air of peacefulness

Babies eat, sleep, cry, and poop.  All day.  All night.  Sometimes one more than the other, but if one’s out of whack, itz most likely throwing off another.  Take the other night, for example.  Baby boy had to poop.  This made him fussy (aka cry. A LOT).  Long story short, he didn’t go to sleep for more than five minutes until 3:45 in the morning.  By now, three weeks in, I’m used to not getting a lot of sleep.  Not getting any sleep until almost four was hard.  But then I look at his adorable face and his adorable body and hear his adorable sounds and smell is adorable baby scent and I know itz all worth it.

And I have a precious picture to prove it.

william newborn

photo by Stephanie Cotta Photography – creative genius!

William is an air of peacefulness.  And so worth every sleepless night.

Happy weekend, friends. 🙂 Sleep well!

21 thoughts on “air of peacefulness

  1. 🙂 You love little William so much, and it’s so easy to tell from your posts:) I love it! Totally agree- when my little guy wakes up in the night to feed, I just look at him and think he’s the cutest. Especially when he flashes me a big grin, it makes the 3am feeding totally worth it!

  2. That picture is amazing!!! Ah, yes! The sleepless nights. I remember A LOT of pacing around the room trying to get a certain little baby to sleep at night. Hope you had better luck last night!!

  3. It is totally worth it, isn’t it? And when it starts getting better your memory will fade… I know I had a rough first 6 months or so with L but I can hardly even remember what that was like… I’m in denial that it’s coming again!

  4. I’ve never had kids, but I know they are so much work, especially as newborns who need so much. But it is so obvious how much you love William, and like you said, I know it’s all worth it.

  5. Awwwwww this is perfect! You’re killing me with all these adoooooorable photos!! 😉

    I’m sorry to hear he had a rough night the other night–I promise it gets better!!! This too shall pass…but you’re doing a great job of enjoying him even when you’re sleep deprived. <3

  6. Of course, sleepless nights are totally worth it. I am convinced I won’t get a good night sleep until my children are married or at least out of college. Your sister must be having so much fun photographing this guy- what a gorgeous shot!

  7. Oh mama! Gorgeous picture of a gorgeous baby. I know it sounds weird but embrace the crazy nights. Sleep will come back to you but those moments when it’s just you and him..comforting and cuddling. Those are priceless.

    I need to meet that beautiful baby in person!

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