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I apologize for the no-show in the blog world yesterday, but life got in the way in the best way possible.  My little brother Justin and his fiance Dana came to town over the weekend.

justin dana

They don’t come to town nearly enough, so itz always a special treat when they do.  My parents threw them one heck of an engagement party.

mom dad

All of our important friends and family were there and we all had an awesome time.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new Boob nursing dress.  Did you even know they made such a thing? I didn’t, but itz so convenient!  Nursing bras are great and all, but if itz difficult to access than they’re really no good at all.  Boob makes nursing dresses which makes breastfeeding so easy.  And the nursing part of the dress is discreet; nobody would have known if I wouldn’t have told them.  I actually received several compliments on my dress, and when I shared how easy it was to nurse in, people were quite surprised!


See where that tie is right below my chest?  Well, that part lifts up and that’s how I was able to nurse!  My exact dress is the Nursing Dress Manon and I love it.  Itz made out of cotton, so itz very comfortable.  Itz the perfect material as itz not too thin or too thick; I felt confident in it and I felt like it gave me a good shape.  It was a drop long for my taste and I will probably have it hemmed, but I didn’t try it on until the day before the party.  Whoops.

Something I thought was very interesting was Boob’s philosophy which I found on the tag on my dress.  It read, “We think mothers are amazing. First, there’s the mother-to-be. Just think about it, she’s growing a baby! We design clothes to make her look and feel every bit as fabulous as she is. Then, there’s the nursing mother. For her, we make clothes with a unique nursing function allowing her to nurse in style and comfort. And then, there’s Mother Earth. Our company exists because there are newborn babies or babies on the way. It’s only natural that we care for the planet they’ll live on.”  

Isn’t that great? So Boob carries maternity clothes and nursing clothes and cares about our earth. Triple win!  And actually, there was so much stretch in my dress, I definitely could have worn it while pregnant, as well.


I love my family.  They’re the best ever.  We have more pictures from the evening, and by “we” I really mean Stephanie.  More to come.

How was your weekend? What’s new with you?

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  1. I was admiring your dress from your instagram post. I never would have guessed it was specifically designed to assist in nursing duties. I will definitely be checking out their line. The more discretely I can manage a feeding, the better.

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