5 pregnant chicks

Welp, St. Louis got hit with another snowstorm and schools have another snow day.  Totally not as fun when we’ve had as many as we’ve had.  I know, I know, cry me a river, the whole country has been getting hit all winter.  Is it summer spring yet?!?!  So over this nonsense.  Let’s warm things up with some food and talk about my eats as of late.


banana bread

Itz a hearty slice of homemade banana bread (I followed Annette’s whole wheat high protein flax banana bread recipe and subbed the protein powder for additional flax and chia seeds) and topped it with a real thick shmear of PB Crave’s cookie nookie peanut butter.  It was a delicious breakfast and totally hit the spot.

I actually intended on making a smoothie before I left for school because I didn’t think the banana bread and pb would keep me full for very long, but it actually did.  I think itz because I skipped my morning workout yesterday.  No worries, plenty of snacks were consumed at school before lunchtime rolled around. 🙂

All this food talk is being linked up to Peas & Crayons’ What I Ate Wednesday



Over the weekend I had made Southwestern Salsa Chicken Casserole and it served not only as a tasty Friday night dinner, but many lunches this week.  (I doubled the recipe so it would last longer – great decision.)  I’ve been eating it over a bed of fresh spinach for some extra green power.



I met several local St. Louis bloggers at Granite City Food and Brewery on Monday night for dinner.  I ordered the Grilled Asian Chicken Salad as itz a favorite of mine and Jonny’s.  Usually I order the dressing on the side with salads, but this one comes with two: a fresh sesame lime dressing and a Szechuan peanut sauce.  I’ve ordered them on the side before and itz just not the same.  Too difficult to dip into two sauces, haha.  Plus, I didn’t find that this was too saucy with both the dressings. Plus, it looks pretty!

So one time… five pregnant chicks walked into a restaurant…. lol doesn’t that sound like it should be a joke or something?  But seriously, out of the seven of us ladies, five are preggo!  Needless to say, the majority of the conversation revolved around all things pregnancy, baby, and kid related!


From left to right: Liz at But… Will There Be Cake?, Sara at Running from the Law, Jessica at I Want Adventure, Alyssa at My Husband’s Watching TV While I’m Watching the Baby, Dacy at Mindful Closet, me, and Liz at Ellie & Addie.

We always have such a great time together and spend at least a couple of hours chatting the evening away.  Itz nice to know other pregnant ladies and discussing all related topics (and trust me, we talked about everything!).  Such a fun night and already planning our next get together before we pop!

I was supposed to have an ice cream date with Annette last night, but the stupid weather ruined that.  Here’s to hoping we’re able to go tonight!

Well, I needed to have something sweet last night, so I went with hot chocolate.

hot chocolate mug

Hot chocolate made with So Delicious vanilla coconut milk and pleeeenty of whipped cream is so delicious. (<– haha, see what I did right there?)  And because of the frigid temps and several inches of snow, last night was spent in my pajamas snuggled under blankets.  Though let’s be real… that’s how most of my nights look anyways!

What are YOU eating and drinking as of late?

39 thoughts on “5 pregnant chicks

  1. All you ladies are adorable w/ your pregnant bellies! I bet the waiter/ress got a kick out of it. Ha I just laughed when I said “kick” since all I could think about were your little ones kicking inside 🙂

  2. I want to eat everything you just showed there! It all looks amazing! You have a great foodie life! So funny about all your friends! I am actually finding a lot of mine are getting engaged right now….it is about that time! It must be nice to chat about all the experiences you are going through!

  3. I love love love these foods.

    But that’s so funny – all you pregnant ladies, what are the odds – haha. I bet it was some major bonding time, since you all had that major common ground going on (well, almost all of you anyway haha).

    I’m lately drinking just water with ACV in the mornings and some tea 🙂

  4. 5 preggos out having fun = awesome! Yikes this weather is craptacular. No snow day for us today, but I’ll bet it would’ve been if we hadn’t already had 4.

  5. It’s so nice to be able to hang out with fellow pregnant ladies and talk about stuff we can’t normally talk about with pretty much anyone else. And I love that the first time we met up, I was the only pregnant one! Now there’s FIVE of us! haha!

  6. Such a fun dinner! Babies and kids and bumps are always so much fun to talk about. At the next dinner though, I’m sitting next to YOU- we haven’t really had a chance to chat much at at these dinners. Can’t wait for the next one!

  7. BAH HA HA! I wish I owned a restaurant and 5 pregnant chicks walked into it! I would think, OH HECK YES : tonight is gunna be a GOOOODDDDD $$$$ night! LMFAO!! 😉

    And uh, not to rub it in or anything but…… It ain’t snowing over here in Los Angeles. Want to come play?

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