William’s First Halloween

William’s first Halloween – did you expect a different post for today? 😉 Come on, now!  Even though we celebrated Halloween last weekend with my family, I was still excited for William to wear his costume on actual Halloween.

william halloween14

Just the cutest little pumpkin I ever did see!  Since he obviously couldn’t wear his costume to school, I dressed him in this adorable pumpkin outfit we received as a gift:

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And look how this big boy is sitting up all by himself!

The teachers always dress up at school on Halloween and we try to be creative with our costumes and tie it into our curriculum somehow.  This year, we tied it into Social Studies – I was Sacagawea and my teammates were Lewis and Clark!

lewis and clark

We were trying to reenact a real scene from Missouri’s early settlement. 😉

My costume came from my grandma who dressed up as a Native American some time ago for Halloween. She kept this fabulous suede outfit which turned out to be perfect for Sacagawea!


Of course Sacagawea was babywearing – you know I loved that!  All day long, my students asked me why I didn’t bring Baby William and said they hoped he wouldn’t get jealous I was wearing a different baby…

Random side note: You know I love Water Wipes.  They’re the only wipe I’ll allow to touch William’s bottom because they contain 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract.  I didn’t put any face paint on William, but if I did, I would have been totally comfortable using Water Wipes to remove any makeup.  I do use Water Wipes to wipe him down if I’m about and about.  Or if he pees on Audrey while she helps change his diaper (this happened over the weekend – HILARIOUS!). If I need to wipe my hands or clean his binky while we are out, I grab a Water Wipe from the diaper bag.  They really are the most gentle wipes and can be used on anyone from parents to kids to babies!

Back to Halloween.  In the evening, we went to one of my friend’s houses.

halloween friends

The mommas and our babies.  Wolf was an adorable lion, Carly was a sweet bee, and William’s pumpkin costume was overtaking him.  They rode in a wagon to trick-or-treat (for about ten minutes!).

halloween wagon

It was the cutest thing ever; they were all wedged in there.  It was a bit chilly, so we didn’t last long.  Towards the end, William was getting tired and I caught a super cute sad face on camera!

sad pumpkin

But more times than not, he was his usual happy baby self!

halloween wagon1

We decided this was the beginning of a tradition that must happen every year.  Crazy to think how quickly time has flown and will continue to fly; next Halloween, they’ll all be walking (running)!  That’ll be a whole new ballgame!

What’d you do for Halloween?  Trick or treat?  Party?  Pass out candy?

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22 thoughts on “William’s First Halloween

  1. Awww… poor little pumpkin. Glad he cheered up again right away though. As if I expected anything else from that bubbly & happy boy!

    btw – your halloween costume is killer! I love that your Grandma still had it from when she wore it years ago.

  2. We watched a movie, took pics of boys in pumpkin onesies, and they wanted bed early – so we had oreos and glass of milk with movie time – it was QUITE nice to watch a movie on the couch all by ourselves 🙂 oh yes of course they woke up for bottles right when we ended the movie – CANNOT believe he is sitting up!!

  3. I love your wagon full of babies picture! They all have such cute costumes.

    This was my son’s 2nd halloween and his main costume event was going to “pop-in & playtime” in his costume that morning. When evening came around, we stopped by two neighbor’s houses to get candy (which he wasn’t too sure about) and then handed out candy at our house. He looked really confused when mommy kept giving candy to the random kids that came to our door!

  4. Oh my goodness your son really is the cutest little pumpkin ever! Seriously adorable. I have never heard of the wipes you mentioned but now I want to check them out. I still have my 18 month old in diaper and those sound like a lot better alternative to the brand I’ve been using!

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