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As I was thinking what my weekly WIAW would include, I was kicking myself for not taking pictures of my meals from Innsbrook this past weekend.  My parents always put together quite the spread and my brother Jason cooks a delicious and aesthetically pleasing breakfast.  However, my eats yesterday weren’t too shabby by any stretch!

I started my morning with a cute baby William and a glass of chocolate milk.

chocolate milk

During my pregnancy, I never craved anything. I loved and wanted all food, but never needed any one particular food.  The other morning I woke up totally craving chocolate milk.  So weird and random!  Jonny picked up a jug from Trader Joe’s and he’s been enjoying it in his coffee and me by the glassful.

I had actually made overnight oats for breakfast, but during one of my middle of the night nursing sessions I felt extremely hungry, so I ate them.  Breastfeeding hunger is no joke!

Breakfast ended up being an awesome egg sandwich.

egg sandwich

One dippy egg on a toasted bun with pepperjack cheese, avocado, and raspberry jam.  Sweet, spicy, and savory.  SO GOOD.

My sister introduced me to this yogurt – Dannon Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt.

dannon yogurt

Very thick and the flavor rocks.  Two thumbs up.

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One of my best friends, Barbie, and her husband Chris are in town, so they came over to meet William.  Barbie and I have been friends since preschool; we went to grade school and high school together and will remain friends for life.  She made William smile HUGE so many times, but of course every time I tried to capture it on camera, he stopped.  Little stinker.  And Chris was such a natural snuggling William and putting him to sleep.

barbie chris

Now Barbie and Chris need to move back to St. Louis and start makin’ babies, so William can have a best friend growing up just like Barbie and I did.  They also brought a boatload of food.  When I say boatload, I mean it.  I only have one picture because lunch and dinner looked essentially the same. Jonny was very happy to see what was in our fridge when he arrived home from work, and commented, “I always knew I loved Barbie!”


There was pulled pork sandwiches from Pappy’s which is the very best barbecue in St. Louis, potato salad, toasted ravioli (itz a St. Louis staple), and salad from Pasta House.

In addition, Barbie and Chris brought four containers of Ted Drewes frozen custard (also a St. Louis must).  M&M, chocolate chocolate chip, strawberry, and chocolate chip.   They sure know the way to my heart.

ted drewes

And yes, you better believed I sampled some of each last night.  Not pictured was a bag of M&Ms and gooey butter cake (also, a St. Louis thing, I believe?)  Major thanks to Barbie and Chris for filling our fridge, freezer, and bellies, and for being such wonderful friends.

What are some of your good eats as of late?

30 thoughts on “good eats

  1. If you like Pappy’s you will LOVE SugarFire… And you might change your mind about who has the best St. Louis BBQ 😉

  2. Yum! The egg sandwich looks delicious. I’ve been on a chocolate milk kick lately, too. Just a small glass! It’s supposed to help with muscle recovery.

  3. Gooey butter cake is definitely a STL thing but it should really take over the world. They spoiled you! As always, William is precious. Happy WIAW!

  4. I cannot remember the last time I ate an egg sandwich, however, I do know for a FACT that I ADORED THEM! Bacon, Egg & Cheese BAGELS – AHHHHH MANNNN! Where is my time machine to go back in time and wolf these puppies DOWN!

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