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Hi friends! Itz five things friday with Clare at Fitting-It-All-In, so today I’m sharing my five:

1.  FitFluential shared my post on Facebook yesterday, and fancy-upped my photo.

FitFluential 1

Hehe. #shamelessbrag 🙂

Really though, are you signed up for FitFluential yet? Itz free, they require nothing from you, itz just an absolutely fabulous community (and family) to be a part of. You don’t have to be a blogger, you don’t have to be an ambassador. I am strongly and highly encouraging each and every one of you to sign up.  (Read why HERE.)  Please be sure you mention that I (Lindsay Itzkowitz) referred you. Subscribe to their mailing list and reap the benefits, discounts, and perks HERE.

2.  I know everyone is sick of hearing and reading about this polar vortex we’re having, but uhhhh we had our FOURTH consecutive snow day yesterday!  Not to mention we are just coming off of winter break too.  We are having school today and I imagine it will be a little (or a lot) craaazy.  Good thing itz Friday! 😉

3.  Speaking of snow (and the foot we still have), I decided to make a cold green smoothie yesterday.  Itz not like I wasn’t cold or anything, but clearly the cold doesn’t detour me from eating cold foods as I went out for ice cream when we were in negative temperatures.  The perfect solution is to eat the cold food or drink by the fire-place.  Clearly.


Peanut butter banana smoothie (classic combo!) with ice, vanilla almond milk, ground flaxseed, and loads of spinach.  Gotta get in those greens!

4.  This is the most random and useless fact ever, but… my last four days have been extremely low key (though I have worked out everyday!), so this is all I have for you for #4: yesterday I got really excited to have ice cream at night.  I was thinking about it during the day (I know I’m a weirdo). I was at the grocery store and got “Mint Cookie Crunch.” (Doesn’t that just sound awesome??)  Well, after dinner I had a little sweet tooth, but it was still early so I didn’t feel like it was time for ice cream yet.  Instead, I ate not one, but two chocolate raspberry cream cheese brownies that my mom made (they are AMAZING).  I anticipated having my ice cream later, but I was SO FULL for the remainder of the evening.  And yes I put this much thought into dessert. #pregnancyproblems 😉

Mint cookie crunch.. I’m comin’ for ya!  Itz gonna be my wild and crazy Friday night!

5.  I made the greatest and cutest little snack the other day.  I posted it on Instagram (follow me – itzlinz!) and everyone seemed to love them as much as me.

peanut butter banana nilla sandwiches

Itz banana slices and peanut butter sandwiched between two mini nilla wafers!  Genius, right?  Fine, maybe not genius, but they made the best little snack bites ever.  Nilla wafers remind me of my great-grandparents as they always had them when I was younger.  Jonny’s parents are fans, too, so itz a treat when we have them.  Mmm!

Tell me something interesting (or useless) today!

26 thoughts on “five things friday

  1. What a cute post! And you dont have to feel guilty about dessert! I put that much effort into dessert every day….and I am not even pregnant haha! I love the mini nilla wafers! They look delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Try not to freeze!

  2. Oh goodness–I would devour those little cookie sandwiches! I used to love “nilla wafers as a kid, too. And just realized I’ve never given them to mine…bad mama!

    I drink cold smoothies right now, too, and sometimes I chase mine with coffee just to warm up!

  3. cutest little cookie sandwiches ever! my mom used to make banana chunks put peanut butter on them and roll in riced krispies/special k for bfast – YUMMY!!!

    I am already dreaming about Fro Yo which I requested after dinner tonight and yes we are in the vortex of cold too!!! I think it makes me hopeful for summer 🙂

  4. Great FFA photo!
    Your snack is so cute – and would be a perfect toddler snack. My parents had a party last weekend and someone brought a tray of the wafers and some sort of dip. My 2yr old nephew stationed himself at that end of the table, where he could reach the cookies, and kept shoveling them into his mouth!

  5. 4 snow days?! We’ve had years like that! One year we didn’t get out of school until the very last day of June!!! It was torture!! It’s snowing here now….but we are already in school and I’m giving the snow my best hairy eyeball not to accumulate too much!!! Lol! I had my one storm and now I’m ready for summer!

  6. Love what FitFluential did with the photo, and I’m super excited to have joined! 🙂

    It’s actually warmed up a bit in our area; although, we’re currently getting snow and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 60 degrees. Crazy, right!?! This weather is totally all over the place.

  7. I love the FFA photo! 🙂 It’s crazy to me that you are STILL home from school…I’d say I’m jealous, but I can only imagine how old it gets being stuck near the house!

  8. I think we must live in the same area.. My kids FINALLY went back to school on Friday after 3 weeks off (winter break + polar vortex)..

    .. and mom and dad breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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