6 month old baby William

Today we have a 6 month old baby William!  Time is FLYING.  How do I have a six month old baby already?  Itz been six months since I was pregnant?  Six months of daily changes and smiles and growing bigger by the day?  Six wonderfully happy months.


Height & Weight: I’ll update you when he goes in for his six month appointment.  My guess is between 16-17 pounds.

Updated from his appointment: 26.5 inches and 16 pounds 8.6 ounces

Eating: (Drinking?)  William is still exclusively breastfeeding.  When we have his next doctor appointment, we will begin starting food.  I’m in no rush.  He’s growing nicely, and breastfeeding has become easy (never thought I’d say that!) and convenient.

Sleeping (naps): William takes a nap every couple of hours.  Sometimes, itz two hours on the dot, other times itz a bit longer in between.  His naps still last between thirty and sixty minutes, and he still needs and loves to be swaddled or in his Halo sleep sack. <– same as last month minus the swaddling.  He still wears his sleep sack, but we’ve not been swaddling his arms in.

Sleeping (at night): Sleep has gotten better since last month! (Let’s be real, it couldn’t have gotten any worse!)  Now that he’s rolling over more and his arms aren’t swaddled, he’s been sleeping more on his side.  Eventually, I think he’ll get to his tummy which will hopefully have him sleeping even better.  All in good time.  He’s nursing just a couple times during the night, too, and sometimes just needs a binky put back in.

Clothing: Mostly all six month stuff.  Brands run differently, so he is still able to fit in some 3-6 month things and wear some 6-9 month items.

New this month: WILLIAM CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH!  He’s been a champ about it, and hopefully that will continue.  If his growing teeth start bothering him a lot, I plan on getting him one of those amber necklaces to try.  (Anyone have experience with them?)  Everything goes in his mouth, and he’s become even more drooly.  Audrey keeps telling everyone that William has a “loose tooth!” lol.

He’s also gotten very good at rolling over from his back to his belly!  William now laughs constantly in addition to his smiles.  He even scoots for items which is crazy to think he’s on his way to crawling. When he’s on his belly, he digs his toes in, sticks his butt up in the air, and lurches forward.  He’ll be moving in no time!

William’s hair is growing so much.  I don’t really realize it until I look back at pictures.

william 5months

five months

William likes: William likes everything and everyone.  He’s really the happiest baby. For a binky, he loves his wubanub and that type of pacifier; he really won’t take anything else.  He also loves gnawing on it and his Sophie giraffe.  He likes to grab everything and always reaches for toys.  William loves to be wrapped up and go on walks or be outdoors.  He loves watching what’s going on; he’s very observant.  He’s like his momma – he never wants to miss a thing!

William dislikes: There’s really not much he doesn’t like.  I constantly get asked if he’s really as happy as all his pictures show, and the answer is yes.  Best baby ever.

william 6months

Mommas: when did your baby cut his/her first tooth? Start crawling?

17 thoughts on “6 month old baby William

  1. I’m so glad sleep improved! That is so huge! And you are really blessed to have such a happy baby. It makes being a mom so much easier. This one is a really smiley, happy baby too but my first was not until closer to 6 months- she had a really fussy start, which was not easy.

  2. Ahhhh HALF A YEAR!!! Holy smokes. Cutest (boy) baby ever!! Lily cut her first tooth the week before she turned 6 months old. She crawled for reals at 8.5 months, but had been army crawling for awhile.

    She too is so happy, so they need to be best buds!! <3 xo

  3. Oh gosh, 4 kids and I don’t remember those details, lol! I’d have to pull out my notes. 😉 Baby E just turned 9 months and has been scooting for months but in the past few weeks finally started crawling the right way, tummy off the floor. She starting teething earlier than all my others- 5 months I think? And she has 6 teeth already! My first kiddo didn’t cut his first tooth tip 10 months… I remember that! Enjoy every minute- they grow like weeds.

  4. Happy 6 months William! My baby girl got her first teeth at four months and she had two more poking through now at 7 months. She is getting so good at rolling everywhere I don’t know if she will ever crawl! I love the patchwork quilt in the picture with William – so pretty!

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