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As if Thanksgiving wasn’t already the most wonderful holiday ever, ours was even better this year.  Stephanie (of Stephanie Cotta Photography) set up a Thanksgiving Photo Booth!  She always has something up her sleeve during this holiday.  Growing up, she orchestrated a Chicken Little play every year with all of the cousins.  “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!” never got old, and we still laugh about it to this day.  (And I’m quite certain my mom has the original manuscripts saved!)  Perhaps the photo booth is the start to another holiday tradition?

mom dad photobooth

While Stephanie is the one who thought of the idea, set it up, and photographed the whole ordeal, it’s my parents who made Thanksgiving, as they do every year.  This year’s crowd was on the smaller side (just twenty people – small? ha!), but the food was still plentiful, and everyone, everyone went home with leftovers!  The table was beautifully decorated, we savored every bite of food, and the hours of preparation and cooking was most enjoyed through hugs, kisses, laughter, chatter, and full bellies throughout the evening.  My parents are amazing and every second was cherished.

Check out last year’s Thanksgiving post to get an even better glimpse into my family – a short video complete with my dad and uncles in a push-up challenge, Audrey’s turkey “meow,” lighting of Chanukah candles, belly rubbing (when I was pregnant), the fire engine song/dance, an oreo turkey craft, and many more awesome shots, moments, and giggles.

So, the photo booth:

thanksgiving photobooth

Audrey being a ham with her many hilarious, adorable faces:

audrey photobooth

Literally, everyone got in on the fun:

thanksgiving photobooth1

And Audrey had to hold her baby, as always:

audrey photobooth1

“He’s getting SO big!”

A very special thank you to Stephanie for orchestrating this photo booth and capturing just some of the many memories that were made during Thanksgiving 2014 and to my parents with the biggest hearts, kindest smiles, helping hands, open home, and best food.

We love you, appreciate you, and are so thankful for you.

And for the cutest Thanksgiving bunny:

bunny thanksgiving

What are your family’s Thanksgiving traditions?

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva for Marvelous in my Monday and Erin at Her Heartland Soul for Weekend Snapshots – check out the parties!

29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Photo Booth

  1. How fun! I give your sister major credit for coming up with such a neat idea. Very creative. If only I lived in your area, I’d definitely be calling Stephanie up to do our newborn photos. But we don’t..booo!!

  2. I love your enthusiasm for life! It sounds like you have an amazing family with the perfect creative mix. I feel like I want you to tell them hi for me after reading your post! Thank you for the inspiration to make my family Christmas extra special and thanks for sharing your Photo Booth pics.

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