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Finding time to workout has been my biggest fitness challenge since baby William was born.  (Hence, my quick ten minutes or less workouts!)  It’s not something I stress or worry about, because my priorities have changed now.  William is number one.  I still do place a large emphasis on my health and fitness; I just simply don’t have the time to workout for thirty to sixty minutes multiple times each week.  Anyway, over the weekend I had the opportunity to get in a solid one-hour workout and it felt AMAZING!  You know those workouts that are incredibly challenging, get you sweating, and leave you crazy sore the next day?  Yeah, that happened.  And I loved every second of it!

Bianca from Mizzfit was in town and hosted The Beauty & The Beast Workout event at Sweat St. Louis.  It cost just $25 (drop-in classes at Sweat are $15); plus, all participants received a goodie bag valued over $50.  I signed up as soon as I heard about it and was more than just a little excited.

sweat boxing

Oh gym selfies, how I’ve missed you! 😉

Sweat St. Louis offers personal training, corrective exercises, massage therapy, and a variety of group exercises classes including boxing, TRX, and interval training.  Our class was Boxing, Legs, and Core: Lower body workout designed to improve balance, tighten your core, and give you those sculpted legs and rear. Put it together with boxing on the heavy bags for the ultimate power hour.  Ow.  My back, my arms, my shoulders, my glutes, my legs, my everything was so sore the next day.  AWESOME!


After our hands got wrapped, we put on our boxing gloves, listened to our instructor Matt, and began punching away.  Matt showed us different combinations to do (jab, jab, cross, etc.) and we would go all out for thirty seconds to a minute before switching to a lunge or squat.  There was no possible way to get bored in class because we were constantly switching what we were doing.  This was my first time boxing and I loved it!  Can you tell?


Probably not the greatest form, but I was having fun!

After my upper body was thoroughly sore, we took things down to the ground for core work and leg and glute work.  Oh my goodness, the glute work we did was the hardest exercises I’ve ever done.  I pride myself on how strong my lower body is, but I could hardly finish one set, and could definitely feel the pain the next couple days.  I would like to make time for this class on a weekly basis.  Sweat’s motto is, “Real gym. Real results. Real sweat.”  I like it.

Not only was the workout intense and awesome, our goodie bag was pretty rad, too.  My favorite item was two pairs of Bianca’s new barre socks she recently designed.  Obviously I don’t do barre workouts, but these socks totally rock.  They’re super comfy for just around the house, and I love what they stand for.  I’m all about supporting female entrepreneurs and Bianca is just that.  She’s such a beautiful picture of a strong, healthy, fit woman who understands how to balance the demands of a busy life while putting her health first (and she does it in the most fashionable way, as well!).

mizzfit barre socks

This multi-pack of Mizzfit x Pointe Studio grip socks is sure to get your heart rate up! Each multi-pack comes with 2 pairs of grip socks, one pair with an EKG graphic — the kind you see on heart monitors in the hospital and ER, and the other pair has blue droplets representing Blood, Sweat and Tears. They are specially designed to serve as a piece of equipment or armor that helps you bring your best to every barre, yoga and pilates workout.  Who knew socks could be so motivating?  The best part is that they’re sold for just $20 for TWO pairs.  That is a STEAL!  [Purchase them HERE.]


So, what have we learned in this post?

  • Bianca (Mizzfit) hosts awesome events, so you should follow her as to not miss the latest fitness or fashion news, and be eligible for the many giveaways she hosts.
  • If you’re in St. Louis, you should try a class at Sweat.
  • Get yourself a pair (well, two) of these socks.
  • Linz is a hardcore boxer.

Have you ever taken a boxing class?

25 thoughts on “Boxing at Sweat

  1. The only boxing I’ve really done much is Billy Banks videos back when I was in high school and I messed up my back, so I’ve kind of been turned off from doing much of that… but I do love barre workouts, and those socks are so nice! Looks like you had tons of fun! And congrats on your little William! 🙂

  2. That looks like so much fun- and you look fantastic, Linz! You’re right- babies change priorities. I’m managing to get my running training in but skipping a lot of the “extras” (yoga, pilates, not as much strength as I’d like) but it’s okay and totally worth it.

  3. I feel like you’ve lost a TON of weight. My sister in law lost a lot of weight after her 1st baby as well. Do you think it’s the breast feeding? Because you mentioned you haven’t had much time to work out.

    • Yes, it’s ALL from breastfeeding! I’m eating my weight in anything and everything because I’m starving ALL THE TIME. I do try and make healthy choices, but I eat a lot. Literally, all the time. It’s amazing. 🙂 🙂

  4. Why am I just reading this now??? Love this! You get so many comments on your posts too! Incredible. Love your writing. Well, overall, I just love you! Thanks for being a friend and fellow fit girl. xoxo, Bianca Jade

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