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Hi, how about a WIAW post with Peas and Crayons on the first day of October?  Yeah?  Great, well let’s get right to it!

Apparently Monday was National Coffee Day, so I made sure to participate with this cute mug I found in our teacher’s lounge at school.


It was actually delicious Coffe-mate Peppermint Mocha creamer with a splash of coffee. I don’t have coffee regularly, but when I do, flavored creamer is a must.

Breakfast was a typical egg sandwich, though I spread guacamole on it instead of my usual jelly.  Can’t ever go wrong with anything avocado…


With a side of fresh strawberries.

Since I’ve been pressed for time this week, lunches have been peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with cinnamon.  (Eaten while pumping explains the terrible picture.)


I’ve also been digging Musselman’s applesauce.  I won a giveaway from Annette, and these big cups have been great for a side.

As much as I love PB&J’s, they just don’t have the staying power as a more substantial meal and I end up eating a million snacks.  I’ve been busy running around, so I didn’t photograph any, but snacks yesterday included a KIND bar, an apple, a kiwi, cheeze-its, turkey slices, and chips with cheese sauce.  My sister Stephanie watched baby William yesterday, and then I watched her kids for little bit after school, so then I snacked my way through dinner at their house, too.

I did enjoy a cupcake and ice cream for dessert with Jacob and Audrey.  I let them scoop their own ice cream out of the big container and they thought I was the coolest person ever. #dessertwithlinzforthewin

Since I didn’t take any pictures of food for dinner or dessert, I thought I’d show you what William had instead.

william toes

Toesies!  William has been very into his feet lately, and recently they’ve found their way to his mouth.  He was cracking me up last night as he was literally sucking on his toes! Nom nom nom.

What kind of coffee drinker are you? Milk, flavored creamers, black?

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