‘Twas a marvelous weekend!

‘Twas a marvelous weekend!  Thought it’s hard not to have marvelous weekends when they’re filled with smiles and giggles from this cute little baby:

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I mean, seriously.  His cuteness is too much!  And see those two little teethies on the bottom?  Well, his top tooth finally broke through, also!  Growing boy.

On Thursday, my brother Justin and his wife Dana came to town.  We had a Chanukah celebration at my parents’ house (hence, the no blog post on Friday since we were there on the later side and I had work the following day). Family time is the best.

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Missing Mom in the picture as she’s the one who took it!

Friday was my last day at work before winter break.  Teachers are just as excited (if not more) than the kiddos to have some time off.  We jumped for joy!  Literally.

school jumping

We were all cracking up during this mini photo shoot. I love jumping pictures!  But sometimes it’s hard to get that perfect shot, so we literally jumped a million times in a row.  Can I call that a workout? My heart rate was certainly elevated. haha

My parents took my family out to 801 Chophouse for dinner on Friday night.  It’s definitely the best steakhouse I’ve been to in St. Louis.  Everything from the oyster rockefeller appetizers to the filet entrees to the carrot cake desserts were unbelievably good!  The company, obviously, was the best.

family 801chophouse

We were surrounded by photos of cows which we got a good laugh out of.  Moo.

Saturday was filled with errands, laundry, baking, playing, and down time before heading to my best friend’s parents’ for a Chanukah party… which I took literally ZERO pictures!  William was a wild man and wanted to roll around and crawl all over the floor, so we were busy.  I did, however, manage to get in several bites of latkes and brisket – delicious!

While I was getting dressed for the party, I put William in the bassinet that I still have by my bed.  I never leave him in it unattended since he’s getting much more mobile and I don’t want to take the chance of him falling out, so I literally keep my eyes on him the whole time.  Well, when he started peeking over the edge, I got closer to make sure he was safe… and take out my phone to snap a picture because it was so funny.  But then, this happened:

baby pushup yoga

I was like, woaaaaah baby!  Doesn’t it look like he’s either trying to do some baby yoga or baby push-ups?  Baby FitFluential right there!

We had brunch on Sunday at my parents’ house with my siblings, grandparents, and some cousins.  Nobody went hungry as my parents, like always, had quite the spread!


The food pictured was just the appetizers.  A whole new spread came out for brunch!  I’m telling you, my parents host the best meals!  We’re so fortunate to have our grandparents in our lives and live so close to be able to see them often.

That picture of Justin holding Audrey (smiling) is hilarious.  Audrey, for some reason, just doesn’t like Justin.  We think it’s because she doesn’t see him often, but last time he was in town, she literally cried when he looked at her.  (You better believe this had us in stitches!)  Justin works so hard to win Audrey over, and finally, after much bribery of cookies and promises to play outside, she caved and let him not only pick her up, but also smile for a picture!  Progress, people!

You never have to ask her to smile twice when she’s with baby William:

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Those cousins.  Growing up as the best of friends. (Missing Jackson!)

My mom always outdoes herself with events like these.  She learned it from her mother, my Mama. Stephanie and I have a lot to live up to!  Strong women play a prominent role in our family!

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I’ll say it again: family time is just the best.  We spent the whole day over there.  Our bellies and hearts were so full.  The day reminded me once again just how grateful I am for my marvelous family.  It takes a village to raise a baby, and they’re definitely a village!  William is a lucky little man!

8months smile

How was your weekend?

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  1. I’m pretty sure teachers are definitely more excited for the break than the kiddos are! What a fun, family filled weekend! Your family seems so truly joyful…you make me want to come to one of y’all’s gatherings! Enjoy your break!

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