1 month old baby | 1 month postpartum

How do I have a 1 month old baby already??  Seriously, please tell me.


photos by Stephanie Cotta Photography

It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital!  Crazy how quickly time flies.  Let’s recap just some of baby William’s first month into this world.


Hahahahaha!  Just kidding, William is a good sleeper… for like an hour or so.  Really though, itz interesting they say “sleeping like a baby.”  I mean, I guess I get that.  William will sleep anywhere no matter how loud or how bright it is.  But I feel like sleeping like a baby is a bit misleading and should refer to the length of time, too.  William will sleep all day long if I (or someone) is holding him.  I’m doing a better job of letting him nap in his bassinet or crib, just so I can either rest or get some things done during the day.  But I’ll tell you what – itz hard!  When he’s so sleepy and so snuggly, sometimes itz hard to put him down!  I’m getting better though, I promise.  Then, sometimes I put him down and ten minutes later he cries, so I go get him.  Then he falls asleep on me again.

Nighttime kind of varies.  Sometimes he’ll have a good three hour stretch where he will sleep, but these past few evenings he’s been eating every two hours.  I suppose I’m not surprised since he’s packing on the L.B.’s ounces like crazy these days.  He’ll usually have a good stretch of sleep right before and right after the night.  Meaning starting at like 8:00 pm and then another good stretch around 5:00 in the morning.  Now only if we could get some of that going in the middle of the night!

Also, William falls asleep every time he nurses.  Sometimes I wonder if itz ok how much he’s sleeping and then my wonderful pediatrician assures me that it is.  My mom tells me he needs to sleep to grow, and he’s growing plenty!  If he naps for two hours, he wakes up hungry.  I nurse, and he falls asleep again!  Usually he poops while he nurses, so shortly after I change him, and sometimes he’ll stay awake for an hour or so after that.  And the older he gets, the more alert he is becoming when he is awake, so I feel good about that.

william awake


The first week was really hard because of my struggle with breastfeeding.  The second week, William starting latching on a few times a day, but I was still feeding him mostly bottles with breast milk.  The third week, just like the doctor and lactation consultant said, he was nursing SO much better.  (Since he was born three weeks early, they said it could take a few weeks for him to learn how to suck from the breast.  Literally, within a day of his due date, he was nursing almost exclusively!)  And now, this fourth week, I’d say he’s a pro!  I still give him a bottle a day, and usually that’s to give me some relief.

I think William is growing a lot this week, too, because sometimes he is nursing every hour.  If not every hour, usually every two.  There’s a lot of breastfeeding going on!  Sometimes he nurses for five minutes, other times he nurses for thirty.  We’re still doing just one breast at a time, but I feel like it won’t be long before we need to do both per feeding.  I’ve also noticed that he is much less gassy and much less likely to spit up when he nurses compares to eating from a bottle.  Easier all around!


William loooves to be held.  He would be held all day long if he could.  He also really likes being held upright with his chest against mine.  I noticed this in the hospital and it has stuck ever since.  I wouldn’t say William likes tummy time, but he tolerates it and constantly amazes me with how strong he is.  He also loves music and being sung to (or at least I like to pretend he likes my singing).  He likes sleeping on me and on Jonny.  William also really loves his cousins.

cousins william audrey jacob jackson

the love is mutual all the way around.


William is NOT a fan of being hungry and gets very cranky… much like his momma and daddy!  (Can babies be hangry?!)  He also doesn’t like when I give him sponge baths (I’m yet to fully submerge him), but seems not to mind as much when my mom gives him a sponge bath.  She must have the special touch.  William also doesn’t like being wet or dirty, so I change about five hundred diapers a day.  He fusses when he’s overly tired and needs to be rocked and swaddled to sleep.

1 month postpartum – momma

Wow, I’m impressed with myself, I’m not going to lie!  Not really myself, but more my body and what itz capable of.  The body is absolutely amazing and I’m just in awe how mine carried William throughout my pregnancy, delivered him, and is now bouncing back.  I’m not doing any postpartum pictures (not now anyway, maybe eventually, I don’t know) or measurements as itz just not on my mind.  I haven’t stepped on the scale once.  I eat what I want to (which sometimes is not very healthy).  Exercise includes maybe one half mile walk a day.  And that’s more just to enjoy the nice weather instead of get exercise.  I’ve never not cared about working out or what my body looks like this much.  I know I’ll get back to it eventually. Itz true what they say about priorities changing.  Itz just so not a priority for me right now.  William is.


