Quick 10 Minutes or Less Workouts

We’re all busy with something or other, would you agree?  Sure, we may have varying degrees of busy, but most likely most people aren’t just sitting around twiddling their thumbs.  (And if you are… enjoy it while it lasts!)  The biggest challenge of being a full time working mom is TIME.  I never feel like I have enough of it – at school or at home.  Fitting in fitness is just that; I’ve got to fit it in my busy schedule.  Some days, many days, that means a quick ten minute workout.  After all, ten minutes is better than nothing.  I’m not knocking ten minute workouts whatsoever; they can be highly effective if you do the right thing.  Today, I’m sharing several quick 10 minutes or less workouts by experienced FitFluential Ambassadors.

quick workouts

There they are!  No excuses not to move during this busy holiday season.  Surely you can find ten minutes everyday.  It’s just ten minutes out of your 1,440 minute day!

When do you find the time to workout or move during the day?

36 thoughts on “Quick 10 Minutes or Less Workouts

  1. These are awesome- I love throwing in a few planks or mountain climbers when I few minutes, but during the holidays we get so busy it would be easy for a day to go by and you let it slip by. No more excuses- everyone has 10 minutes.

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  4. I love working out early in the morning before work, but after sitting all day in the office, I like to have a nice ten minute workout or afternoon yoga session to re-energize me. These will be great for that! Thanks for sharing:)

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