family is everything

Family is everything.  Simple as that.  Family makes everyone happy.

william smile

Especially this little guy.

It takes a village to raise a child.

I’ve experienced this firsthand even though William is just two weeks old.  He came three weeks early unexpectedly.  I had my baby shower the Sunday before which was just four days prior his arrival.  The night before I went into labor, my mom had been at my house for four hours helping me sort through gifts and decide what would go where.  She took home a laundry basket full of clothes, sheets, and towels to wash while I was at work.  I panicked when I went into labor.  Partly because I had no idea what to expect, but also because we had nothing ready.  Sure, we had our furniture, but there weren’t sheets on his crib, the bassinet wasn’t set up, the car seat was not installed, and most stuff was still in boxes and bags.

My mom spent a good twelve hours at the hospital with me during my labor and delivery.  My dad spent a good chunk of time, as well, but he was also busy running around town from store to store preparing our house for William.  He installed our car seat bases in both of our cars.  He built our bassinet.  He fixed a million things in our house.  He cleaned our house and scrubbed our garage.  He did a lot more than just that, too.  The following day my mom spent the entire day in our home organizing and getting William’s nursery ready.  Words can’t even recount everything they did and they would never want to be recognized for their selfless work.  But I know what they did and how much time and effort they put into it.  And I can only hope they know how much I appreciate it.

william oh my

If my momma wasn’t such a procrastinator, maybe she would have been more prepared for my early arrival.  Oh my.

In addition to getting our house and William’s room ready, my mom has done anything and everything I’ve asked since he’s been here plus more.  Including coming to my house at eleven o’clock at night his first night home when I was frantic and couldn’t get him to stop crying.  She’s come over countless times, so I could take a nap for a couple hours.  She’s even come over when William pooped and peed all over himself and I was too scared to give him a bath for the first time by myself.  I literally couldn’t ask for better parents.

Everyone in our family has been awesome.  Mama has come over to help me around the house, bring food, hold William, and give me words of wisdom about what to do with a newborn.  Papa calls consistently to check up on William and ask if he’s ready to throw a baseball.  Poppy gets the biggest smile on his face when holding William.  Grandma Adelaide came to visit and bring us lots of food.  Daddy Bob gets to meet William this morning.  Jonny’s parents stocked our fridge when we were at the hospital, have brought us dinner, and love to hold William.  Jonny and I literally have not cooked at all in two weeks as we’ve received so much food from our dear family.  We’ve been overwhelmed with kindness by both our families and William is lucky to be so loved so soon.

Oh, and William actually has three moms. 😉

steph mom william

Haha.  My mom and I stopped at Stephanie’s house after William’s first doctor appointment and we discovered that my mom and Stephanie had on the same shirt.  Naturally, I made one of them let me borrow their shirt for a picture.  When we sent the photo to Jonny, he remarked, “I thought I only married one of you.  Guess I must be a stud!”

My mom and my sister both have taught me so much about being a mom.  Stephanie has answered my million questions during my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and first couple weeks of William’s life.  I called her at six o’clock in the morning when I went into labor asking, “What is going on?!”  She slept over the second night William was home and took care of all his diaper changes, so I could try and sleep a little bit more.  She’s obviously taken a million and one pictures of William already, but she’s also given me lots of Jacob’s newborn clothes as William was too small to fit into most of what we had.  I can only hope I grow into half the momma that my mom and Stephanie are!

William is learning that family is everything, too.

jonny family

Jonny has been amazing.  He’s done everything possible for me and William to make us as comfortable as can be.  He follows me around with my water jug to make sure I’m staying hydrated.  He holds William the second he gets home from work and kisses us both good-bye in the morning.  He’s been there for me through my tears of frustration with breastfeeding to all of William’s smiles.  I’m proud to call him William’s dad.

We love our new little family.  Family is everything.

Are you close with your family?

33 thoughts on “family is everything

  1. Seriously sounds like a very helpful and great way to spend the first few weeks with a newborn! I think I made the mistake of not asking for more help so I’m so glad you have that!! Family is everything and it sounds like yours is amazingly helpful 😉

  2. Cue the waterworks!!!! This is such a beautiful post. You are definitely one lucky mama with an incredible family. If only my husband and I had family that lived closer to us. I have no idea what we will do if we are ever in your shoes. I know we will definitely be scrambling around, since our families lives 8-12 hours in opposite directions.
    This post makes me long for our families. Even when families can drive us crazy or be crazy at times, they definitely are everything!
    Happy Thursday Linz & Baby William 🙂

  3. What a beautiful post! I couldn’t agree more. The support from David and our parents makes having kids even more wonderful. My mom already has meals prepped for when baby girl arrives and David’s mom always says she is just a phone call away. Enjoy the support; family really is the best!

  4. Such a beautiful post, Linz! It made me tear up because it made me think of my family and how them mean everything to me and how there are always there for us no matter what. You are right…family is everything!!!

  5. THIS. Such a beautiful post!!!! And I SO agree. <3

    I love that you highlighted all the things your mom & dad did (As well as Steph and other family)–you will love to look back and read about that. They are such great family!! William is adorable and so loved!!

  6. Family is everything and I always say it truly takes a VILLAGE. My daughter came 3 weeks early too– I was actually induced at 37 weeks because she wasn’t growing enough– so they day before 37 weeks they told me I would be in the next morning to be induced. We panicked and everyone worked hard– what did I do?… well I got a mani/pedi… priorities.. right? My parents and hubs did a ton and we even made time for one final date night before my 7am check in time! It takes a village!

  7. What a heart warming post, Lindsay! Thanks for sharing 🙂 It sounds like you have a wonderful family & are so blessed. Congrats again on William, he is a stud! 😉 I hope my family is this helpful when I have my little one… I’m really close to my family as well 🙂

  8. It is so crucial to have people you can count on those first few months, because it can be super overwhelming. Nick’s mom lived with us for a few weeks since she doesn’t live super close, and the things she did for us I can never thank her enough, she is the best MIL and grandma 🙂

  9. Family is the best! My parents are two hours away and my mom comes up once a month to hang with my daughter. My husband’s family is in Michigan, very far from us, and the rest on mine is in Texas, also far. Since having our daughter we seriously consider moving to be closer to more family because it does take a village. Super cute family you got! 🙂

  10. Family is everything and it’s amazing how much they are willing to step in at a moment’s notice. I am very happy that you had all that help when you were clearly not expecting William’s arrival for a few weeks! Your family sounds amazing!

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  12. I just read your divorce post announcement and I couldn’t remember what your ex looked like so I found this post. It’s scary how he was everything one moment and nothing the next. Why are guys like that?

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