That being said, my body has bounced back extremely well.  Down there healed very quickly.  When I was in the hospital getting checked, my doctors and nurses all commented on how minimal my swelling was and how quickly I was healing.  My belly went down fairly quickly and is now just squishy as is most of my body.  I will say… I do still really like wearing my maternity pants lol.  Just because they’re so stretchy and so comfortable!  When do I have to give those up?!

Emotionally, I feel good.  The first week or two was rough.  I was emotional which surprised me because I wasn’t emotional at all during my pregnancy.  I was pretty overwhelmed being home from the hospital with a new baby.  Thank goodness for Jonny, my mom, and my sister.  Weeks three and four have been drastically better.  I wouldn’t venture to say I’ve got the hang of it, but I’m a lot more confident in what I’m doing.

Surprisingly I don’t feel that tired with as little sleep I’m getting.  I don’t even nap everyday though I know I should (I know, I know, Mom!).  There’s just been a couple days where I’ve felt very exhausted.  When I get up with William in the middle of the night, that’s when I’m most tired.  Itz also hard because the whole process of nursing, burping, changing, sometimes pumping, and getting him back to sleep takes me about an hour at night. If he’s waking up every two hours to nurse, that means I’m only getting an hour of sleep here and there.

william yawn

you and me both, baby.

So I did get my placenta encapsulated.  I’ve been taking my placenta pills for a few weeks now, and itz hard to say if they’re “working” or not since I’ve never had a baby before.  However, I do have to wonder if itz because of them that I’m having a pretty good and easy recovery.  My hormones seem to be in balance (now), my bleeding time was minimal, my energy level is good, I don’t have postpartum depression, and my milk supply is out of this world!  Dr. Brooks was awesome and came to the hospital the night William was born to pick up my placenta and delivered the pills to my house just a few days later.

Quick funny story about when she came to the hospital to pick up the placenta.  Jonny asked her if anyone ever “throws it on the grill” to eat it.  Uhhh no.  Then when she was walking out, Jonny calls, “Bye, Pauly!”  Dr. Brooks turned around to look at us with a questioning look.  Jonny says, “I named it.  Pauly the placenta.”  LOL.

Like I said, my milk supply is out of this world.  When I first started pumping when William wasn’t nursing, I was pumping eight times a day.  Every three hours on the dot.  Now, I’ve minimized it to anywhere between four and six times a day which is much more manageable.  If I go six or seven hours without pumping, I’ll pump almost twelve ounces.  When I bottle feed William, he takes two ounces just to give you some idea of how much milk I’m producing.  Needless to say, we have about a ten year supply between our freezer, my parents’ and my in-laws’ freezers.  William won’t be going hungry anytime soon!

William Jack

In terms of eating, holy cow I’m a hungry beast all.the.time!  They say you require about 500 extra calories a day breastfeeding.  I’m quite certain I’m surpassing that by a landslide.  I feel the need to eat all day.  Anything and everything.  Sweets?  I should really keep them out of the house.  I do except for when people bring them over.  Cookie cake, pastries, candy, and more.  I demolish them.  At all hours of the day and night, too.  Don’t get me started with nut butters.  I’ve gone through two jars in less than four weeks.  By myself.  Mostly spoon to jar to mouth.  Repeat.  I’m telling you, the amount I’m eating is craziness.

All in all, everything is going extremely well and I couldn’t be happier with my life right now.  One random question though for you mommas out there: When are you able to distinguish between your baby’s cries?  William definitely has different cries, but I don’t know what they mean!  I’m able to soothe him pretty quickly since itz usually because he’s hungry, sleepy, poopy, wet, tired or gassy (itz rough being a baby!), but I’d still like to know what his cries mean.   When will that happen?

linz william

I love being a momma, William’s momma.

Tell me: what’s to come in month two?

