William’s babysitters

William is so incredibly loved. Of course by us, but also by our extended family members and friends, many of whom have offered to be William’s babysitters.  But there are two babysitters in particular who are William’s favorite.

jacob audrey ohio

Jacob and Audrey.  Since I’m with my sister Stephanie so often, these two little kiddies are with William very frequently.  They love him and always want to help out.  There have been several times where I’ve babysat all three of them together.  You’d think it would be difficult for a new mom with a new baby, but Jacob and Audrey are so good with William that handling all three at the same time is actually totally fine!

Like when we were in Ohio for Justin’s wedding.  Every time Audrey came to our room, she exclaimed, “I have that same crib in my room!”  And they thought it was the coolest thing ever to get in the pack-n-play with William.

jacob audrey packnplay

Audrey partied with William on the Fourth of July.

audrey william flag

Last time Audrey and Jacob were at my house, they took control.

First, Audrey buckled William into his bouncy seat.

buckle in

Then, Jacob read to him.

jacob read

And when Jacob finished, it was Audrey’s turn.

audrey read

But then the cutest thing happened.  Without any prompting at all..

audrey touching face

So Audrey. So gentle.  So adorable.

And of course Jacob and Audrey were right by William’s side for his first piano lesson with Aunt Stephanie.


But they found it much more amusing when she played the keys with William’s tushie.


Speaking of music… Audrey took William to his first concert.

audrey holding william

She just has SO MUCH love for him.  Can’t get enough!

audrey kiss

William’s babysitters are the best.

Do you remember any of your babysitters growing up? I don’t, but I do remember spending the night countless times at my grandparents and great-grandparents’ homes!

23 thoughts on “William’s babysitters

  1. What a bunch of cuties! William is so lucky to have such great babysitters!! Good ones are hard to find! You can see such love in their eyes for him 🙂

    Fore growing up…I was the baby of the family so there was always an older sibling to terrorize/babysit me 🙂

  2. Yes I sure do… a pair of sisters! One was also named Katrina and I dubbed her “Big Katrina”. Poor girl! I was a “junior” bridesmaid in her sister Larissa’s wedding. Seeing her little ones is amazing…
    Neat how heartstrings create families too 🙂
    And that pic of Audrey stroking his cheek is precious… *melt*!

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