Itz Father’s Day 2014

Itz Father’s Day 2014 and a very special one, indeed!  I hope it was marvelous for everyone, as well!  Ours was spent with family and it really can’t get any better than that.  It was William’s first Father’s Day and he’s incredibly lucky to have so many caring guys to help shape him into the man he’ll grow to be including his dad, grandpas, and great-grandpas.  They all have so much to offer and we’re blessed that they’re part of our lives and that William gets to grow up and learn from them.

Side note: When William was born, Jonny requested just one [of the many million that were taken] picture – something with baseball and Cardinals.  My sister, Stephanie Cotta Photography, took this photo several weeks ago and itz been hard to keep it a secret for so long.  Finally, for Father’s Day, we gifted it to Jonny and all the dads.

william baseball

cutest baseball baby ever – can’t wait to get a ball in his hand!

Here’s a photo recap and what William will learn from each of these amazing fathers.

William and his daddy:


From Daddy, William will learn baseball and perseverance.

William and his grandpa Pops:


From Pops, William will learn everything.  Pops is the smartest guy around.  And how to sing, dance, tell jokes, and fix anything house or car related.  And everything in the medical field, as well.  I told you he was smart!

William and his great-grandpa Poppy:


From Poppy, William will learn all about boats, fishing, and hugging “not too tight!”

William and his great-grandpa Papa:


From Papa, William will learn all the sports, especially how to sharpen his elbows!

William with all the boys on my side:

fathers day

Four generations!  We love you, Dads!

And now for Jonny’s side –

William with his Grandpa Jack:


From Grandpa Jack, William will learn how to grill, have a green thumb, and all about the law.

William with his great-grandpa, Daddy Bob:


From Daddy Bob, William will become well-rounded from sports to politics to movies to books to restaurants and everything in between.

William with all the boys on Jonny’s side:

fathers day1

Four generations!  We love you, Dads!

Not to mention, it was Jonny’s first Father’s Day and I’m proud to call him William’s dad.

jonny me father's day

Not gonna lie – I’m in love with my new pants from H&M. And Jonny, too – love you! xoxo

How did you celebrate Father’s Day 2014?

23 thoughts on “Itz Father’s Day 2014

  1. You have such sweet posts. I can only imagine how estatic and happy Jonny was when he saw Baby Williams baseball photoshoot photo! It is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen <3

  2. My husband just looked at the Cardinals pic and is super duper in love with it 🙂 We just relaxed which was MARVELOUS as we were go go go Friday and Saturday and this pregnant gal was tired….but the weekend before we celebrated our Dads at cookouts! Go Red Birds!

  3. Love this post, so much love in it:) Cute pic of W, we bought our little guy a Blue Jays hat (I know, I know. terrible, right?!?!) but it’s really adorable on. You’re looking so tiny, girl!

  4. My husband would LOVE a baseball picture like that- too cute! It’s so awesome that you can get all four generations together, too. We can do that once or twice a year, but not every holiday. William is a lucky boy!

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