33 Weeks Pregnant | Placenta Encapsulation

33 Weeks Pregnant | Placenta Encapsulation – Wait! Don’t stop reading just because I said placenta.  Ok, I get it if you do, but at least check out my bumpdate and I promise not to mention the p-word in my weekly update.  Just after.

33 weeks

I’m certainly bumping these days, aren’t I?! I get comments from strangers no matter where I go which I think is really funny.  People love talking to pregnant women!  I can’t tell you how many guys have made some type of comment (nice or funny ones) and then proceeded to tell me how once they made a pregnancy-related comment to a woman who wasn’t actually pregnant and learned their lesson the hard way.  Funny, funny.  I’ve also been told that I’ve got the “pregnant waddle” going on by two different people this week.  Itz ok though because I love all of it and am continuing to feel awesome!

Baby Itz: 33 Weeks

Baby’s size? Pineapple.

Maternity clothes? Yeppers. I’m still wearing some of my longer shirts (not maternity) that are fitted and make me look like I have a basketball in my belly.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Sleep is better than last week. It seems as though my sleep alternates between good and bad every other week. I still get up often to pee, but I’m falling asleep quickly after.

Best moment this week: All the baby love, really. I feel like I’m just completely and totally surrounded by baby love. I can’t even describe it, but itz awesome and am so lucky to have my family and friends and co-workers and blogosphere supporting me.

Miss anything? The other day I missed eating raw cookie dough – haha.

Movement: Lots of movement – I love watching him move through my belly.

Food Cravings: No cravings, but still a hungry beast all.the.time.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No.

Gender: BOY BOY BOY!!!!

Labor Signs: No, but I wonder if I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions sometimes because my stomach gets pretty tight. At first I just thought I could feel Baby Itz in two different places in my belly, but now I wonder if they’re the fake contractions. I’ll have to ask my doctor what she thinks as I see her on Friday for my next appointment.

Symptoms: I still feel awesome. I have been waking up congested throughout most of my pregnancy and these past couple of days, itz hung around a little longer than usual. No big deal though.

Belly Button – in or out?  Not a full outtie, but itz definitely showing through my tight shirts!

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy!

Looking Forward To: Tonight Jonny and I are touring the hospital where we will deliver! Over the weekend we met Baby Itz’s pediatrician and loved him. Itz getting close…


Before discussing placenta encapsulation, I’ll break up this text-heavy post with one of my favorite pictures from my beach maternity session with Stephanie Cotta Photography.

beach maternity photo

Placenta Encapsulation

So, I’m just going to throw this out there quick and easy: I plan on ingesting my placenta. No, I’m not going to take a bite out of it raw like a hamburger; instead, I’m going the placenta encapsulation route. Two years ago is when I first even heard of it. At first I thought what in the world that’s totally disgusting, but after reading Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point’s Placenta Post, I opened my mind to the idea and knew it was what I wanted to do after learning about all the benefits.  Keep an open mind here, friends. There are so many positives to placenta encapsulation, and I don’t think itz gross to ingest it in a pill form which is what I plan on doing.

How exactly does it work? St. Louis locals, I will be using Dr. Alicia Brooks of Your Joyful Birth. She is a is a Birth Doula, Certified Hypno-Doula, Chiropractor, Student Midwife, Childbirth Educator, and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. After e-mailing back and forth with her, I feel confident about my decision and her expertise. From her website:

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

  • Balances hormones and restores lost iron stores
  • Increases energy
  • Eases postpartum recovery
  • Shortens postpartum bleeding time
  • Increases milk supply
  • Decreases incidence of postpartum depression

I feel like there’s absolutely no reason not to encapsulate my placenta with those kind of benefits! They’re such positives and taking placenta pills certainly can’t hurt anything. After all, my placenta is what’s feeding Baby Itz all these months!  I told Jonny that humans are the only mammal that don’t eat their placenta and he responded by telling me that humans are a lot smarter than other animals. That may be true, but I’m still doing it.

How do you encapsulate a placenta? Dr. Alicia Brooks explains it all HERE, but I’ll give you the lowdown from what I understand. First, you have to figure out how to get it out of the hospital. Itz an organ so you can’t just walk out with it. I plan on asking when we tour the hospital tonight. (Edit to add: My hospital has a brief form to fill out. They place the placenta in a bucket and we will need to bring a freezer to keep it on ice until itz picked up.) Dr. Brooks uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method which means starting a few days after birth by steaming the placenta with ginger and mrryth. Then, the placenta gets dehydrated.  From there, she puts it in pills and that’s it! Dr. Brooks even offers grape capsules for a slight additional charge. You can freeze your placenta pills up to menopause.  Pretty incredible, right?

