good day

Yesterday was a good day.  Nothing extraordinary happened, it was just a good day, in general.  Let me tell you about it… WIAW style.  Itz been awhile since we’ve had a WIAW post.  Here we go.

First of all, it started out with this cutie, so it was basically impossible for it not to be a good day!  I mean seriously, check out this stud:

william bowtie

Too handsome.

After I nursed William and pumped first thing in the morning, I was getting hungry.  I decided to make overnight oats and just planned to let them soak for a short while.  In the meantime, I had a couple bites of A Loving Spoon’s Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter.

a loving spoon

A Loving Spoon was created by fellow FitFluential ambassador Sarah Kay Hoffman (A Gutsy Girl). The peanut butter comes in the cutest little jars ever.  I’d like to think they’re single servings in there, but itz definitely supposed to be more than that.  Let’s just say I could eat the whole jar in one sitting.  And itz gluten, grain, dairy, egg, soy, and preservative-free. Most importantly, itz absolutely delicious.

As good as the peanut butter was, I decided I probably shouldn’t consume the entire jar for breakfast, so approximately twenty minutes after I made my overnight oats, I ate them.  And failed to take a picture.  They weren’t very pretty anyway.

William and I went over to my grandparents’ house.  Mama and William had the stripes thing going on.


I snacked over there to tide me over until our lunch date at Brio where we met my sister, Audrey, and my mom.

mom mama steph aud

It was a lovely lunch with these lovely ladies.  (William slept the majority of the time.)

But because you can’t possibly see the full cuteness of Miss Audrey’s outfit, here is a close up of my little mini me:



When we got home, it was William’s turn to eat.  We played a bunch, and he went down for another nap.  My mom came over and helped me totally organize all the shoes in my closet.  It was a disaster.  And by “helped me” I really mean my mom did it.  I really have a hard time staying organized.  I got rid of several pairs and the remaining shoes are very organized.  I will do my very best to keep it that way.  Thanks, Mom!

Around this time, Jonny came home and he and William did some daddy-son bonding where they read books, listened to music, sang, and played catch.

william ball

For dinner, we wanted something fast and easy, so for the second night in a row we had tuna melt sandwiches and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden.  (Tomatoes came from our garden and cucumbers came from a neighbor’s.)

tuna melt

For the tuna melt, all we did was sprinkle some cheddar cheese on one side, add a can of tuna, and place sliced tomatoes and cucumbers on the other.  We toasted the sandwiches and wah-lah!  Dinner was served.

A couple of days ago I was really in the mood to bake a cake I saw on Pinterest.  It was a Boston Cream Poke Cake to be exact.  Instead of chocolate frosting I used vanilla and added sprinkles.  We made our friends Diana and Andy come over to have a slice with us since we didn’t need a whole cake to ourselves.  Then, we gave a chunk to my in-laws and another chunk to my grandparents.  That left us with the perfect amount to have an extra generous portion last night for dessert.


And that, my friends, was why it was a good day.

What’s good about your day?


28 thoughts on “good day

  1. Love garden-fresh veggies, especially tomatoes! I so miss our garden this year, but we moved and know we will be redoing our backyard, so decided to wait on putting any work into making a permanent garden area. Next year!

  2. It sounds like an amazing day indeed! Audrey’s little outfit and sunglasses are seriously adorable and I love William’s bowtie!

    The babies are kicking like crazy today, so that’s definitely making my day for sure! 🙂

    • omg i totally forgot to include the picture and mention that i got the chopped salad with salmon!! #WIAWFAIL!!!!

  3. William is so cute I can’t even take it. 🙂 And I love his name!!

    You definitely can’t deny being family in that picture. All of you ladies have the same beautiful eyes!

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