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Hello all my beautiful friends! With the first official day of spring yesterday, I hope you were able to enjoy some sunshine. I took a walk around the park with my friend and later took my dog Zoey on a walk. The warmth felt so good, and as always it felt amazing to move my body while the sun was shining down.

Since I was able to get out and be active yesterday, I thought I would share The Pregnant Lady Workout that I’ve been doing throughout the majority of my pregnancy.  As always, please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen, especially while pregnant.  Since I stopped working out in order to get pregnant, I didn’t workout the first few months. When I started, I needed to start slow and my doctor encouraged me to do body weight exercises rather than trying to lift heavy weights.  The workout involves no equipment which is awesome because there’s really no excuses!  It can be done at your house (like I did during the cold winter months) or outside under the beaming sun. Of course, it can be done in a gym, as well.  Go ahead, impress everyone with your pregnant belly at the gym!  Not pregnant? No problem. You can do this workout, too! Check it out:

pregnant lady workout

photo by Stephanie Cotta Photography – yes, that’s my belly!

The moves are simple yet effective.  Walking lunges always hurt so good; they might be my favorite exercise in all honesty. My upper body has always been weaker than my legs. Combine that with my growing belly, and it makes push-ups extra challenging! I do push-ups on my knees as a modification. Squats have actually been shown to help prepare for childbirth. It strengthens your thighs and opens your pelvis. While sit-ups are not recommended during pregnancy, it doesn’t mean to neglect your core completely. My doctor has told me holding a plank is a safe core exercise while pregnant. Leg lifts are another great toning move. Remember to breathe throughout all exercises!

Want to make it more difficult? (Mostly for my non-preggo readers.) Add weights to the exercises, run sprints or jump rope in between moves, or complete it for time with minimal breaks while maintaining proper form.

You can even do this while watching tv as I sometimes do.  I try to fit in this workout at least one time a week if not twice.  Walking has been my main form of exercise during my pregnancy, but strength training using body weight exercise is so important, too!  During the last month, I’ve started doing a swim boot camp class once a week. Just move, people! Pregnant or not, give it a try.  Bonus points if you’re rocking a belly bump!

What’s your favorite exercise move? Did / will you workout during your pregnancy?

28 thoughts on “The Pregnant Lady Workout

  1. Great workout! I’ve been doing a few similar ones from Jess (Blonde Ponytail)’s prenatal workouts. Keep it up- you’re getting so close to the end! And that strength and endurance really comes in handy in labor. 🙂

  2. Great workout, girl! I had a preterm labor scare at 24w and my Dr said I could only lift my son or weights from then on. So obviously I picked my kiddo! I am so impressed you’re still doing lunges this far along — my pubic bone cries just thinking about it. Keep it up mama!

  3. I did long, hilly walks and lifted weights during my pregnancy. The weight lifting was until I was too big to feel comfortable swinging weights around, so I just did walking and body weight stuff instead. Gotta keep in shape for the big day! It’s like, 10 marathons all at once! 🙂

  4. You look great! At least your belly does 🙂

    I worked out and walked through both pregnancies and think that is part of the reason I had such easy pregnancies and deliveries.

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  6. Sooooo happy you posted this and cannot wait to do this tonight! I was doing HIIT workouts and then died. Since then, I have done simple pregnancy work outs here and there and walking when possible. Every now and then I’ll do my push-ups, planks, lunges, and squats as well as 5lb upper body moves. Thanks again for posting this!!! 🙂

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