9 month old baby William

Babies change a lot.  All the time.  They grow.  They learn new things.  They reach milestones. This last month was a huge month of change and growth for baby William in the best possible way!


Height & Weight: William had his nine month checkup yesterday and weighed 18 pounds 14 ounces and measured 27 inches long!

Eating: We’re making progress from last month!  The throwing up doesn’t happen as frequently as it was before.  It still happens on occasion, but it’s not necessarily from the food he is eating.  William has an extremely sensitive and active gag reflex.  If he cries too hard, he throws up.  Sometimes he chews on his fingers, and if they go in too far, he throws up.  Anyway, it makes me feel better to know that he’s not having any type of reaction to food or some sort of digestion or stomach issue.

We are still happily nursing and have no plans to stop anytime soon.  William eats oatmeal mixed with breast milk and a fruit or vegetable in the morning and evening.  Favorites include sweet potatoes and avocados.  He also tried Stonyfield organic yobaby yogurt, and he liked that.  Earth’s Best is the oatmeal and puffs he eats, and we’ve also tried some of their jarred food.  While I know I won’t sustain this forever, for right now, William is eating all organic.  Earth’s Best and Stonyfield are both great!

9months freshly picked

amber teething necklace from city sprouts // sweater from yellow house knits // jeans from carter’s // baby moccasins from freshly picked 

Sleeping (naps): Our goal is to have three 45-minute naps a day (or three sleep cycles).  Ideally, he would take one 45-minute nap and one hour and a half nap (two sleep cycles back to back), but that rarely happens at day care – usually three naps which is fine.  Over winter break and on the weekends, I really tried hard to ensure William gets a full sleep cycle.  If he wakes up before the 45-minute time period, I rock him back to sleep or hold him.  This has been making a big difference for his night sleeping, too.

Check out my Beginning to Sleep Train a Baby post where I explain in more detail about sleep cycles and naps.

Sleeping (at night): William is consistently going to sleep at 6:30 with much less of a fight than before (I think because he’s not overly tired).  He’s been waking up between one and three times throughout the night which is great (comparatively!).  Honestly, I haven’t started sleep training yet because his sleep has gotten so much better.  I think there are two factors that contributed to this: better naps / more sleep during the day and his bumper pads are back in the crib.  My mom and my sister have been suggesting I put the bumper pads back in his crib, but I was hesitant since so many people / sources say don’t.  Finally, I felt confident enough that William was strong and mobile enough to handle the bumper pads.  Literally the night they went in, he slept so much better!  I think they make him feel cozier and warmer; plus, he snuggles up against them just like my mom and sister said he would!  He doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night if his head rubs against the hard crib bars.  Ok, ok, Mom and Stephanie, you can say, “I told you so!” 🙂

While I’m not officially sleep training, I still highly recommend Tracy Spackman, certified gentle sleep coach.  I learned so much from her and incorporate a lot of what she suggests in my nightly routine.  It has definitely made a difference in baby William’s sleep, and her Facebook group is awesome as tons of mommas post questions and share ideas regarding their little one’s sleep!

9  months

Clothing: 9 and 12 month clothing!

New this month: So many new developments!  After saying he was close to crawling for two months, it finally happened… and he’s FAST!  (Athlete already!) It makes me laugh to see him crawl across the floor so quickly! Not only is William crawling, he’s pulling up on things, too!  Now I feel like he will be walking in no time!  Last month, we were waiting for his one tooth on top to break through… well, it’s through and growing and THREE additional top teeth are just about broken through!  William is babbling so much more this month, too, and he has gotten LOUD!  At times, he screeches at the top of his lungs and then lets out a huge laugh.  I seriously cannot believe all the major changes that happened this month!

William likes: Oh William is such a happy baby! He loves going after my dog Zoey and she wants nothing to do with him haha. He likes trying to play with things he shouldn’t be playing with (cords, outlets, vents, shoes, Zoey’s toys), but I say, “That’s not a toy!”  He usually stops… at least for a second until I move him away from whatever is dangerous / gross.  William especially loves toys that make noise and he likes this one puzzle that has eight different types of latches.  He still puts everything in his mouth, and he loves attention.

William dislikes: Really, just being tired, but that has gotten so much better.  Like I always say, he’s the happiest baby, and I seriously could not love him any more!

9months me

all photos by Stephanie Cotta Photography

Moms: What’s to come next month?

21 thoughts on “9 month old baby William

  1. Does the amber teething necklace help? We have teething fools at our house and slobber fest 2015! 🙂 So glad to hear the eating is going better, we tried oatmeal the other day…ha ha it was a joke, thinking they aren’t quite ready but Dan and I got some good laughs out of the mess we made.

  2. He’s adorable! Does he eat meat yet? Our Peditrician said to make all the meat and yuck! Purée ing it was disgusting but at least I knew the source and how it was cooked. Glad he’s sleeping better.

  3. He’s adorable. Sounds like he’s progressing great!

    My older son still has a sensitive gag reflex which has made for some interesting dentist appointments over the years…

  4. My daughter never really crawled. She went from scooting and rolling to walking in a matter of a few weeks. And once their mobile, it’s a whole new ball game.
    Congrats on BF for nine months. That’s such a great accomplishment for you and him!!!

  5. As always William is adorable! My daughter is 10 months old and so far I think I saw the most changes right around 9 months. She started crawling, talking, napping better, and eating everything! I am glad that William is doing better with solids and sleep!

  6. He is so so so so so cute!! He’s entering the stage of life that I think is just such a blast! Of course you love it all, but he’ll continue to just interact with you and be his own self, and it’s the funnest to observe!

    I absolutely have been loving 9 months to where Lily is now. So fun! And hopefully he’ll sleep through the night regularly soon, and it’ll be even more fun 😉

  7. I’m catching up on blog reading and wanted to comment even if I am a few weeks late. 🙂 He’s such a cutie!! I’m glad he’s sleeping better for you and wow, crawling!! I’m not ready for that but I know it’s coming…

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