Weekend with William

Ok, so all our weekends are with William now, but I think this may be the first Monday I’m blogging since his arrival.  And itz really just because I started this post on Saturday night while he was napping on his daddy and finished it throughout the day on Sunday.  Gotta blog while there’s time!  Our weekend with William recap:

Remember how I said I wanted to go to the grocery store as I hadn’t yet been since William’s birth?  Well, Friday morning I made it happen!  William and I headed to our local grocery for the essentials.  Successful trip, check!  Next, I dropped off William with my mom so I could go get my hair highlighted and cut and Preston Salon Spa.  I was long overdue for both and I love my new ‘do!  I like going a bit lighter for the summer.

linz blonde

And speaking of hair, putting William’s hair in a mohawk after a bath might be one of my favorite things ever.  His baby mohawk is just too darn cute!


Jonny went to the Cardinals game and brought home a winner, so I stayed at my parents’ with my brother and sister and their kiddos during the evening.  Stephanie brought over her dog Ellie and found the perfect opportunity to pose both her and William.


At my parents’ house, my brother had a movie night with the older kids, Jackson, Jacob, and Audrey while William happily slept in my sister’s arms (aka she refused to give him back to me and kept calling him her baby).

jason jackson jacob audrey

Our weekend with William was ooooobviously marvelous, so I’m linking up with Healthy Diva today for Marvelous in my Monday!

Saturday came and we had our first official play date!  I think William enjoyed it, but it was hard to tell because he literally slept the entire time.  The other babies are between five and six months old, so he really just looked like a little peanut compared to them.  Of course right when we got home, he was bright-eyed and wide awake!


After I nursed him and we played a bit, I took William and Zoey out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine!  It was kind of cool, so I kept a blanket over the stroller to protect William from the sun and the breeze, but the sun felt so good as it rained a ton last week!

stroller walk

Shortly after, Jonny got home from the race track.  Since it was so nice outside, we went for another walk – family style.  And you know we had to take a selfie!

jonny zoey walk

Saturday night was low key with dinner in, relaxation, tv time, and just chilling with the fam.

Sunday came and was another beautiful day, so Jonny, Zoey, William, and I went on another walk.  Later we met several of my family members at a nearby park.


There was lunch, baseball, swinging, slides, and more fun to be had in the gorgeous weather!  We were exhausted when we came home, so we laid low in the afternoon.  Jonny got some good time in with Zoey and William watching the Cardinals game.

jonny william zoey

And I got some good cuddles in before we headed to my in-laws’ for Sunday night dinner.

linz william

It was a marvelous weekend with William!

What was the best part about your weekend?

30 thoughts on “Weekend with William

  1. OMG Linz, seriously such a cute kid. I know I say that in all my comments, but he truly is a beautiful baby. I actually had that whale onsie in my hand the other day in Carters because it was so cute and I loved that it said Mommy’s big catch (or something), but I ended up putting it back and only buying a gift that I went in there for. I love how Carters clothes fit! Your hair looks awesome! 🙂

  2. Nothing like a little hair time to make you feel amazing…and look that way too!! My best part of this weekend was that we were outside for hours and hours! Bring on the warm sun!!

  3. So much beautiful hair going on in this post! Your hubby went, but are you going to make it to any Cards games this season? We get to go once with my husband’s work, but I’d love to hit up a Cubs-Cards game this year.

  4. Awww he’s so adorable. Looks like a fun weekend.

    We got a lot done around the house, went to a grad party (1st of many this month lol) and then went for a drive to Lake Geneva, WI. Overall good weekend.

  5. I love putting my little guy’s hair in a mohawk too. 🙂 His is getting a bit long now though so it flops over which is quite hilarious! Love your lighter color! Makes me want to go get mine done now!! Stopping over from Katie’s link-up.

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