Fit Gear for the New Year

Itz the New Year… Ok, itz actually just over two weeks in, but itz still close enough to the beginning for me.  I’m sure most people have some type of resolutions or goals whether they’re written down, announced, or kept to themselves.  I don’t necessarily profess resolutions or goals, but I do try to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you are finding success.  Join our FitFluential family (itz easy, free, and we require nothing from you besides an email address).  You’ll find tons of support, ideas, deals, discounts, and motivation along the way.

Today I’d like to share some Fit Gear for the New Year.  These are just a few products that are personally tried, true, and tested by me.  Take a look:

The Koss portion of this post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC.  All thoughts are my own.

Koss Fit Series


Koss’ female designers teamed-up with Gold Medalist Dara Torres to create the world’s first headphones designed specifically for women, by women which probably explains the wonderful fit.  I prefer the FitClips and think these are perfect for those who tend not to be fans of the bud-style earphones.  The FitClips are comfortable and block out surrounding sound.

The FitBuds also fit well and they really stay in during exercise.  They are 33% smaller than any earbud Koss has ever created (which could be perfect for you ladies with teeny tiny ears!).  Both the FitClips and FitBuds come in fun colors, are sweat resistant, come with three different sizes of ear cushions for the perfect fit, retail for $29.99, and can be found at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Walgreens, Kmart, and Sears.

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MaxFlowSports Headband & Socks


When Steve from MaxFlowSports first contacted me about reviewing their new high performance, cross grip sports headband, I’d said no.  After all, I have several thin headbands that don’t stay in during workouts.  Steve convinced me to give them a shot and sent two my way.  I have to be honest… I was very surprised.  They seemed more durable than other headbands, especially thin ones I own.  When I wore it during my workout, I kid you not – it didn’t budge.  Usually they slip back on my head, but these truly didn’t move.

Steve also threw in a pair of socks.  They’re very cushioned, comfortable, and hold their shape.  They are thicker than some socks, so for me, they work better in particular shoes than others (for example, I won’t wear them in my spinning shoes which are tighter, but most of my other workout shoes are fine with them).  And the neon green is fun!

maxflow socks

My brother Justin in Arizona was sent some of MaxFlowSports stay-grip athletic crew socks.  He told me that they were thick (probably similar to the women’s), they stayed put during his intense workout, and were comfortable.  The only thing Justin didn’t love was the color white.  Maybe eventually they’ll make them in black!

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MizzFit’s Fashion & Fitness Quarterly Box

mizzfit quarterly

Bianca Jade of MIzzFit is the fashion guru in the fitness world and she put together a box for Quarterly Co. called “Style Up 2 Shape Up.”  (I’m not getting paid for this and I did not receive it for free.  I paid my good money for it and love it.  Itz well worth the money!)  I received my first box (which I reviewed here) and loved it.  It made me even more excited about box number two!  Subscribe now and let MizzFit’s package guide you to radiant style and a strong life!

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What is your fit gear for the New Year?

16 thoughts on “Fit Gear for the New Year

  1. Cute gear. I need new socks! I didn’t get any new fit gear this year, but always love my Polar FT40 HR monitor. I would give anything to get a Fitbit. Happy Thursday.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try the Koss ear buds. The ones I have now don’t really stay in too well, so I’m glad to hear they’re working out well for you. I’m also intrigued about those socks. The ones I use now always fall down and then I end up getting a blister on my heel. So annoying!

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