I’ll definitely post again with my experience of placenta encapsulation and how it all goes.

What are your thoughts on placenta encapsulation? Would you / did you do it? Does the thought of it totally gross you out? Nom nom, 😉

80 thoughts on “33 Weeks Pregnant | Placenta Encapsulation

  1. Love this post , Linz! I read Caitlin’s ages ago, and really kept it in the back of my mind. It is definitely something I would like to do one day. I’m also going to keep that book written down too, your joyful birth, because it sounds like a book I would be interested in. My husband is a chiro and I read Dr. delraes birth story and really enjoyed it. All that natural stuff is what we feel we would want for our future children. Thanks for the post!

    • Your Joyful Birth is actually the name of her practice! 🙂 But bookmark her site as there’s a lot of useful information!

  2. I have been researching this too! The hubby doesn’t quite ‘get it’ 🙂 but maybe reading all the benefits instead of hearing me tell him will help. But I need to find someone local and talk to my hospital too! Let me know how the discussion/plan with the hospital goes, I hear it can be tricky.

    • Hehe itz ok, the hubs doesn’t have to get it – he’s not the one that will be birthing your babies (!!) or ingesting your placenta. 🙂

  3. Interesting! Not something I tried but the concept seems legit; looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on it afterward. P.s. You’re looking super-cute!

  4. That bump gets cuter and cuter every week. I had never heard of the placenta encapsulation until a few months ago. I don’t know what I will choose when it’s my chance, but I think whatever you want is the right thing! Can’t wait to hear more about that, though after the fact!

  5. Beautiful beach photo!
    I’ve read more & more women are getting placenta pills. I think it’s a great idea & if that’s what you want to do, do it! Nobody knows what you need more than you. 🙂

  6. On a non-placenta related note….you probably ARE having Braxton Hicks contractions and thats totally normal – your body is getting ready for Baby Boy! =)

  7. You continue to look stunning! Glad you’re feeling so well!

    If I knew more about placenta encapsulation with my first, I may have done it. It seems like a great idea! But I thankfully did well postpartum with him, so I hope I have the same luck this time!

  8. Great update! When I read pineapp;e (size) I remembered how much I craved them when preggo!
    I don’t think PE was a thing when I had my kids, but, given the benefits, I think I’d be all over it now.

  9. You look gorgeous in the photos, as always! I admit the thought of eating a placenta does gross me out a bit … BUT, I have read so much about the benefits that I absolutely wouldn’t rule it out! Thanks for sharing your decision!

  10. I love that you are feeling so awesome! You definitely look amazing! And that maternity picture is breathtaking! As far as the placenta thing…I AM kinda grossed out by it lol! But the benefits sound great! I’ve actually never heard of this! So no I didn’t do it with my two. But I can’t wait to read about your experience with it!

  11. You look great! I hadn’t really heard of the placenta thing until I read Danielle’s blog post about it. Sure it does sound weird but whatever works for you!

  12. I am so happy for you, and loving that beautiful bumpity bump bump! 🙂
    Placenta encapsulation is very interesting. I have always been interested in it, and will most likely do so when I have children. Good food for thought! (no pun intended)

  13. I don’t think we should ever close our minds to anything. In fact, after reading the benefits, I wish I had done this with my pregnancies. Good for you for being open and willing to try new things.

    • YES! I just feel like there are so many benefits which may help drastically with postpartum itz worth a shot! 🙂

  14. When I first heard of this, I thought it was probably a rare thing and most people would think it is disgusting. I’m so happy to see so many that are open to it! I’m really intrigued by it, and I think when I have children it will definitely be an option. 🙂

    • I do feel like itz becoming more common… maybe not the norm (yet) but I agree with you – the responses haven’t been as shocking as I anticipated (in a good way!)

  15. I had my son about 4 weeks ago and decided to encapsulate my placenta as well. Although he is my first child, so I have nothing to compare it to, I am sooo glad that I did it. I have had very few crying spells and my milk supply came in very quickly. Compared to many of my friends, I am much less of a hormonal mess than most new moms. Other than the expected exhaustion, I feel really good. Go for it! It can’t hurt and I feel like it’s definitely worth the money

    • I’m glad to hear of your success! Like you, I won’t have anything to compare it to, but I feel like it definitely can’t hurt anything!!

