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Happy happy Monday!  Sorry I’m not sorry for being extra chipper this week… After all, itz spring break for me, baby! While this year doesn’t include any out-of-town trips, beach vacations, or mountain hiking, it still is one week off work which nobody can ever complain about and I’m always extremely grateful for.  I’ve got several things planned like a dentist appointment, a doctor appointment, our baby class, a hospital tour, hanging out with friends, and of course plenty of time to relax and prepare for Baby Itz.

Anyway… today I’ve got something so marvelous for you – itz a Cocogo discount code!  On Friday, I shared my review of Cocogo.  Over the weekend, I was named an ambassador for them which is awesome both for you and me!

cocogo coupon code ITZLINZ

What is Cocogo?  Itz a tasty drink with real fruit and balanced electrolytes that comes in a handy little package. So, itz basically coconut water + real fruit flavors combined.  But here’s the cool thing: it comes in a little stick that you pour into your water. I’ve tried dried coconut powder before and it was gross and didn’t blend well at all. Cocogo is WAY better, and I’m not even just saying that. It mixes extremely well – super fast and easy.  Plus, it comes in three flavors.


* Grape * Raspberry Passion Fruit * Lemon-Lime *

All flavors are delicious and I love how you can make them stronger if you wish.  Here is what Cocogo recommends based upon your needs:

  • Quench: 2 packets in 14oz of water for moderation hydration needs and a smooth fruity taste
  • Renew: 3 packets in 14oz of water for a delicious beverage with enhanced hydration and nutrition
  • Persevere: 4 packets in 14oz of water for intense fruit flavor for extreme workouts and activities

Honestly, I find that one packet mixed in 14oz of water is sufficient and delicious!  Although when I start doing more intense workouts and my hydration needs change, I will use more than one packet.  Also, proper hydration is critical during pregnancy and, then, breastfeeding (which I will soon find out!). I plan on using Cocogo to help me stay hydrated and my body replenished of itz nutrients.

Cocogo offers a better balance of key electrolytes, ideal sugars, and seven essential vitamins to help boost your body’s performance.  See how Cocogo compares:

Cocogo Comparison Grid

Have I convinced you to try Cocogo yet?  Seriously, itz a must!  Now the most marvelous part of this post is that I have a coupon code for Cocogo for YOU!  (Itz not an affiliate link, but I do get product based upon the number of people order. Just want to be clear.  But let’s be real, I’ll be purchasing more of this stuff anyway for Jonny and me both!)  Use the code ITZLINZ to receive 40% off.  That’s huge!  Usually, itz $9.49 for a twelve pack.  That’s still super cheap compared to regular coconut water!  Well now you get 40% off, so stock up just in time for summer.  I know I will.  (Order online HERE.)

cocogo discount code

Which flavor sounds best to you: grape, raspberry passion fruit, or lemon-lime?

18 thoughts on “Cocogo Discount Code

  1. I LOVE CHIPPER!!! 🙂 Even though a earthquake woke me and my sore throat up this morning, I am still chipper, just like you! To me the passion fruit variety sounds best – because I am just so PASSIONATE! LOL!

  2. Soooo fabulous that you’re on Spring Break!! I have the rest of the week and I am dying of excitement/anticipation… sooo ready for some good quality time off 🙂 and yay about the baby class/hospital tour… you’re getting close! Super exciting.

    Lots of love,


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