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I thought given my breastfeeding post yesterday, I would continue the boob talk with a new mom essential: nursing bras and tanks.  But real quick, how about a little peek of William:

william baby bird

photo by Stephanie Cotta Photography

You know I couldn’t go a whole post without showing you our little man!  And I have lots more amazing photos coming.  Stephanie has taken some incredible pictures of him outdoors (as pictured above), as well as some studio shots.  Stay tuned.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I knew getting nursing bras was something I needed as I’d planned on breastfeeding.  I learned about Leading Lady and after browsing the website, I knew I wanted to try their nursing bras.  I reached out to them to inquire about a potential review and we set something up.  Interestingly enough, my package arrived the Saturday we came home with William from the hospital.  Talk about good timing!

Leading Lady has a large assortment of nursing and maternity bras.  I knew I wanted wirefree (as opposed to something with an underwire), and they graciously sent me three nursing bras and one nursing tank.

leading lady

1.  Seamless Wirefree Nursing Nursing Bra (style 477): This is by far my favorite of the three bras.  Itz the most comfortable; when I was engorged, I slept in it. (I don’t typically sleep in bras.)  There are also removable pads for added coverage, if needed.  I took them out as I’ve just been home, but when I start leaving the house more, I’ll probably put them back in.  If you were to only purchase one nursing bra, this must be it because of the level of comfort.

2.  Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra (style 454): This bra is perfect for everyday wear when leaving the house.  There is a bit more structure and it fits great under all tops.

3.  Molded Seamless Lace-Frame Wirefree Nursing Bra (style 405): If itz possible to feel sexy while nursing, itz because of this bra. The fit, comfort, and coverage is identical to the previous bra, but the lace adds a very pretty touch.

4. Modern Square Neck Nursing Cami (style 4044): Love this! There’s enough support to where I don’t have to wear a bra as there’s a built-in bra.  I also love that the tank is not super tight and a bit loose in the belly area which is perfect for post-partum.

All of the bras and tanks are incredibly easy to clasp and unclasp with one hand.  Since I nurse William using one hand, itz very convenient to be able to have easy access with my other.  Leading Lady bras are also so reasonable in price ranging from approximately twenty to thirty dollars.  They run sales and if you sign up for their email list, you receive additional discounts.  I had looked at several other sites and stores, and all the nursing bras were considerably more expensive.  While I did receive these items to review, I’ll most likely be purchasing a couple additional bras and tanks because of how much I love them.  As a new momma, the last thing I want to worry about is a stinkin’ bra, and Leading Lady totally takes care of that.

Mommas: Where is your favorite nursing bra / tank from?

16 thoughts on “Leading Lady Nursing Bras and Tanks

  1. I hate nursing bras….with that being said I’am exclusively nursing my 4th bambino now so I feel like I have worn more nursing bras than regular bras in the last 7 years. Anita is the brand that works best for me. So glad you are doing well- that is a gorgeous shot of baby Itz!

  2. This was PERFECT post 🙂 and I am placing an order and reaching out to them today!!! I am hopeful to find some bras and tanks I love in the next month or so, so I can check that item off my to do list as our little guys look to arrive a bit early too!

  3. I typically wear Gilligan O’Malley from Target. I didn’t want to spend a fortune since I’ve had so many challenges and never know if breastfeeding will last.

  4. I’m due in 9 weeks with my first so it is good to know which nursing bras work well!
    Are you going to do a birth story post?

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