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When I was working, weekends were a time when life slowed down for a couple days.  Writing blog posts for Monday mornings were no problem as I had more than enough time between Saturday and Sunday. Now that I’m on maternity leave, it seems as though weekends are my busy times as they’re often filled with family and friends. That’s exactly what this weekend was filled with, so I didn’t have time to write my giveaway post for today like I had planned. (hopefully tomorrow!)  And last week I didn’t even get a post up on Monday. Well, I had a bit of time yesterday when William was napping, but I chose to nap, too.  Sorry, I’m not sorry. Life with a newborn means your priorities certainly change!

So now, right before I head to bed, I thought I’d at least put a few sentences together and show you a great image (captured by none other than Stephanie Cotta Photography) of my adorable flying baby.


Yesterday morning, Jonny, William, and I met Stephanie, Phil, Jacob, Audrey, and my dad at the park.  The boys fished and the girls played with William.  It was William’s park debut, so per Stephanie’s idea, I lifted him in the air to truly capture the sunshine that was upon us.  I could go on and on about how the sky is the limit for whatever baby William wants to do in life, but I’m going to wrap up this post in order to get to bed and catch some shut-eye while little man is doing the same.  After all, sleep is priceless and more marvelous than ever these days.  I’ll leave you with this:

The sky is the limit.  Whatever your hopes and dreams are, you are capable of accomplishing them. Take the steps needed, believe in yourself, and set your goals high.  You can do it.  This is what I hope to teach William as he grows up.

How about you? Are weekends busy or more low-key for you?

25 thoughts on “flying baby

  1. New mom hormones are no joke… This post made me cry within the first 4 seconds of reading it! I love this flying baby photo!

    Btw… It’s been so fun reading your blog these past nine months since our due dates were 4 days apart!

    Know that I’m getting just as little sleep, attempting to nap when he naps (everyone tells me to but this is seriously easier said than done) and figuring out this crazy motherhood job at the same time as you! William is so precious 🙂 and so lucky!

  2. I am hoping I gain the super power to slow down time 🙂 when our boys arrive. Remember this blog is back seat to life and those boys – those giveaways will be here much longer than those early days.

    LOVE that last quote – great lesson I hope to teach my family too!!!

  3. Love this photo. William is truly a beautiful baby!! My SIL (a photographer) came over yesterday and took a bunch of photos of my little man, it’s so nice having a photographer in the family! If it weren’t for Chloe, we’d only have iphone photos;)

    Weekends are usually a little busy for us just because everyone is off and we tend to do our visiting then!

  4. Our weekends are just like yours: busy! They fly by with all the visitors and visiting we do now that we have a baby. And blogging…well, it happens now and then. Priorities shift so much once you have a baby that sometimes some things get pushed to the back burner for awhile until you get into a routine. By the way, William is adorable!

  5. Weekends vary so much for me thanks to my very unusual job schedule. I work whenever I get a gig so it can be at any time of the day, any day of the week. My lifestyle makes me have to be very open to quick change, which is quite funny because if you knew me prior to moving to Los Angeles, CHANGE was not my favorite thing! LOL!

  6. Don’t ever be sorry for sleeping! Your blog and readers will still be here 🙂 I’m staying with my sister this week, who just had a little one two weeks ago, and all she wanted me to do this morning was hold him between feedings, so she could get some much-needed shut-eye.

  7. William is SO sweet! I remember wanting to spend most of my little one’s nap time staring at him at first, because I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. 🙂 it’s such a wonderful time – glad you are being kind to yourself and not putting pressure on yourself to do more than you have time for.

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