William’s Newborn Pictures

All of William’s newborn pictures shared in today’s post are taken by Stephanie Cotta Photography – award winning newborn photographer in St. Louis.

With my sister who is a newborn photographer, you’d better believe we’ve had more than one newborn photo shoot during William’s first two weeks of life.  In fact, every time she sees William we can pretty much consider it a session.  We’re very lucky.  The first time we went to her studio, William was not cooperative.  You see, Stephanie shoots newborns within the first ten days of their birth because that’s when they’re the sleepiest.  Not our little guy.  He was wide awake!

william awake

But he’s just too cute, even wide awake, so no one was mad.  How could we be with that face?!

So the first official newborn session didn’t quite turn out as we’d hoped.  However, we went to my parents’ for family dinner on Sunday evening, and of course Stephanie had brought several of her props with her.  She captured some awesome pictures outdoors!

william newborn

He’s just as snuggly in real life as he is in that basket.  He loves to snuggle!

Here’s another glimpse of baby bird William as I’d shown you earlier in the week:

william baby bird

Thanks to Dad for cutting down several branches of the bradford pear trees!

William was soaking up the sunshine on this warm day:

william newborn2

Now if only he’d sleep like that all throughout the night!

Little baby in a little buggy is just the cutest thing ever:

william newborn1


And during our second studio session, Stephanie turned William into an adorable fox:

william fox

What does the fox say?

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  1. Bwahaha what does the fox say! If my husband sings that song ONE more time! How adorable – looks like he’ll be a little bundle of ENERGY like you!

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