35 Weeks Pregnant | Packing the Hospital Bag

I think I felt Baby Itz hiccup. I’m not sure though because how am I supposed to know what they feel like? But on Sunday, I felt a little something like a bubble in my belly; it was pretty quick, yet consistent. I went to the doctor yesterday for my appointment and learned that Baby Itz is head down which is great. And that’s exactly the area which I felt like the hiccups were coming from. Alright 35 weeks pregnant bumpdate picture and details below, and then itz time to start planning and packing the hospital bag!


So many people have told me how “big” I’ve gotten over the last week, and some have even commented that I look like I’m carrying lower. He feels a little lower to me, but not uncomfortably so or anything. I still feel really great which I count my blessings everyday.

Baby Itz: 35 Weeks

Baby’s size? Honeydew.

Maternity clothes? LOVE! I definitely love clothes that are more fitted compared to looser which is funny because itz totally opposite how I felt at the beginning of my pregnancy.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Ehhh, I’m up a lot throughout the night either going pee or tossing and turning. I still have really good energy throughout the day though, so I’m not complaining. <– same

Best moment this week: Being with family. Seeing Baby Itz on the ultrasound.

Miss anything? Not really. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m totally digging this pregnancy thing.

Movement: So much movement! And now that I know he’s head down, I feel like I can feel his little butt or his little legs when he moves which is so fun.

Food Cravings: Again, no cravings, just eating a lot all the time.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No.

Gender: BOY BOY BOY!!!!

Labor Signs: Nope – some Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing major.

Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Belly Button – in or out?  Not a full outtie, but itz definitely showing through my tight shirts! <– true again!

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy!

Looking Forward To: My friends and family baby shower is this weekend. After that itz time to be in baby-prep mode full time! We’ve had the furniture for awhile, but haven’t done much else. Itz getting close!



photo by Stephanie Cotta Photography

Packing the Hospital Bag

So I asked my sister Stephanie (of course) what I should pack in the hospital bag as I definitely need to start getting things ready. She was like, “Uhh sweats, you’ll want to be comfortable.” Ok, well clearly, Sis, but what else? After awhile, she really got to thinking and we actually ran to Old Navy to pick up some new cute sweats that I’d be comfortable in. Jonny’s been wanting me to pack a hospital bag for quite some time now because he’s such a planner. First I’ll make this list, then I’ll actually pack.  Soon.  I promise!

My Bag: (the Apera Performance Duffel)

  • black capris / sweats
  • loose sweatshirt
  • tank tops
  • t-shirts
  • undies & bras
  • flip flops / slippers
  • essential oils
  • toiletries
  • baby book (to get footprints stamped)
  • cocogo (to stay hydrated)
  • snacks
  • lip balm
  • baby’s going home outfit

Last Minute Items:

  • iPhone + charger
  • computer + charger
  • makeup
  • hair stuff (blow dryer, flat iron, brush)
  • wallet + purse

I’m packing a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant for both Jonny and I, so itz one less thing we have to worry about grabbing on the way out. The makeup and hair stuff may seem silly, but when your sister is a professional photographer and planning to document every last detail, I know I’ll want to look somewhat put together! Or as put together as possible for laboring and birthing Baby Itz.

I’m not taking any music because Jonny has made a playlist for me on his phone. Also, no magazines or books because if I need or want to be entertained, I’ll do so with my phone. I’ve heard some suggestions with possibly taking my breast pump. I thought it would be to learn how to use it, so I asked Stephanie and she responded, “Learn how to use it? You hook it up to your boobs!” Ha. But she said it may be a good idea to bring it to get my milk going. We live pretty close to the hospital, so that may get left at home and I could have someone grab it, if necessary. Hmm, I think that about covers the basics, but of course I want to hear from you!

What else do I need to pack in the hospital bag?

51 thoughts on “35 Weeks Pregnant | Packing the Hospital Bag

  1. Comfy (loose) clothes were the best thing I packed because with all your visitors it’s nice to feel cozy and covered up after just giving birth. Something else I packed was slippers for walking around the hospital (I gave birth in January though, so it was colder)

    My SIL (a professional photographer) took photos for us while I was in labour. She took the “first look” photos when we saw Tate for the first time and I am SO in love with them. It brings back exactly how I was feeling at that moment. You won’t regret her taking photos! They’re amazing to have! You look wonderful, Linz! 🙂

  2. Don’t forget a camera or video camera! Plus the chargers of course 🙂 I know you have your sis, but you might want to snap a few on your own, too? I love our video from the hospital when we had H!