  16. I have to admit, it does sound pretty gnarly but I give you huge kudos for doing it! I think if more people would research things like this, I’m sure more would do it.

    • My little brother texted me this morning and was like WHAT?!?!?! haha but I feel like the good outweigh the bad (gross factor)

  17. LOVE that beach shot, absolutely gorgeous! Your sister is amazing with her photography, and she is awesome like you I can tell! Love being her friend on instagram!

    I did the placenta pills, and LOVED how they made me feel, I definitely think it is a great thing to do! I would recommend to my pregnant friends, and have! I have to say it was gross, haha! Once I had the baby, right away they took the placenta and put it in a ziploc bag, put in cooler with ice, and then my placenta girl came and got it!

    Make sure your doctor and the hospital know you are doing it, and to make sure they know to just put it in the bag and such, don’t let them do anything else with the placenta! I am sure you know all this already!

    My girl had the pills to me the next day, was awesome! She brought them to the hospital and I was taking them right away!

    Love you!

    Love you!

    • I’m checking with the hospital tonight to find out their protocol! I just found your placenta story on your blog and died laughing about going to dick’s for a cooler and the guy asking if you liked fishing!!!!!!

  18. I think it’s awesome!! We didn’t do anything with the placenta from L, but did keep a friend’s placenta in our deep freezer until they got it encapsulated…. does that count? 🙂 Love your gorgeous, glowing pictures!

  19. This is so awesome that you are doing this–and have done your research! I didn’t do the encapsulation b/c frankly I was grossed out, but I do get how it could be great for you! I had a pretty easy recovery & what not, so I don’t feel I needed it, but it might have helped more? Who knows.

    All I know is my husband would have died if I told him I wanted to do that. hahahahaha. I bet Jonny is loving this! hah

    • when i watched stephanie give birth to audrey and i saw her placenta, i was like OMG! however after reading about the benefits, i feel like pill form won’t be too bad and the benefits will definitely trump the grossness factor (for me). that being said… you clearly rocked/are rocking post-partem!!

  20. I heard of encapsulation once before and my first impression was GROSS! But hearing all of the pluses of doing so– it can’t hurt to give it a try! I plan to find someone in the Central PA area once we start adding to the family (hopefully it will be this year!)

  21. I have to say as a Mom and a nurse, it seems really out there to me. But…sometimes if someone just believes something works, that’s half the battle! Doesn’t the practice of eating the placenta actually stem from Ancient Chinese Medicine? I would rather just pop a vitamin…just keeping it real ; )

    • That was my thought, too. I find the research behind encapsulation to have too many variables to be able to allege all the supposed benefits of placenta encapsulation. However, when someone feels that something is working, usually that’s enough to make it actually work!

      On a side note, I thought animals ate their placentas to keep prey away?

  22. We planted my placenta from our first in the backyard under a new tree – I had never heard of capsulating it back then. I’m not sure how it works in the US (I’m in Canada) but we literally walked out of the hospital with it in a plastic bag 🙂 Unfotunately we forgot the one from our second in the freezer at the hospital – oops!

    You look fabulous!

    • i’ve just heard of planting placentas! that’s so cool! and that’s kind of funny you left your placenta… i wonder how long it took them to figure out that you weren’t coming back for it?? haha

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  24. I’ve heard people swear by it, so that’s great! It’s not for me, though, and since it’s my second child on the way, I feel like I have a better sense of what to expect. We’ll see if I’ll be eating my words in 7 weeks though 😉

    And that beach pic is gorgeous!! Pretty mama 🙂

    • i think the idea of all the benefits really appeal to me since itz my first and i don’t know what to expect, ya know? i totally get it about your second and having a better idea!! 🙂

  25. I did it and loved it, but read Mama Naturals post on her experience with placenta encapsulation. She said that since she had an oversupply of milk, it wasn’t a good thing to produce more from the pills and she had to stop taking them. In any case, you can save them and use them later!

  26. I just found your post when searching for Caitlin HTP’s placenta post! I’m 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow so just behind you, and also really wanting to encapsulate my placenta! I’m curious to know what your hospitals response was when you asked about taking it home? I would have to be discrete with mine, as my extended family would throw a fit if they know, so I’m really nervous about getting it out of the hospital (with permission of course) without chaos! Would love to know what they said as comparison!

    • i am going to edit my post to include this information – thanks for the reminder! the hospital said it was VERY easy.. there is a simple form that i would fill out while i’m there anyway. they will put the placenta in a bucket and i will need to bring a cooler and of course they have enough ice to fill it up 🙂

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