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You know those brands that you consistently love?  The ones who continually impress you with everything they’re about, their products, and general philosophy?  Under Armour is that brand for me.  It only makes sense that one of Baby Itz’s first outfits was Under Armour!  Jonny’s definitely a fan, too, so itz safe to say we’re an Under Armour loving family!  Their campaigns, their clothes, their shoes, their fitness technology – LOVE IT!

under armour

I was recently sent Under Armour’s Armour39 Performance Heart Rate Monitor.  The only time I’d ever worn a heart rate monitor in the past was for running.  Even then, I never did anything with the results; I saw the numbers and that was it.  They meant nothing to me.  The Armour 39 is totally different and just really cool, for lack of better words.  Maybe itz silly to say, but it makes me feel way more hardcore when I workout with it!  Could be because it pushes me harder than I’d otherwise do.

How’s it work? You wear the performance monitor module + chest strap during your workout.  Itz sweatproof (thank goodness!), and the chest strap stays put, stays dry, and stays out of the way.  The heart rate monitor works in conjunction with either the mobile app (FREE!) or the display watch ($199.99).  I use it with the app which is ridiculously easy to setup.  You create a profile and sync it with the module which literally takes less than five minutes to complete.  The app is compatible with the iPhone 5s, 5c, 4s, and iPod touch (5th gen).  When I workout, I put my phone right next to me, and am able to watch and track my stats in real time.  The display screen shows heart rate, calories, intensity, and WILLpower.  Here’s a screenshot of my workout results:

armour39 results

Pretty awesome, huh?  That’s the screen that is shown throughout the workout.  What I thought was the coolest was the continuous reading of my heart rate.  My workouts look drastically different these days than a year ago, but I can still get my heart rate up.  Itz most interesting to see how long it takes for my heart rate to recover after said intervals.  (No worries, I’m being extremely careful with my workouts during my pregnancy!  The intervals I speak of are all walking intervals on the treadmill as I change the incline which can be so challenging – even just for a minute!)

How’s it better?  It tracks your WILLpower.  WILLpower is based on an algorithm that combines how long you workout, what you did, profile info like gender and weight, and key heart rate measures to give you a single score.  I like the WILLpower because it gives me a goal to beat with each workout.  While my WILLpower scores are usually less than five these days (the highest WILLpower score is ten), it still provides me enough competition against myself during my workouts.  Once I get back to regular, intense workouts – itz on!

pregnant workout

For now, me and my bump are doing more low intensity workouts.  I’m wearing the Armour39 and no one even knows!  Itz best to quickly and easy pop out the module from the chest strap in order to preserve itz battery life.

The Armour39 is compatible with any way of workout out – from endurance running to interval training to pregnancy workouts.  It precisely captures every heartbeat no matter your workout.  The chest strap is very comfortable.  It doesn’t budge during workouts.  Another really neat feature of the Armour 39 is that it stores your workout data even when out of range of your iPhone.  It holds the data for up to sixteen hours and automatically transmits your info to your app when you’re back in range.  This is nice because you don’t have to have your phone exactly right next to you the entire workout, but honestly that’s what motivates me, so I don’t mind at all. I like seeing those numbers and I love trying to increase my WILLpower!


So if you want to take your workouts to the next level, you must check out the Armour39!

What type of workouts would you use the Armour39 for? #Armour39 #IWILL

22 thoughts on “Under Armour Performance Heart Rate Monitor

  1. ahhh I love HR monitors… I used a Polar monitor for a long time but its recently out of commission 🙁 I have been eyeing this one from UA for a while, so its nice to hear how great you think it is!!! maybeeeeee it’ll be mine soon 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review. I’ve owned a polar ft40 for two years and was thinking about making a switch to a new brand, but I still love my polar. Just thinking of jazzing it up! 🙂

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  4. When I saw what you were reviewing, I HAD to check it out! I need to get a new heart rate monitor, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Under Armour! By far one of my favorite brands, too! My husband bought me the Garmin Forerunner 210 for Christmas so I was going to get the heart rate monitor to go with that, but if Under Armour has a free iPhone app that I can use their hr monitor with, I might be sold! 😀

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