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Like Mother Like Daughter | Pregnancy Photos – Oh you guys are in for a treat today!  So yesterday Jonny and I went to hang out at my parents’ house during the day.  Let me give you some quick background on my amazing momma.  She has saved the very best outfits from so long ago.  I’m talkin’ from the 70’s and 80’s!  Whenever we have a costume party to attend, we always raid my mom’s closet for some authentic wear!  Anyway, we were upstairs in a closet when my mom pulled out this jumper that she wore when she was pregnant with my little brother twenty-seven years ago.  Obviously I had to try it on!

linz pregnant

Itz a full length jumper though I know you can’t really tell from the photo.  We pulled out the old photo albums searching for a picture of my mom in this exact outfit.  We couldn’t find one of her posed exactly like this, but here’s one of her wearing this clown jumper:

mom dad summer

My mom is sitting on my dad’s lap and that cute little tot next to them is me. 😉 We’re in my grandparents’ backyard where many summer days were spent growing up!

While we were going through old pictures, we found these gems:

dad linz baby

That’s my dad holding me the day I was born and thinking, “This is totally my favorite child!” #truth

And my mom holding me, as well:

mom linz baby

I can’t wait to replicate these pictures once Baby Itz is here!

Family, pregnancy, photos, and memories are all part of today’s Marvelous in my Monday with Healthy Diva!

As we were looking through old photo albums, we found one of my mom’s favorite pictures when she was pregnant with my little brother Justin and I was laying on her belly:

linz mom sleep

Precious!  It reminded us of the picture I have with Audrey laying on my belly.

When we continued to look through the old albums, my mom found one of her posing when she was pregnant with me, and she remarked, “I still have that dress!” It only took moments to locate the dress and get it on me for a side-by-side photo:

linz mom pregnant

Talk about a muu-muu! Boy, am I glad maternity clothes have improved!  When I was getting my photo taken, my older brother Jason asked, “Wait, is that pretty? I can’t tell and I don’t want to offend anyone.”  Haha, I appreciate his sensitivity!

And I saved this bare belly pregnant photo gem for last:

linz mom pregnant belly

I’m almost eight months pregnant in that photo and my mom is nine months pregnant with my little brother (her fourth child).  Like mother, like daughter – beautiful bellies!

Do you have any photos from when your momma was pregnant? Do you ever replicate old pictures with outfits and/or poses?

53 thoughts on “Like Mother Like Daughter | Pregnancy Photos

  1. How lovely that you could replicate all those pictures! We’re a way off babies yet but even if my Mum had kept any of her old clothes they would never fit as I am literally a foot taller than her! Haha!

  2. What a beautiful post. I am always in such awe of how close you and your family are. Not only do you (and did your mom) have that pregnancy glow, but the both of you are just stunning!! Your hubby & dad sure are lucky men 🙂

  3. My mom was/is a big seamstress. So she MADE all of her maternity clothes. This past weekend, kind of like you, we got out her old patterns to see if I’d like any…I like 2 or so…but I kept saying THANK GOD for modern day maternity clothes! But some of her 80s sundress patterns are adorable…now for it to get warm!

  4. That’s hilarious! Too cute. My grandma has all of her old clothes and I wore her mother of the bride dress to a 70’s mixer in high school.

  5. So adorable. I don’t have any pictures of my mom when she was pregnant. She said back then they didn’t embrace being pregnant and she wanted no one to remember what she looked like. She said everyone wore baggy clothes and wouldn’t dream of showing it off like they do today. I don’t have any pictures of my two pregnancies either because I was too self conscious back then. I love how you are rocking all the cuteness!

  6. I love going through old baby photos at home! I doubt my mom saved any of the clothes she had while pregnant though. It’s crazy your mom has so much but so much fun to try everything on for yourself now 🙂

  7. I love this!! I wish I had something similar–My mom doesn’t have one picture of herself pregnant with me. 🙁 Your family will cherish these forever! I hope I live long enough to see the third generation!

  8. That is so fun!! OMG, that dress. I love that your brother asked about it in such a kind way. If it were my mom and sister I would have been way more blunt about my feelings 😉

  9. This is so, so amazing. You and your mom are gorgeous! My mom doesn’t have any pictures of her pregnant with me, which is why I think I’m taking so many for my kiddos to have one day.

  10. Wow love that! My mom didn’t have many pictures of me as a little baby–just a few professional shots after I was born. Then when I was a toddler. None of her pregnant! But that was a different time I guess. 🙂

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