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People tell me I’ve got that “pregnancy glow.”

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While I’m sure that’s true, itz also this new makeup I switched to: bareMinerals.  I feel like switching makeup is a pretty big deal.  At least to me it is, especially when itz not just one product.  I’ve never spent a lot of money on makeup.  I’m totally good with using products purchased at drugstores with an occasional high-end eye shadow or lipstick.  Anyway, my sister recently convinced me that I had to buy bareMinerals setting powder.  After using hers a couple of times, I was convinced, so I ventured into the nearest bareMinerals store.

As I walked in, I was approached by a sales associate and asked what brought me in.  I told her what I was looking for, and she responded by asking if that was the only product I was looking for or if I was interested in more.  Right away, I was pleased because I felt like I wasn’t going to be pressured into buying a ton of stuff like most beauty stores try to sell.  I blatantly told her I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I also know they have really great packages, so please let me know what the best deal would be.  She immediately suggested the bareMinerals starter kit.

starter kit

The setting powder was around thirty dollars alone and the starter kit was just over sixty and was a $175+ value.  Easy decision in my book.  Switching to bareMinerals was a big decision.  Not only because I wear makeup everyday, but because I had never worn mineral makeup before.  I used liquid or mousse foundations and compact powders.  The idea of using brushes to apply all my makeup intimidated me.  I wasn’t sure I’d get the same type of coverage I was accustomed to.

The woman who helped me was amazing.  She explained everything, showed me how to do it, and even wrote notes on a piece of paper so I could replicate the process at home. After washing my face before applying makeup, I always apply a face lotion with SPF 15. (I don’t want wrinkles!)  The starter kit comes with a small vial of prime time.  I don’t use this everyday, only when I have a big event or know I want to look really, really good!  When I do use it, itz after my lotion and before the powders.  Here are my daily steps:


First, I use the bareMinerals matte foundation in the fairy medium shade.  (This also comes in non-matte, but I prefer the matte look.)  I use the full flawless face brush.  Both are amazing because there’s literally no way to mess it up.  The foundation never appears streaky, and never gives me any lines.  I was also incredibly surprised by how much coverage this provided.  Usually I wear liquid or mousse foundation on my entire face to smooth my skin, and this mineral foundation totally did the trick!

Second comes the bareMinerals original mineral veil.  This is the “setting powder” that my sister loves.  Like the primer, I don’t feel like this is necessary to wear everyday; only if I know I’m going to need my makeup last extra long.  This is also the stuff to throw in your purse to touch up your face with.  It brings out the color of the foundation or your bronzer.  I like that I don’t have to use it everyday since it comes in a smaller container than the foundation.  I use the same full flawless face brush with this as itz essentially colorless.  Itz purpose is to extend the dairly life of your makeup.

Last is the bareMinerals bronzer in the warmth shade using the flawless face brush.  The bronzer is the trickiest of the trio and it took me a few tries to figure it out.  Itz important to tap your brush after swirling it around in the lid, so there’s not too much powder on the brush.  The bronzer can appear a bit streaky if you’re not careful, and I find it hard to correct if I do mess it up. That being said, it only took me a few tries before I got the hang of it and now I like the subtle color it gives.

bareminerals brushes

I’ve never used brushes for anything besides eye shadow and blush.  I use the full flawless face and the flawless face everyday.  The max coverage concealer brush is not used as often.  The lady at the store showed me how I could use it to conceal a blemish, but luckily I have yet to need to do that.  (Thank you, pregnancy!)  She showed me how I could use it to apply the foundation powder or simply mix a little primer with the foundation for fuller coverage.

It goes without saying, I’m very happy with my purchase and switch.  I’m hooked on bareMinerals and am eager to try their other products (namely their eye shadows! ok, and their lipsticks!).  The makeup looks natural and really lasts all day.  If you’re wanting to get started, you may as well go with the starter kit as itz the best value and includes all the essentials.

What makeup do you use?

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  1. I LOVE Bare Minerals!! I use their eye primer, eye shadow, and blush, and just ran out of my mineral veil that I love so much. 🙁 Definitely try the eye shadow — it seriously lasts all day! Even if I have to touch up other things at the end of the day (if I’m going out after work or something), my eye makeup always looks like I Just applied it!

  2. I use such a variety of make-up but do own some bare minerals. I do like their stuff, but honestly don’t know much about makeup so I’m not great at comparing. I just got some Mary Kay foundation to wear for TV and I’m loving how smoothly that goes on! Still, I only wear it about 3 times a month- haha! I am devoid of the girly gene I guess 😉

  3. I LOVE BareMinerals! But, I’m totally a cheap-makeup buyer so I only allow myself to use my BareMinerals powders once and awhile. I just can’t justify using my fancy makeup when I work from home and I’m the only one to see myself. 😉

  4. I’ve been using mineral makeup for years (Neutrogena brand) but I’ve been dying to try bare minerals. But like you said — I don’t want to spend a million dollars on makeup. It’s definitely something I want to try soon.

  5. The BareMinerals just enhance your pregnancy glow… I can speak from experience. I’ve seen you in person! 😉
    I used to use bareminerals but now I use Jane Iredale. My friend sells it at her salon and it lasts me a bit longer which makes it a bit cheaper. I’m frugal…. 😉 But I really do love it!

  6. I used to use Bare Minerals and was a huge fan! Until I moved to Utah… It’s just SO dry here, and I needed something more moisturizing. So, now I use a Revlon liquid foundation that works great for me right now. I may switch back to Bare Minerals if we ever move somewhere that isn’t as dry because I do love it!

  7. Same!! I’ve been using Bare Minerals for years and years…like, since the days that you couldn’t even buy it in Sephora and had to order it online!!!
    It was awesome during pregnancy too, as I didn’t have to worry about changing up my makeup due to harsh chemicals. I’ve changed up my foundation a few times: I’ve tried Laura Mercier, Tarte and a few others, but always come back to my tried and true. The bronzer is amazing and lasts forever!
    I converted all of my coworkers a couple of years ago, as teachers you hate to look like you are wearing a bunch of makeup. Couldn’t agree more with your review 🙂

  8. I’m such a makeup hopper–I used Bare Minerals a few used ago, switched to Mary Kay, switched an Urban Decay powder (which I LOVED, but they discontinued–womp, womp). Now I have a Tarte Amazonian Clay liquid and an Almay mineral powder. I like both, but don’t love them so I’m sure I’ll switch again when I run out of them. 😛 The BEST beauty purchase I’ve ever made though is Paula’s Choice oil clearing kit. It cleared the acne I’ve struggled with since I was 13! I swear by it!!

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