    Also, some comfy sock slippers to wear around.

    I can’t believe we are so close to the end (or the beginning?)! I love how you’ve embraced your pregnancy. Though I love certain parts, some of my is starting to just feel plain big and looking forward to what is next 🙂

  3. I can’t believe it’s coming so soon that BABY WILL BE HERE! You wear pregnancy perfectly – and that’s just my untactful way of saying DANG GIRL! 😉

  4. My hospital had a breast pump I could use and I def recommend using it to help your supply.

    I also would recommend bringing a comfy cotton robe. With the big diaper type pad you wear after giving birth, the robe hides it nicely so U don’t have to be self conscious about it.

    I can’t believe you are already at 35 weeks!! So so crazy!

  5. Hmm, I had no interest in wearing my own clothes but I did like having my own cozy bathrobe to put over the hospital gown. (Remember that nurses will be checking on you, so they need easy access to your ^parts^)

  6. My MIL gave me nursing pajamas with a matching robe and it was perfect for the hospital. It was nice to have a light robe to cover because you’re so engirged and it’s nice to be a bit covered.

  7. It’s funny to read what other people wrote – everyone is so different! I wouldn’t recommend taking your pump….especially because your milk likely won’t be in at the hospital. I’d skip the tanks unless they’re nursing tanks, and I’d definitely pack some nice smelling body wash (also shampoo and conditioner). That first shower after delivery is GLORIOUS!

    • I ditto this…you probably won’t need it, and if you do, they can get you one. Also, the undies…just wear the mesh ones they give you. Trust me. They will be your best option for a few days. I didn’t put real clothes on until the day we left because I didn’t want to ruin anything.

  8. My oldest had the hiccups a lot. It took me a while to figure out that’s what they were. Once I caught on that the bumps came in steady increments, they were over. I caught on much quicker with my second kiddo.

    The hospital has pumps for you to use if you want to stimulate milk production. I understand that you want to learn to use your own, but then you have to wash all of the pieces.

    You also might consider bringing more than one outfit for baby…for pictures and visitors…and just in case he spits up all over his coming home outfit. (Been there.)

  9. Breast pump is a good idea- both of the hospitals I delivered at had them though- doesn’t hurt to bring your own as you will need it anyway. It’s getting real girl- so excited for you!

  10. 35 weeks!!! So exciting!! A couple people have mentioned this but I must say I lived in my cute nursing nightgowns and matching robe at the hospital! Don’t bother with a bunch of tanks (unless they’re for nursing) or t-shirts. It’ll be awhile before you wear them again! I left the hospital in a pair of yoga pants and tank. I also recommend comfy slippers and socks. I actually didn’t shower at the hospital, I was way too weak to do that (long story) so I was glad I had packed body wipes and face wipes!! Good lip balm is a must. Plenty of hair ties/cute headbands. I know you want to shower and get cute for photos but don’t push yourself, you really need to rest to heal. Instead, just pack cute accessories. Can’t wait to see the little guy!

  11. I also brought my boppy cuz when the baby is so small it helps with propping them up for those first few nursings 🙂 otherwise I over packed a ton!

  12. Agree with bringing the boppy if you bought one.
    Also, perhaps some snacks for your husband if your labor gets long? My husband was pretty grateful to have protein bars and Gatorade during the first rather uneventful ten hours of my pregnancy. 🙂

  13. You are so beautiful!

    My must have for my hospital bag is face wipes. I didn’t feel well the entire time we were in the hospital after my son’s birth, so I really appreciated not having to get up and wash my face before visitors arrived!

