William and Baby Fredbird

How was YOUR weekend? Mine was just splendid, thank you very much.  On Friday we laid low with a home cooked dinner and a giant Reese’s cupcake from Jilly’s.  (Check my Instagram to see a photo of the massive thing.)  We I had fun putting William in different outfits that he’s grown into.  How cute is he as a baby bear?

william bear

I actually asked my grandma to come over to help me organize his clothes. (Moms and grandmas are the best at that!  Not sure when that will kick in for me…)  Sadly, William is out of his newborn clothes and into his 0-3 month stuff.  Sad, but happy that he’s growing so much, of course.

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Saturday morning included lots of daddy-baby time.


In the evening, we all headed to my sister Stephanie’s house for a lovely Subway dinner, some pictures (always!), and hang out time with William and his cousins.  As always, William was all smiles.

william smile5

And then, like she always does, Stephanie gave William his bath.

steph bath

I think bathing babies is one of the most difficult things to do.  I’ve literally only given William a handful of baths as my sister and mom have done the rest.  And by bath I mean sponge bath.  I do wash his face and hair everyday though.

Taking a bath is hard work which is why my little angel fell fast asleep in my arms.


Once awake, Stephanie whisked him away and headed upstairs for a mini-session.  After all, itz been like two whole weeks since she’s taken any “real” photos of William.  Jacob was her sidekick and kept William entertained with his Baby Fredbird.

william fredbird

What were you up to this weekend?

17 thoughts on “William and Baby Fredbird

  1. Sweet:) Having a sister as a photographer is seriously the best. I am making photo books made with solely her good quality pics and I’ll make another book with my iphone pics;) Bathing a baby is kinda scary, he LOVES his baths, but I only ever do it if Kenny is home just so someone else is around if he slips or anything!

  2. He is so cute! Josh and I aren’t having kids for a while but I’m kind of terrified for when we do. My stepmom and sister live halfway across the country and thinking about handling the things I don’t know how to do scares me.

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