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Here’s my baby shower post finally. Itz long overdue as baby William is obviously already here.  However, my baby shower was thrown just four short days before his arrival and I’m excited to recap it as it was such a lovely event given with so much love.


The dress and belt I wore was from Seraphine.  They have awesome maternity clothes and I love what I wore for the shower.  Actually my sister Stephanie picked it out since she’s way more stylish than I, but like she said, it was perfect.  It was the White Lace Maternity Dress with the Yellow Leather Skinny Maternity Belt.  I love the belted look, but none of my belts fit when I was pregnant!  Obviously they wouldn’t fit around my belly, but they wouldn’t fit higher either. This yellow belt had an elastic part in the back making it fit comfortably and able to grow as I did.  Prices at Seraphine are very reasonable, as well.  Now that William is here, I’ll need to check out their nursing gear.  Pregnant mommas, definitely take a look at their maternity clothes – especially if you have a fun event like a baby shower coming up!

*I received the dress & belt for review purposes only. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

The lovely hostesses:


From left to right: my friend Diana, my Aunt Marcy, my sister Stephanie, me, my soon-to-be sister-in-law Dana, my Aunt Laura, and my friend Whitney.  Not pictured is Caren, Whitney’s mother-in-law, who is a close family friend of Jonny’s family.  She helped host and created the beautiful flower centerpieces.  Each table’s flowers were slightly different – all gorgeous!


On each table was a martini glass filled with cashews dipped in white chocolate – amazing!  Party favors were white chocolate and dark chocolate coated Oreo’s with little baby feet stamped on top. Simple, yet elegant and delicious.


The baby shower was held at The Women’s Exchange.  Itz an upscale shop that also has a back area for dining.  On Sundays, itz closed for private parties and is just a lovely venue.  The whole look:

women's exchange

And an up-close look at the pretty tables:


My sister made menu cards:


Side note: St. Louis friends, the famous Women’s Exchange salad is AWESOME!

While my mom was not an official hostess of my baby shower, she sure did a lot of behind the scenes work. As always, I’m grateful for her time and effort she puts forth for me.  My mom and my grandma Mama are two of the strongest women I know. They set the bar extremely high for women in my family. I’m lucky to learn from their guidance, support, and knowledge in raising William.


And how pretty are they both?!  Like mother, like daughter!

Stephanie and her typical pose with me while I was pregnant:


To read the speech she delivered at my baby shower, click HERE.

Big thanks to everyone for their constant love and support. xoxo

29 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. Linz, you are such a stunning woman, wife & Momma! Everything about your bridal shower was perfect & so warming. Everyone did such a lovely job! <3

  2. i so wish i could have been there Linz 🙂 some day i will have to come visit you all 🙂 <3 you're beautiful, but i always keep meaning to say how beautiful your mom is !! and wow your grandma is too – such a stunning family 🙂

  3. You look amazing and it’s crazy to think William came so soon after! My mom actually missed her baby shower for my brother because he came that day! How crazy is that! Ha. They still had the shower without her and opened all the gifts because she needed them faster than she thought.

    Hope you are doing well <3

  4. What a wonderful shower, and you look beautiful! I love the dress and the stomach belt! My friend just found out she was pregnant, and I told her that when she is bigger a belt with a dress looks super cute on pregnant ladies!

  5. You are so gorgeous! And that dress/belt is perfect–I love it! p.s. yes your mama and her mama are the bomb and are gorgeous too. Runs in the family 😉

    So glad you were showered with love–and so sad I had to miss it! That salad is bomb, for sure.

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