  14. Hi! I’m 31 weeks with my first (also a BOY!)!!! My peanut had hiccups during one of our ultrasounds (the tech actually saw it and asked me if I was feeling them). For me, it felt like a heartbeat in belly. It wasn’t my heartbeat or his, but his hiccups! The tech told me that it’s really good when the baby has hiccups because that means that he’s exercising his diaphragm. LOVED hearing that he’s already developing good exercise habits all on his own 🙂

  15. You’re so close!! This month is your due date! WAHOOO!

    I would say: leave the breast pump at home (hospital has plenty to use, and you won’t need it to stimulate supply yet, promise, you will have plentttty, and your supply doesn’t come in for a few days). TAKE a pillow in a colored case (so you don’t forget it). It was a lifesaver! Bring Comfy socks or slippers, def LIP balm, a boppy if you want (I didn’t and was fine–just used a pillow), and nursing tanks & yoga pants. I wouldn’t bring a ton of clothes…..but I would bring a few outfits for baby Itz 🙂

    • Ditto to her comment about not bringing the pump!!! Use the hospital grade one if you need it. Bringing your own just means one more thing to remember. Doooonnnnt do it. Buuuut do what you feel comfortable doing 🙂 you look gorgeous by the way!!

  16. Pack stuff for hubby, like toothbrush, snacks, and sweats. As far as stuff for you, I guess I’m not one to ask. Even though I had some stuff, I never styled my hair, put on makeup, or wore real clothes. I wore sweats to the hospital and wore the same thing home! Ha

    You look great! Try and relax 🙂

  17. Haven’t had any little ones yet, so dont have much advice but this sounds like a pretty well rounded bag 🙂 Looking beautiful and happy as ever 🙂

  18. I am SHOCKED that its so close to time! I can’t believe it.
    May I just say, I absolutely love your attitude. You worked so hard to get to where you are right now, and you are truly enjoying every moment. I have a tendency to get what I worked for and immediately discount it and move on, which doesn’t leave me any time to enjoy what I’ve wanted and worked for. You are seriouly enjoying the moment and I am in awe of you. I am making a mental note to make you my MENTAL coach when the moment comes for me 🙂

  19. Bring your own pillow and blanket!! Those were necessities for me to feel comfortable. Also, most hospitals give you socks with sticky bottoms, use those or find your own sticky bottom ones.

    Breastfeeding didn’t pan out for me, but I have heard some people bring their breast friend or boppy to mimic what BFing will be like at home.

  20. I cant remember if you said it but bring stuff so you can have a shower and wash your hair, if you have to spend much time in hospital you’ll definitely want a shower.

    Breast pump is a good idea, they should have one you can borrow though. Also I have no idea what kind you have but itis one thing it is worth spending more on.

    Kinda gross but pack lots of heavy duty pads for after birth, you bleed a lot for weeks.

  21. You’re gorgeous, my friend! I’m entering that stage now of starting to embrace tighter fitted clothing rather than the loose. 🙂 Looks like a solid list- so hard to believe you’re at that stage already! That makes it feel more real that I’ll be there in just a few months, too… eek!

  22. I packed so much the first time and ended up hardly using anything. This time I took toiletries, comfy clothes and def def witch hazel pads. The hospital will give you this cream too for down there but the tucks pads are a lifesaver!

  23. Hiccups feel like a rhythmic knocking feeling around where the baby’s head. If he’s head-down, it probably feels like he’s knocking on the exit door. 🙂

    I have a lot of the same things in my bag, plus my boppy, nursing tanks, and breast pads. I also have a soft jersey nursing dress and a comfy maxi dress for the trip home.

  24. DON’T forget the chap stick! Ughh lifesaver. I used it in between pushes ha. I also brought my baby book, so that’s good. I brought my boppy pillow but they obviously have pillows there too. It was just nice to have it. I honestly didn’t need that much! I think you have it covered.

  25. The only thing I would add is your breastfeeding pillow if you plan to use one and maybe a heavier baby blanket but otherwise, looks great!

  26. Gorgeous pic-you are glowing! I am right behind you at 33 weeks, (my first!) I have been told that bringing your own pillows, for you and your husband, and an extra blanket for him is wise. Hospitals have lots but usually are not as comfy and familiar as one from home!

  27. Bring a pillow for you from home. The hospital ones are not comfortable enough. Make sure you put a pillow case you don’t care to get dirty or stained just incase. Also go buy the biggest pads you can find. I hate hate hate the hospital ones and you will be wearing pads for weeks after you give birth. The sooner you can change from the hospital pads and granny undies to your own the better and somewhat more normal you will feel. I went and bought new slightly bigger and more coverage underwear specifically for giving birth and wearing at the hospital. When I had my first I was clueless to the amount of bleeding after giving birth but I was well prepared the second time around. Trust me on the pads bring your own:)

    Congrats!! It’s such a special magical time:)

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