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WOW! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts on yesterday’s post: Meet Jonny | Stroke Survivor. I’ve always known what an inspiration Jonny is, but I was definitely overwhelmed with the response that his post received. In just a few days it will mark the ten-year anniversary when he had his stroke. We didn’t even mean for the timing of his post to coincide with that big anniversary, but it makes it extra awesome that it does. Such a celebration of life! The little man in my belly is definitely celebrating his amazing daddy-o.

34 weeks

Celebrating and growing, huh? I feel like I’m getting bigger by the day! Time is definitely ticking and April 30th is drawing near veeeery quickly. Alright, the details and then let’s have a [clean] diaper discussion!

Baby Itz: 34 Weeks

Baby’s size? Cantaloupe. (No wonder I feel/look big!)

Maternity clothes? Love ’em. I’m seriously not giving them up post-baby.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Ehhh, I’m up a lot throughout the night either going pee or tossing and turning. I still have really good energy throughout the day though, so I’m not complaining.

Best moment this week: So many. Life is wonderful right now. I feel so blessed and Jonny’s post yesterday just made me incredibly proud of Baby Itz’s father.

Miss anything? Raw cookie dough still. If you follow me on Pinterest you probably know that as I’ve pinned several edible eggless cookie dough recipes.

Movement: Yes! Sometimes he really jabs me!

Food Cravings: No cravings, but really hungry all the time. I thought at some point Baby Itz will take up more room in my stomach so I get full faster? That doesn’t seem to be the case.for me. I eat. A LOT.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No.

Gender: BOY BOY BOY!!!!

Labor Signs: Doctor confirmed I am having Braxton Hick contractions. No big deal and totally normal.

Symptoms: I am feeling pretty big and I know the next month and a half I’ll continue to grow. I’ve also been pretty warm lately. Makes sense since I’m an oven for Baby Itz!

Belly Button – in or out?  Not a full outtie, but itz definitely showing through my tight shirts! <– true again!

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy!

Looking Forward To: In one week is my next doctor appointment and we get to have an ultrasound!  Absolutely cannot wait to see Baby Itz!!!


Diaper Discussion – Let the poop talk begin! Just kidding. We’ll wait for lil man to arrive before that starts. I want to discuss two topics in particular here. The first being cloth vs. disposable diapers as I’ve gotten several questions on this. The answer? We’re going disposable. In a perfect world, I would say cloth. I like the idea behind them. I like that they’re supposedly better for babies and definitely better for the environment. However, I am also practical and cloth diapers will not be practical for us. After the summer, I’ll have to go back to work, and frankly, disposable diapers are more convenient. That’s that. Of course, itz not set in stone and my mind could be changed, but for now that’s our plan.

Second diaper discussion topic: How will Jonny change a diaper one-handed?  This is something we’ve been thinking about for awhile. We’ve discussed a lot and tried to come up with some techniques. We’ve scoured the internet, but surprisingly there’s very little on there. Most of the information is about people who have some use of their second hand which is not the case with Jonny. Upon the recommendation of a wonderful nurse who is teaching us in our baby class, we scheduled a session through our insurance with an Occupational Therapist. We had our first appointment last week.

jonny diaper

Unfortunately, it was kind of a let down. The OT didn’t really have any strategies for Jonny and told us it would mostly be a process of trial and error, which we knew already. We weren’t totally surprised as Jonny’s situation is pretty rare.  Does this worry us? No. Like everything else, Jonny will figure out a way, and eventually we will make our own videos and tutorials!  As you can see from the above picture, Jonny uses his mouth for a lot of things to compensate for his left hand.  In this practice scenario, he used his head to help turn the baby doll; we laughed when I asked him how soon he thinks it will be before Baby Itz pees in his face?

We did learn that diapers with velcro will probably be easier than the kind with the sticky tabs. That way Jonny can redo it in order to make it tight enough without ripping the diaper. Besides that, itz kind of hard to practice on the baby dolls because they obviously don’t move. That won’t be the case with the real Baby Itz!

One more quick baby bump picture:

34 weeks pregnant

What tips do you have for Jonny learning how to change a diaper one-handed? Cloth or disposable diapers?

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  1. My awesome cousin Sarah only has one arm (and leg too, for that matter). When we are caring for our other cousins’ babies, she tends to put the baby lower down than on a typical changing table (I can’t say why, I just know she always does). I know she favours the changing pads with the sloped sides so that the baby is supported. It doesn’t seem too different, just a little slower and maybe her angling. I do know that she has struggled to clean the little one if she needs to lift up their bottoms using their feet and simultaneously clean them off. I have also seen her sit on her bottom and prop the baby’s tush up on her ankle or calf in order to clean properly.. or she takes advantage of the sides of the changing pad.

