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You guys.  We had a snow day here in St. Louis yesterday again.  Not cool.  I’m so over the snow.  Yes, usually I’m over the moon happy about snow days, but this was our sixth snow day (not consecutive) for the school year.  That means we have to make them up.  If it were just at the end of the school year I wouldn’t mind (this year anyway) since I’ll be on maternity leave with Baby Itz.  However, itz not.  We’re saying good-bye to President’s Day and/or possibly a professional development day.  Come on, warm weather, where ya at?

Since I was home all day yesterday for the fourth day in a row (thanks to the weekend, MLK day, and aforementioned snow day), I wanted to focus on eating balanced meals.  I knew I’d have the time to prepare them, so I figured there weren’t many excuses.  Usually when I’m home all day, I’m a huge grazer and rarely put together actual meals.  However, I did a better (not perfect) job yesterday.



One whole egg with two egg whites cooked in coconut oil, topped with plain Greek yogurt, nutritional yeast, and red pepper flakes.  Steamed spinach on the side.  I LOVE this combination and could probably eat it everyday.

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Mind you, I didn’t take a picture of everything I ate yesterday.  Not even close.  I still did plenty of grazing, but let’s blame that on my pregnancy, mmmk? 😉



I actually made this salad the past two days and felt really good about all the veggies it included!  The base was spinach and kale, and the extras were beets, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic.  I love love love everything about it.

Note: this is not the only thing I ate for lunch; however, itz the only thing I plated around lunchtime.  This salad alone would not normally satiate my hunger for very long because of the lack of protein (small amount of cottage cheese).  Be assured, there were plenty of snacks eaten in addition.  Just wanted to throw that out there…


nuts fruit chocolate snack

aka BEST SNACK EVER!  Now this is a balanced snack, eh?  Cashews (a very underrated nut, in my opinion), an apple, and a couple squares of Theo’s dark chocolate.  Clearly I’m joking about it being balanced, but it is kind of balanced.  Itz always best to pair fruit with nuts, so you get the healthy balance of carbs, fat, and protein for longer staying power.  And the chocolate?  Well, that’s just a bonus!  And itz dark… so it must be healthy!



I write all the time how Jonny and I eat with his parents and my parents on an almost weekly basis.  Both of our parents almost always send us with leftovers which is very much appreciated.  This week, we ate at Jonny’s parents’ on Sunday, and my parents’ last night.  The dinners are also usually pretty balanced.  The dinner I have pictured is a bit heavier and more carb heavy than usual, but ehhh it sure was tasty!  It was a burger, scalloped potatoes, Brussels sprouts with bacon sauteed in olive oil, and fettuccine.  Heavy, but darn delicious once in awhile!  Just being real here!

Dessert / Another Snack:


Freshly cut pineapple!  Pineapple is Jonny’s most favorite fruit, so when I spotted it at the store for just a dollar, I was quick to drop one in my cart.  Pineapples can be a bit of a pain to cut, but using my Kyocera ceramic knife makes it way easier.  That bad boy cuts through anything!

What is your favorite balanced meal or snack? 

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  1. Your eats look delicious! I’m particularly loving your snacks. Fresh pineapple is my favorite! I teach 3rd grade, and I can’t imagine having that many snow days. Making them up is the worst! Hopefully you’ll get to go in today!

    • i think itz all about the knife!! i chop the ends off first and then make long cuts down the sides… no idea if that’s the “right” way or not but it works! 🙂

    • gah! you’ve got to try nutritional yeast! if you have a whole foods close by, get a small amount from the bulk section to try, or you can always order from iherb! 🙂

  2. i agree that cashews are completely underrated – they’re so delicious!

    i need to try your eggs, greek yogurt, and nutritional yeast combo. i love all of those foods separately, so i’m sure it tastes amazing combined! 🙂

  3. Agreed, Cashews are way underrated as is cashew butter. And looking at your snack I’d totally call it balanced: something fresh & sweet, crunchy, crisp and smooth as well as both something for the body and soul (chocolate!). See? Balanced :).
    The basic ‘a grain, a grean, a bean’ composition works well for me when trying to create [more or less] balanced meals. I don’t plan specific macros but this formula usually results in satisfying and saturating meals so I assume they must somehow balance themselves out.

    • i loooooooooooove cashew butter!!! i just wish it weren’t so darn expensive!! i get it fresh from whole foods sometimes for a treat!!

  4. I love that snack! I think it’s quite balanced, actually. Chocolate is a food group, right? Lately my favorite balanced snacks are either celery sticks with some pb & raisins (practicing making them for baby, obvioulsy) annnnd whole wheat crackers with some sharp cheddar and sliced pear!

  5. Cashews are amazing— they definitely need some more love! Mmm I haven’t had scalloped potatoes in forever, and yours are nearly calling my name 😉
    One of my favorite balanced meals is brown rice with grilled chicken, avocado, and roasted brussels sprouts. Another favorite? Pizza and a salad 😀

  6. Ugh! The dreaded snow day catch 22! You’re so excited when you have them, but after you have a certain amount, you realize that summer vacation is cut SHORTER!! So not cool 🙁 Oh well, enjoy all of them now and deal with having to “make them up” later! And soon enough you will be on maternity leave… Okay, maybe not for a little longer and that won’t exactly be a vacation, but still! LOL

  7. Girl you all have had a TON of snow days!!! One year we went to our last contractual day (the new contract starts on July1). It was torture!! Lately I have been obsessed with the combo of walnuts and blueberries!!

    • HOLY COW!! i can’t imagine going that late!! we are hoping we don’t have to go into june! (i don’t think we will) mmmm fruit + nut combo is just awesome all the time!

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