What do you do when your baby will only sleep in your arms?

William is a good sleeper.  Usually.  At night, he sleeps in his bassinet right next to our bed.  During the day, I try to nap him in his crib, but really he sleeps best in someone’s arms against their warm, cozy body.  Yesterday was one of those days that I could not get him to nap anywhere besides my arms.

Twelve o’clock rolled around before I had a chance to jump in the shower for two seconds only to get out to a sad, crying baby.  Somehow I managed to get dressed and put makeup on.  Only to get instantly spit up on just moments later.

It had me thinking, “What do you do when your baby will only sleep in your arms?”

William sleep lap

Well, since you’re limited in what you can do, you most likely have your phone nearby.  And since your baby has been sleeping in your arms on and off all morning and day, you decide to take a selfie with your baby.  “That’s fun,” you think.  So you take a couple more.  Then you decide to put them in a collage to send to your family in a group text because, well, why not?  You haven’t got anything better to do.


They think itz funny which only encourages you more…


You realize all the pictures of you aren’t super attractive, but you continue anyway…


Then things start to get really crazy…


And just for good measure…


Linz and William selfie overload?  Eh, when you’re home all day everyday sometimes things like that happen.  And you’re ok with it because you love your little guy so much.

Then maybe your own momma comes over because after 800 selfie pictures she thinks you may be beginning to lose it…

You tell her over and over again how baby will not sleep anywhere else besides your arms.

So she takes matters into her own hands, and before you know it an hour has gone by.


“I thought you said he won’t sleep in his crib?” she asks.

Oh, moms are always right.  When does that start to happen for me?  I’m a mom now.

No matter how well or how poorly the little guy sleeps, you know itz ok.

William sleep

Because you’d do anything for that precious face.

What do you do when your baby will only sleep in your arms?

37 thoughts on “What do you do when your baby will only sleep in your arms?

  1. I had one of those. Every afternoon I would gather my water, coffee, book, telephone and tv remote and get comfy on the couch for two to three hours. Of course he would have gotten used to sleeping in his crib but I enjoyed the comfort of it too and had the time. I say enjoy it now. You won’t be able to it with your second or third; the older ones will keep you busy during baby’s nap time xo

  2. Haha too funny! I don’t have any kiddos yet, but my cat never fails to lay on me and fall asleep on me 5 seconds before I’m about to get up!

  3. When you have multiples, everyone learns very quickly that the crib is where we sleep. It broke my heart, and I was convinced that they would grow up having some sort of attachment disorder, and need serious therapy in adulthood. Then there was the nights when some sort of stomach virus was running it’s course through our house. Which vomiting baby to I go to first? They’re fine… I’m the one who needs therapy–I have scars.

  4. HAHA my fav post everrrr i can’t get enough of you and him!!!!!!!! 😀 next time send some to me 😀 i will encourage you to do more 😀 i wanna tell you my fav… it’s in the second block/chunk/collage second from the top far left with your tongue on his head 🙂 😉

  5. I let them….that phase goes by way too fast! Our daughters both slept in their car seat for a long time. They both had reflux a bit and that helped to keep them propped up…it was magical!!

  6. We lead parallel lives. There are no fewer than 400 selfies of Hadley and I on the couch on my phone. Here’s to successful crib naps today!

  7. Haha, so fun! This is one of my biggest worries when we have our baby, that she’ll only be able to sleep if she’s laying on my chest. That’s because my niece and nephews have all been that way, at least for the first few months. I know there’s things parents can do to keep this from happening, like making sure to lay baby down as soon as they fall asleep, but even when it was just my niece, not my own brand-new daughter, I know that’s easier said than done.

  8. loved this post. You don’t fully appreciate your mom until you become a mom. And then they become the wisest person you know.

    Joshua napped really well in his crib, nighttime was another story and then I realized I just had to help him get used to sleeping in his bed. It was hard but we were both happier with more restful sleep =)

  9. Great faces, Linz -lol! And a great way to keep yourself occupied while sitting with a sleeping baby 😉 No baby for me yet, but I can see myself doing this. As it is, when I’m bored and alone I take selfies…and I don’t have a sleeping baby as an excuse 😉

  10. B definitely had days where this happened…and I took full advantage of the Moby! However, everything’s a phase and she’s thankfully come to be okay with sleeping in her crib (most days). Now that I’m back at work I don’t mind letting her sleep on me on the weekends sometimes 🙂

  11. Haha, I love all the selfies! It’s so true…you start to get a little crazy when you’re home by yourself with a newborn. 😉 I SWORE by the swing for naps those first several months. It was my sanity … otherwise Hunter was totally one of those babies that would only sleep in my arms.

  12. Haha, that is such a cute post and it reminds me all too well of the time when my son was a newborn. Only difference: I got antsy, put him in the Moby wrap and went for a walk – stroller didn’t do the trick, he needed to be close! It’s gonna be really interesting when our second boy comes along in two short months. Enjoy this time!

  13. Moms are amazing, aren’t they? L rarely fell asleep on me after the first few weeks, but didn’t like her crib, either. She was a swing girl. 🙂 Although there were times I wished she would nap with me!

  14. haha! I love you!

    And cute blue pants, by the way!

    I know it’s hard some days, but having them in your arms goes away way too quickly(!!!). I always sort of did one day of not doing much and just enjoying being with her, and the next day I wore her in the ergo to get things done, and so on. It was nice to be able to feel a bit ‘normal’ and yet enjoy the moments that leave so quickly.

    Love you!!!

  15. Bryn would only sleep at night in my arms for the first couple months … so we co-slept. You do what you have to do! Now she’s taking naps in her crib and sleeping MOST of the night there until I bring her into bed to nurse around 4AM. With Em I was so focused on doing what was “right”. This time, I know these days are numbered and I’d rather enjoy the snuggles 🙂

  16. Layla got in those moods sometimes in the evenings..I normally would just watch tv and hold her. I still like to cuddle with her for one nap a day, generally in the evening. When she was tiny we laid a heating pad down in her bassinet for a few minutes before putting her down so it was warm and snuggly just like a person and she got used to it; we also ran a fan and swaddled her (still do!). I also used the Ergobaby carrier when she was like that to get stuff done around the house if I needed to. We are also on the semi-babywise/baby whisperer schedule, which I think helps, but I’ve never been tough enough to let her cry for more than a few minutes. 😛

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