William’s First Flight

William’s first flight was last Wednesday as my family traveled from St. Louis to Cleveland for my little brother’s wedding.  While I was a little nervous bringing my almost three month old on the plane, I’m happy to report he did great!  But I’m so not surprised; William is seriously the best baby ever. I’m working on a “tips for flying with a baby” post as I took several suggestions from my mom and sister to make the trip as seamless as possible.  For now, some pictures from William’s first flight experience.

We got to the airport around 7:15 in the morning with lots of stuff.  Two large bags to check, one carry on, a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and baby.  Then we saw this pretty lady who had beat us to the airport with her husband and two kiddies.


Starting off the trip with a sister selfie.  Typical.

Followed by an Audrey selfie shortly after.


My mom was there, and like always, a HUGE help with baby William.

mom airport

Jonny and Jacob entertained themselves by being best buds, hanging out, and throwing up the U sign.

jonny jacob

I failed to get a picture of my dad, Poppy, Mama, Papa, or Phil.  But they were there, too.  It was a family flight, y’all.  The very best kind!  Quick funny story: the plane we were on was very small and all of my family members were in nearby rows.  Right when we landed, Jacob stood up on his seat and with the biggest smile announced, “We have arrived in Cleveland!  Hello, Yaya!  Hello, Mama!  Hello, Poppy!” (and to everyone else he could see)  Hilarious!

Eventually, we boarded the plane and I had William asleep in my ring sling.


My mom sat next to me, so naturally we had to do a plane selfie of the three of us.

mom plane

Jacob was a row in front and Audrey a row behind me and they kept peeking their heads through to talk to me and William.  It was adorable.

jacob audrey

William woke up mid-flight, and after I nursed him, Stephanie demanded I pass him back.


Another William selfie for the books!

Check out this awesome picture Stephanie took of Audrey peering out the window:


William’s first flying experience was a positive one! I’m grateful for all the help my family always gives us!  Here’s one last picture of him on the plane with his growing cheeks:


He’s a champ!

Do you know what your first flight was? I think mine was to visit my cousins in Houston.

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  1. I’m curious what you think of your ring sling with a little one? I have heard great things about them with slightly older babies (ie-more head control) but they seem so easy and I’m tempted to try it for my 7 week old. Any thoughts/advice?

    • i probably started around 9 or 10 weeks, but i’ve heard the earlier you start the better! also, sometimes i’m still hesitant to let go completely and i use my arm to support his head a little more, but you can really tuck them in there to support their head completely. in st louis we have a place that teaches you how to use them which i’ve been to twice already. and i think the ring sling is very easy and convenient to use, especially compared to wrap i have. all in all, i’d recommend it!

  2. Both of my kids started flying at a very young age too and we never had a problem and now they love it! I didn’t fly until I graduated from high school and I went to visit my dad.

  3. With my first daughter we flew 3 times in the first 4 months! Not at all by choice, but my husband has a lot of family on the west coast and planned too much for us! I remember bringing a breast pump on the plane twice, not so fun! They are actually much more portable as infants than a little older though. Glad everything went well with your flight! That sling is so adorable, I miss my baby slings 🙂

  4. I Took Braiden on a plane by myself when he was 1 from St. Louis to LA! I was so lucky that both of our flights (We had a layover) I sat next to the nicest people. Some people are just “plane” mean when they have to sit next to a baby. But Braiden was so good and they were so impressed!

  5. Yay! So glad it went well! Hunter’s first flight was at 9 weeks old, and I was soooo anxious about it all since I was flying alone with him. He was a total trooper and slept pretty much the entire way. I think I’m more anxious at the thought of taking him on a plane as a toddler now! Ha!

  6. You are very blessed to have had such wonderful help on your first flight with baby William. I remember the first time I took my daughter with us on a flight to visit my in-laws. It was just the two of us and I was a nervous wreck. I’m such a worry wart and I was paranoid the whole time that she was going to fuss or have a blow out or experience pain from the air pressure. Thankfully, it went smoothly and she was a champ on the airplane. I nursed her up and down and she slept most of the flight. The next times we flew with her, she was awake the whole time, but was perfectly content in our arms.

  7. So glad he did well! We took my 3 month old nephew to Disney World and it went as well as could be expected, I guess. Flying with your own kid must nerve wracking though!

  8. I’m glad William did so well! My little man took his first flight at 4 months old and did awesome too. We flew from NYC to Mexico so I was a little worried, but at that age as long as they are comfy they will sleep for most of the way.

    My first flight was all the way to Poland as a 4 year old!

  9. So glad he did so well. He’s such a cutie.

    I don’t remember my first flight. It might have been to Tennessee to visit family when I was really young. Or Florida. All I know is that I LOVE flying and would much rather fly than drive any day! lol

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