the snot sucked out of him when he’s congested, though I suppose nobody would really like either of those things.

But mostly…

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…happiest baby ever!

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  1. Such a cutie! My daughter is 20 lbs right now too! She is a month older than William. She also carries toys around with her while she crawls. It means I find them all over the house now.

    Teething is not fun. I hope william gets the sleep thing figured out soon and starts feeling better!

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