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*This post is sponsored by Kmart.  I was compensated for my time and given a gift card.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

First of all, this little man rolled over from his back to his belly three times last night!

william smile 5months


But the real reason for this post is to tell you about Kmart layaway, and at the end, one lucky reader will win a marvelous $75 Kmart gift card!

Alright, so itz no secret that I’m the biggest procrastinator ever.  I do gift shopping the week before, if not the day before birthdays and holidays.  However, now that we are paying for “school” (daycare) for our baby boy, we’ve been trying to budget our money each month.  Jonny and I both are not big spenders; we’re good at saving which is a great since school is expensive.  We set aside a little money each month to spend for fun.  We’re not quite sure how that will work when the holidays approach since we’ll be spending more.  Yes, we’re talking holidays, and itz just September, but bare with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

Kmart approached me wanting to try their layaway system, and after learning about it, I think that’s just how we will prepare for the holidays this year.  Instead of dropping major dollars in December, we’re going to pick out what we want now, pay as we go, and then get our goods just in time for the holidays (and probably before… for the first time ever!).

So here’s how it works:


  • Kmart is offering no money down layaway that goes through September 20th
    • No money down is a special introductory offer to kick-start the holidays. After September 20th, it’s just $10 down.
  • Kmart eliminated the $10 or 10 percent down payment previously required. So no matter how much the sum of the items are put on layaway, it’s no money down, versus paying 10 percent (or $20) on a $200 layaway contract, for example.
  • Kmart layaway is offered year-round (shop now for the holidays!).
  • As a Shop Your Way member, you can save even more:
    • Kmart has weekly specials running just for Shop Your Way members like $10 off $50 in Apparel, Footwear and Jewelry, and 5% off Toys, Sporting Goods, and Home
  • Best of all—you don’t have to live near a Kmart to get layaway—you can create a contract online for only a penny down! (waaaay easier with a baby! Plus, you don’t have to battle the holiday crowds at the mall!)

Here are some of the items I’ve got my eye on:

kmart layaway

Kmart’s layaway program ensures I get all the gifts I want:

  • Toys: jumper and walker for William, anything baby doll related for Audrey, and Lego sets for Jacob and Jackson.
  • Electronics: Jonny and I may get a tablet; we don’t have one yet…
  • Clothes: winter coat, new boots, I could have added a lot more here!
  • Home: our old Keurig broke, time for a new one!

See?  There’s literally something for everyone!

Check out Kmart’s Not a Christmas Commercial! (funny – way too early for Christmas!)

One lucky reader will receive a $75 Kmart gift card!  All you have to do is pick out what you would purchase at Kmart, follow Itz Linz and Kmart on Twitter, and tweet to us saying what that item is using the hashtag #KmartLayaway.  For example, “I want a ______ from @Kmart! @ItzLinz – http://wp.me/p2WMfo-2Fy #KmartLayaway” and leave a comment on this post with what you want.  CLOSED

This giveaway will be open until Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 8:00 pm CST.  The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, September 19th. 

Congratulations to #28 Joanna @Makingmine! Please email me so we can get your gift card! Everyone else, itz not too early to start your holiday shopping!

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