    Sorry, I’ve only seen her do this a couple of times… racking my brain here.

  2. I cannot believe you are already at 34 weeks. Time has flown. I keep seeing you mention your craving for cookie dough, have you tried raw protein balls w/ dates? Perhaps it’ll help? 🙂

  3. I wanted cloth diapers but then we found out there were twins in there so we will stick to disposable as I can’t imagine keeping up with the laundry. I so admire Jonny and his tenacity to keep fighting and trying – I bet you guys will figure out a technique that works just for you!

  4. Bummer about changing the diaper… As an OT I can see how this might be difficult to modify. I’m not sure where you went but my BFF is an OT on the neuro floor at TRISL, I’ll ask her if she has any tips! Congrats to you two!!! You’re bump is BEAUTIUL!!!

  5. I didn’t really think a bout Johnny changing diapers, but that is true and is an obstacle that I am sure you both will overcome and figure out! Wonder if there are any YouTube videos out of people doing that? Also, I see where you are coming from with the cloth diapers. I think they can be an excellent option, but being that I worked in a daycare with kids using them, they really aren’t easy or helpful to the workers there! haha

  6. I was going to email you yesterday about your post but didn’t have time. My best friend, that lives in St. Louis, also is a stroke survivor. She actually had a stroke on the operating table when they were trying to fix the problem. Anyway, she had a 6 month old baby at the time and learned to change diapers with one arm, since her other side was paralyzed. She is incredible. I would think an OT would be able to help. I know that Johnny will be able to figure it out since he’s sounds so determined. Best of luck.

  7. You look beautiful Linz!

    We do cloth diapers, but we do disposables at night or if we’re out and about all day. I really don’t have strong feelings one way or another, and I totally understand that one way may just work better for some than others. If I worked full time, I’d totally do disposables, but cloth was just a way we found to save some money since I stay home.

  8. Girl! Couldn’t be happier for you guys! <3 So goegeous as well! As for diapers, check out The Honest Company!! Disposable, baby friendly, and super cute<3 Supposedly free of all the harsh chemicals. They also make a lot of household products too! Love xo

  9. Wow–you are totally glowing!!! You look fantastic mama!!

    Jonny is so determined, I am sure you will figure it out with the real baby Itz 🙂 Those who have use of two hands sometimes have issues with changing diapers, so we are all in the same boat (those babies can squirm! hah). Does he have use of the elbow? It might help to hold one side down or something. I promise with the real thing he will definitely find a way!

  10. You look great, Linz! April 30th will be here before you know it!

    Oh goodness, I didn’t think about the fact that Jonny would be changing diapers with one hand. I really wish I had some tips or insight for you, but I’m just not sure. I’ll be curious to see what you guys come up with.

  11. You look gorgeous! Cannot believe how close we’re getting.

    We use disposables, too. I spent hundreds of dollars on cloth dipes at first, but they didn’t work for us. I’m so impressed by Jonny’s determination — he will definitely find a way!

  12. One handed is darn impressive. LOL. Um…. you are the cutest pregnant person ever! I’m so excited for you! WE never did the cloth diaper thing, but we had twice as many. Good times. 🙂

  13. You are so, so close- and glowing, as usual!! I’m sure you’ll figure out the one handed thing. When they’re new and not moving, it will be easier. As they start to squirm, you might want to make sure you have a changing table that has a strap to hold the baby in place.

  14. You look awesome!

    Diapering a baby isn’t always easy with two working hands! Good luck with figuring it out – I wish I had some suggestions. First priority (after making sure baby is in a safe place for diapering), is making sure you cover that boy part up. Pee in the face is no fun…

  15. I have faith that Jonny will find a way! I agree with what some other commenters said that using a changing pad with sloped sides will be super helpful in keeping the baby supported. I would also had have everything ready to go, wipes laid out, clean diaper open, and for any butt cream use a tube (although more expensive for the amount) so you can squeeze right on instead of fumbling around with a container. You know I’ve been there so email me with any baby issues/questions <3

  16. I love your baby bump picture and so glad that you are feeling well. As for the diapering, I felt the same – ideally cloth but the reality is, I knew that I wouldn’t keep up and I would rather spend time and energy with the baby than washing diapers.

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