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Selfie pictures – are you a fan?  I am, and I don’t understand why so many people have such issues with selfies.  Though I don’t understand a lot of things about some people… Anyway, I think selfies are fun and I have absolutely no shame taking them!  Apparently neither does my family because William has already had several selfies!

William & his momma’s (me) selfie from the other night:


He may or may not have known a selfie was taking place. 😉  This was when we were cuddled up on the couch.  After William nurses, he is so cuddly I can’t help but hold and snuggle him!

When I had the idea to do this post, I wanted to get a selfie of Jonny and William.  Jonny doesn’t love taking pictures as is, much less selfies.  I’m pretty sure this was his first ever selfie and we were cracking up for about twenty minutes as he tried so hard to get a good one!  Here’s a collage of some of the best:

jonny selfie


In addition to the one million posed newborn photos Stephanie has taken of William, she has probably taken about four million selfies with him.  I asked her to choose her favorite one so far for this post.  While it was difficult, she chose one where William was smiling.

steph selfie

Too cute!

I had to run up to school for something the other day very quickly, so my mom stayed home with William.  On my way back, she texted me this:

yaya william

Funny faces with Yaya and William!

But my mom really takes the cake for having the best William selfie.  Not only was she doing tummy time with him, but she caught him when he was wide awake, bright-eyed, and lifting his head SO high like the BIG boy he is!

yaya william1

Strongest baby ever already!

What are your thoughts on selfie pictures?

32 thoughts on “selfie pictures

  1. Ahhh, Tate has that little RL onsie, too. I think it’s the cutest little thing. I am so in love with baby William, seriously an especially cute baby.
    Selfies- I have no problem with them, I just make ’em awkward. We’ll call it my specialty 😉 I’m not a fan of the duck face teen selfies, but that’s about it! Your family rocks them:)

  2. she really does take the best selfies with william 😀 i was laughing out loud so hard the first time i saw them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh both of them have such funny expressions in all of them it is so adorable 😀 and i love how he’s smiling in the one with your sis 😀

    keep on with the selfies 😀 i don’t understand why people don’t like them either!

  3. Oh these are too cute!! I take a selfie here and there because otherwise, there wouldn’t be any pictures of me! I’m always the one behind the camera so I find it necessary. What I don’t get are those Instagram accounts where every picture is of themselves. Uh, don’t you have other stuff to look at? I dunno. But fun ones like this capture such great memories!

  4. I like to see others selfies but think they can be way overdone!! How many can one person take in a day?

  5. I am guilty of taking many selfies but when you don’t have anyone to take your picture what else are you to do! I’m all for selfies with babies also. That’s always acceptable. The only selfies I don’t like are the ones where girls need to put on some clothes and cover up there assets.

  6. I see no problem in taking selfies with friends, or your baby 🙂 Or even because you’re having a good hair day! I won’t lie though I laugh when I see it in public sometimes, when people go out of their way to get a good shot of the building they’re at or something lol

  7. I love all these photos! But that last one with your mom is especially adorable!!!

    I take selfies–but I try not to go overboard. I think they can be a bit much when it’s all people post. But with babies??! Then it’s never overdone!

  8. I think selfies are awesome. I don’t take that many of myself cause I’m not that photogenic but if I was, I’d probably make people crazy with all the selfies. lol Love that even your mom is in there taking selfies with baby William! 🙂

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