3 month old baby William

July 10, 2014 = 3 month old baby William. Holy moly, that’s today.  My baby is growing SO fast!  Literally, everyday he gets bigger and bigger.  Everyday, he’s more alert.  Everyday, he’s the happiest baby I know.  Everyday, he’s the best baby ever.


3 month old baby William

Height & Weight: I’m going to a breastfeeding group today, so I will weigh him there and update later. Edit to add: 11 pounds 12 ounces!  His next doctor appointment is at four months, so we’ll find out height in a month!

Eating: (Drinking?)  William is still eating every two hours, for the most part. There are some times that he’ll go three hours and other times where he wants to eat every hour and a half or even every hour. He’s definitely a growing boy. During some feedings, he seems to be taking in more, and other times less. My pediatrician says just like adults don’t eat the same amount at every meal, neither do babies.

Sleeping (naps): Still no schedule. William takes a long nap in the morning shortly after getting up, eating, and playing. He takes several shorter naps throughout the day, just depending what we are doing and if we’re out and about. He almost always catches a catnap while driving in the car, but usually wakes up when we stop moving.

Sleeping (at night): William still sleeps in a bassinet right next to our bed. I try and put him down as close to 8 p.m. as possible though in reality it turns into 8:30 – 9 before he’s completely out.  He usually will sleep until sometime between 12 – 1 a.m., though a couple times he’s made it til 2!  Some nights he’ll make it until 5 a.m. after that, but occasionally he’ll wake up at 3 or 4, as well.

stuffed animals

Another Where’s William? photo. My mom used to do this with us all the time when we were babies!

Clothing: Mostly 3 month clothes. Though he did grow out of my favorite 3 month Carter’s sleeper. Rompers and onesies he can wear 3 or 6 months. Size 1 diapers.

New this month: William has found his hands! He loves putting them in his mouth. He also blows lots of spit bubbles now, particularly when he’s hungry. He bats at toys that are hanging in front of him (through not necessarily on purpose). When he’s on his back, he moves his arms and legs so fast! He just wants to MOVE! William went on his first plane ride and went to his first concert this month.


William likes: Attention! He loves being talked to, sung to, read to, and played with. He also loves his cousins and they love entertaining him. William LOVES looking in the mirror. He can be entertained for hours that way if I let him. I think he likes books, but I think he more just likes the attention Jonny and I give him when we read to him. He also loves music. William loves being outside. There’s just so much to look at!

William dislikes: Being tired. He’s like, “PUT ME TO BED!” He also dislikes being woken up which makes it very frustrating when people “accidentally” wake him up by talking loudly or touching him when he’s sleeping. Itz also frustrating if he’s just gone down for a nap and I need to get him up in order to get somewhere on time. That never ends well. Both instances make for a fussy baby later.

Comparison: From newborn to three months, he sure has filled out!


Good looking baby, if I do say so myself.


William is honestly the happiest baby ever. He’s always smiling and laughing. If he’s fussy, itz short-lived. He’s really become a big flirt and a big ham around other people, too!


And that’s baby William at three months!

24 thoughts on “3 month old baby William

  1. 3 months, really?!?!? seems like you were just announcing you had him yesterday – oh my goodness time flies! Do you find keeping him in the bassinet to help with sleep for you and him both? We haven’t decided yet if we want the boys to stay in our room for a bit or just go straight to the nursery…and we may just make it a ‘game time’ decision.

    • I think the bassinet is more for me – I can reach my arm over at pop his binky back in and check on him at my leisure. I thought it’d be easier so I could just scoop him up and nurse him in bed, but I never do that. Usually I change his diaper and at the very beginning I was pumping all throughout the night too so I’d have to get up anyway. Itz probably time for me to move him to his crib.. Supposedly baby and momma sleeps better that way..

      • My baby boy is three months and a few days. I love reading these updates. When did you make the transition to the crib? He still sleeps next to our bed in the rock n play but I’d like to make the transition soon. I thought my baby was getting on a schedule but now not so much!

        • I didn’t transition until he was 5 months old. I know that’s late compared to some, but I wasn’t ready before and the bassinet worked out well for us. 🙂 And a schedule? Yeah…. what’s that?? haha

  2. He is darling!! And you look amazing!! Ps I am dying to see/hear about Justin’s wedding. Will you be posting?

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