2 month old baby William

2 month old baby William – how did that happen?  One of my friend’s recently asked me if I could believe I’ve been a mom for two months.  The answer is no.  But what I can’t believe even more is that I have a two month old baby and how much he’s grown!  Today William turns two months old – WOW!  Yesterday, he had his two month checkup with the doc.


little guy was so peaceful before the big bad shots came!

Our pediatrician was very impressed with William, and I’m not just saying that.  He said most babies double their birth weight in three to four months.  William almost did that in two months!  BIG BOY!

2months doctor

proud momma

I love our doctor.  My sister always talks about how much she loves him as she takes both of her kids to see him.  I didn’t really ever get it until we started taking William.  He’s super relaxed about everything, so knowledgeable and kind, and he never makes me feel dumb about my five million questions.  Also, when he gives William a checkup, he talks to him, laughs, and coos right back at him.

William got his first series of shots at that appointment.  I didn’t cry, but William sure did scream.  The nurse was wonderful, too.  She got his bandaids ready before and told me the second she finishes putting on his second bandaid to pick him up.  (Itz like she’s done this before!)  Well, once the first shot started it was just seconds until I scooped him up from the table.  I let out a big yelp once the first shot went in, and I hate to admit it, but I looked away after that.  I still had my hand on William’s belly, but I felt good knowing my mom was there and jumped right in to grab his hands and try to soothe him throughout the process.  They were both much braver than me.


William loves his Yaya!

My mom has been to every doctor appointment – even before William’s arrival!  Plus the fact that she had four kids and now has four grandkids pretty much makes her an expert in all things baby related.  The doctor responded to my questions the same way my mom did when I asked her.  But itz still nice to hear it from the ped.  My mom just stands there and smiles when he repeats what she had told me just days before like, I told you so, though she would never say it.  She’s the best.  will say that!

Since my one month update was kind of all over the place, I’m going to follow Courtney’s format from now on that she uses for her monthly baby posts.

2 month old baby William

william fredbird

Height & Weight: 22 inches & 9 pounds 13 ounces

Eating: (Drinking?)  Little man has obviously done well in the weight gain department and that comes from very frequent feedings.  On average, he eats every two hours…. around the clock.  Yes, that’s a lot, but so worth it!  Sometimes he eats every hour or hour and a half.  Like yesterday morning he ate at 8 am, 9 am, 10 am, and 11:30.  Growth spurt?!  Sometimes he’ll go a bit longer (three or four hours) if he’s sleeping.  Not consistently yet though.

Sleeping (naps): We follow no schedule whatsoever, so William sleeps when William wants to sleep.  I have learned that he needs to take good naps throughout the day.  There’s been a couple of times where he hasn’t been able to take good naps and he’s been super fussy in the evening.  If we’re out and about, and he’s in and out of his carseat, or being passed around from person to person, he’s definitely not sleeping soundly.  Also, he’s been doing a lot better at taking naps in his crib!

Sleeping (at night): William sleeps in a bassinet right next to our bed. Since he’s eating every two hours, this means he’s sleeping for two hours at a time at night.  Though I will say, he does understand when itz nighttime.  What I mean by that is that when he does wake up in the middle of the night, I change him, he eats, and he goes back to sleep almost immediately.  A couple nights this week, he had some three to four hour sleeping stints at night which was really nice.  Hopefully those are here to stay!

Clothing: Just a couple weeks ago, William graduated from newborn clothes to 0-3 months!  He’s in size 1 diapers though they’re a bit big, but newborns are definitely too small.  I felt a little sad already packing away his very first sleepers!

New this month: Everything is new to William at this point! Haha.  He is a lot more alert now, and as you can see from all his smiley photos, he’s SUPER smiley when he’s awake, particularly in the morning.  Sometimes he’ll even give us a laugh!  We’ve continued with tummy time and his neck, back, arms, and head is getting stronger than ever.  He doesn’t love being on his tummy for too long, but he will tolerate it for a bit.  He’s also been rolling over for a few weeks now!

Nicknames: No nicknames, just William.  I’m not a big nickname fan, though itz funny since I go by “Linz.”  I feel like we named him William for a reason, so we want him to be called William.  Not Will, not Bill, not any other silly deviation from William.  Little man, little guy, little dude, big boy, and baby are acceptable. 😉

William likes: His mommy and daddy!  Jonny and I are good at getting William to smile and laugh and that’s a lot of fun to see.  He loves being talked to and sung to.  He loves music, too.  He loves moving; we’re going to be in trouble once he’s mobile!

William dislikes: Being woken up and being cold.  My mom told me from day one to bundle him up because he has zero body fat on him.  Itz true.  There were a couple nights when our house was a bit cooler due to outdoor temperatures, and William did not sleep nearly as well.

Comparison: For as many pictures I have, I don’t have any photos that are exactly the same that I can use for comparison purposes.  Stephanie, I think we need to fix this.  Hehe.  For now, I’ll do my best and show you this:

2month compare

newborn – 1 month – 2 months

And how’s momma feeling?  There’s nothing I love more than being William’s momma!  He makes me so happy every single day.  Life has changed in the best way possible.

Here’s a comparison collage that Stephanie did for me.


love you, little man. xo

24 thoughts on “2 month old baby William

  1. wowwwwwwww love those end pics with you!!!!!!!!! and all the pics of little William 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 i say this every time and i don’t’ just say it to make you feel good – but he is actually the best looking baby I have ever seen.


    I had a dream two nights ago that Eddie and I had a baby and I said Lindsay’s baby William was better looking than our baby HAHAHA

    Seriously William is the best looking baby ever. I wanna hear him laugh!!!!! Post some videos!

  2. He is doing awesome- yay mama! Ugh- I hate shots. I cried every time when L was a baby. I still don’t like them. So glad he’s growing and eating so well. And because he was born early, he’s really sleeping pretty well for his age, too. And you look great too!!

  3. Oh my goodness he is so precious! I just took my little girl in for her 4 month check up this last week, and she too didn’t like her shots 🙁 So sad, but so important for them to get them. He seriously is so dang cute though and way to go mom on feeding him! I breastfeed my little girl whenever she is hungry too, and sometimes it is once every hour as well.

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