5 month old baby William

5 month old baby William happened on Wednesday.  Baby boy is growing up right before our very eyes!  He continues to be so much fun, incredibly happy, and, well…. the best and cutest baby ever.

william 5months

Here’s his five month baby update:

Height & Weight: I took him to the doctor a week ago because he has been very congested and he weighed in at 14 pounds 12 ounces.  Gaining nicely!  Now only if we could get rid of this darn congestion that he’s had for a few weeks, grrr!

Eating: (Drinking?)  William continues to eat about every two hours throughout the day. Now he is getting bottles while I am at work, and he’s still eating close to every two hours.  He eats anywhere between three and five ounces though four ounces is the norm.  Of course, at times he takes less, especially lately being congested.  When I’m with him all day (on the weekends and in the evenings), he seems to nurse more frequently, but for shorter periods, but I really think that’s because he’s congested.

Sleeping (naps): William takes a nap every couple of hours.  Sometimes, itz two hours on the dot, other times itz a bit longer in between.  His naps still last between thirty and sixty minutes, and he still needs and loves to be swaddled or in his Halo sleep sack.

Sleeping (at night): Holy cow, what happened to sleep?!?!  That four-month sleep regression thing is no joke, but now that he’s five months…. WHEN DOES IT END?!  Baby boy has been up so often throughout the night for the last few weeks, like sometimes every hour.  I don’t know if itz the four-month sleep regression, his congestion, a combination, or neither.  He’s not always hungry.  First, I try to pop his binky back in his mouth, and then I try to feed him.  Sometimes he will fall right back asleep the second I pick him up.  Stinker.  Momma needs more sleep.

Clothing: Some 3-6 month stuff, mostly six month onesies, and his adorable Eric Carle pajama outfit was actually 6-12 months!  But that was from Gymboree, and I’ve heard from other moms that they typically run on the smaller side.


New this month: Talking!  William has really found his voice!  He was babbling and making noise before, but these last couple of weeks, he’s really started “talking.”  He entertains himself, especially if he’s looking at a light on the ceiling or a fan, and just cracks himself up, squealing, laughing, and babbling.  William has been reaching for toys a lot more, too, even on his belly which causes him to move a bit.  Sometimes, he will completely switch directions when on his tummy.  He’s pretty good at rolling from his belly to his back, and he’s getting close to going from his back to his belly!

William likes: He’s been a huge fan of tummy time and sustains it for quite awhile now multiple times a day, especially when he’s got something to do like look in the mirror or watch and listen to a book being read to him.  William still loves music and putting everything in his mouth, and he’s been drooling like crazy.  He gives everyone the biggest smiles, and his little laugh is just the cutest thing ever.  Itz gone from a little chuckle to a full out belly laugh!

William dislikes: This is a hard one as William really is such a happy baby.  When he’s tired, he doesn’t like to be on his tummy or in the bumbo.  Occasionally, he gets scared by loud noises (like our little dog Zoey barking loudly and startling him), but really, he’s just so happy!

william happy smile

Keep on growing, little man!

Mommas, did your babies hit a four-month sleep regression? When did it end? 

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  1. I have a 5 1/2 month baby girl, and she also went through sleep regression this month. I am a teacher, too, and went back to school this month. I had been home since the end of March, so it’s been a transition for us! I think her sleep regression is also related to that- I think she wants that one on one time with me that she is missing!! She will also just fall back asleep when I pick her up, or she just wants to nurse. She holds off from eating a lot during the day (like only 6-9 ounces from 7:30-3) while I’m gone and then nurses a lot when we are home! I’m flattered that she misses me and prefers me to eat… But, this momma is tired!!! Ha! Any good tips you’ve learned with pumping at work, especially on a school day schedule?

  2. His regression may also have to do with wanting to be connected to your more at night since he misses you so much while you are at work. The boy just adores his mama 🙂 He is so cute, I hope you both get more rest soon x

  3. We had a rough time with sleep about the four month regression with L… she finally started sleeping longer stretches by 9-10 months. Not fun AT ALL! But she also wasn’t nearly as happy as William until she started sleeping more- so you’re lucky he’s so easy going!! My 6 week old was sleeping in good 3-4 hour chunks until this week when she started to be wide awake from 2-4am several nights… I have no idea why. Hoping it’s a VERY short phase for both of us!!

  4. I love your Baby William updates! His sleep regression could have to do with you returning to work. Boy misses his Mama and wants the extra time with her. He probably misses the boob, too. 😉

  5. My daughter is exactly one week younger than William and I love reading his updates! They seem to be on the same path! Are you planning on starting cereals soon? Our four month regression has also been tough – I am hoping on starting her on foods maybe helps with sleeping and spitting up!

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