38 thoughts on “1 month old baby | 1 month postpartum

  1. Linz! Wow, I love reading about pregnancy…. I don’t plan on having kids for a bit, but, goodness, I didn’t realize how little I knew about pregnancy/infants etc until I read your posts! Sorry I don’t have anything to contribute to help you, but thanks for sharing!!

  2. I agree with the above comment 🙂 I’m not in a relationship or expecting any time soon, but I find all of this very fascinating and informative! I think it’s seriously inspiring and touching how much you love and care for little William. So happy for you to have him in your life!

  3. Love this! I tend to have wicked over supply the first month or so and then it regulates some. If you don’t think you’re going to USE all the milk in your freezer (I sure haven’t and I am “working” full time) you should consider donating it since it’s only good in a stand up freezer for 3-4 months. Katie Heddleston has a lot of info on it.

    • that’s great to know! i’m definitely going to look into this – there is no way i will use all the milk – thanks a million!!!

  4. I loved reading this update and am so impressed with how great you sound. The first month can be so challenging! I’m glad everything is going well and love how much you love being a mama 🙂

    It’s so surreal to me to see William’s pictures, knowing that my baby girl is still in my belly (due today!). Our due dates were so close and it’s hard for me to imagine a baby WIlliam’s size still in my belly- ah!

    I’m trying to think back to when I could distinguish cries and I honestly don’t remember. I think by 6-8 weeks I was feeling pretty confident with most things, so maybe you’re just a few weeks away from having a better sense of his cries? However, like all kiddos, you’ll get it down and then he’ll change. They like to keep us on our toes 😉 Love the updates!

  5. Love the updates! Isn’t the woman’s body so incredible? And holy smokes lady, 10 ounces when you pump- that’s amazing! I was lucky to get 3-4. So glad you’re enjoying this time and not stressing about the scale as so many postpartum mamas do. William’s lucky to have you!

  6. Congrats! He’s precious and I’m happy y’all are doing well. Will you be returning to work before summer break? Hopefully not.

    I’d really like to hear the birth story!! I was due Wednesday and still no baby. Trying to keep from discouraged, but it’s hard. I wanted to avoid induction- but it just seems like that’s the path I’m going to have to take. I can’t imagine going into labor so early- it feels like I’ve been waiting for ever

    • nope i’m not going back to school until next fall 🙂 🙂 i’m working on the birth story!!! good luck to you – i’m sure everything will work out – it always does! 🙂 xo

  7. I’m so glad to hear breastfeeding’s going so well! I stayed with my sister this week, who has a 3-week-old, and he, too, seems to eat all the time. I’d say that’s normal 🙂 also, where did you get your placenta encapsulated? We too live in St. Louis, and I’ve been meaning to look into this before baby comes in late August.

  8. So glad to hear nursing is go so well! Yay! I knew it’d come in time. 🙂 I love your mentality and attitude regarding your postpartum body. I think it’s a great and healthy example to other moms too! To be honest, the first couple months for us were a big blur. I noticed things finally starting to fall into a routine and better sleep around month 3. But again, every baby and mama are different! Hugs!

  9. yup, the bfeeding hunger is seriously nuts. i eat and eat and eat and when i think there’s no way i’ll be hungry again, i am! 🙂 I have weeks where it levels off but then picks back up, it’s crazy how in tune our bodies are with producing what our babies need! I’m totally enjoying the extra treats!

  10. sounds like you’re doing SO well!! do you guys follow any type of schedule at all? I’m a huge fan of BabyWise (a little more relaxed version of it actually) and it’s worked wonders for all three of my kids.

      • I second a loose following if baby wise. I used it with all 3 of mine. My 2 month old sleeps 11 hours at night and 3 hour naps in her crib and I really think its because of the schedule I had her on from day 1.

  11. I’ve been following you and William on Instagram for the past month or so and love all of your pictures! He’s adorable. I’m not a mom yet but I love reading other mom’s posts about their journey so I know what to expect in the future 🙂

  12. HOLY MOLY THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE POST EVER! It was like you were just chatting with me over a cup of tea 🙂 <3 i am so happy that everything is going so well. Love the story about Pauly 😉 LOL JONNY!!!!!!! Oh I need to meet that guy some day 😀 AND I also love all the nut butter 😀 right on! Good for you for producing so much milk!!!!!!! Some women would kill to have that ability 🙂

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