cranberry egg sandwich

Another cranberry recipe?  Yes, yes.  Even though I just posted my chocolate chip cranberry oatmeal recipe last week, I had to give you this sandwich because itz downright awesome – simple as that.  Once again, I’m using Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean’s homemade fresh cranberry sauce recipe.  I was going to title this “cranberry egg breakfast sandwich,” but Jonny and I have eaten this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so the word “breakfast” clearly had to be eliminated.  Make this for any meal; itz satisfying, filling, and delicious.  (And I think itz pretty, too!)

cranberry egg sandwich

Cranberry Egg Sandwich

  1. Cook two eggs to your liking.  (Dippy eggs are best, but are a no-go if you’re pregnant.)
  2. Toast two slices of bread.
  3. Spread fresh cranberry sauce on one piece and cream cheese on the other.
  4. Put your sandwich together.
  5. Dig in!

Aaaaaah-mazing!  I actually made Jonny a sandwich like this yesterday, but we had temporarily run out of cranberry sauce, and he asked, “Where’s the cranberry sauce?”  See?  Once you have it, you’ll always want it!

And maybe the reason we ran out is because I’m literally using it on everything.  Like my lunch sandwich (ok for some reason sandwiches have been really appealing to me lately).


Not nearly as pretty as the previous sandwich and not nearly as good either.  I toasted bread with Swiss cheese, sliced cucumbers, piled on spinach, and smeared cranberry sauce.  Honestly, I think it would have been better if I would have used cream cheese instead of Swiss cheese, but since I had cream cheese for breakfast I thought I’d try to switch it up.  I really should have just made the cranberry egg sandwich again!

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Since I’ve had snow days the past two days (AND AGAIN TODAY!) and have been at home, I’ve pretty much snacked my way through these days.  Snacks have included cheese and crackers, almonds, oranges, pineapple, apples, blackberries, walnuts, spinach and artichoke dip with fresh vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese, and cookies… yes, cookies.. I’m tellin’ ya, I’m not going hungry over here!

Ok while this sounds like a ridiculous amount of food, I’m a total “grazer” as my parents like to say.  I have a bite here, a bit there, a couple cookies yeah.  So this is why I didn’t sit down to an actual dinner. Well, I did heat up a bowl of leftover Brussel sprouts and baked beans, but there’s nothing you want to see about that.  Plus, Jonny worked late so I just grazed my way through the day!

On Monday, I was going stir crazy from being cooped up all day, so I called my friend Diana and twisted her arm asked her to go get ice cream with me.  We laughed as the car temperature read -4 degrees.  Who goes out in negative temperatures to get ice cream?!


I DO!  Clearly.  And I love it.  Coldstone has some of the best flavors: Gooey Butter Cake, Cheesecake, Cake Batter. Mmm! And yes I did get all three flavors.  Cake flavors are the best.  I could literally eat ice cream!

All time favorite flavor of ice cream?

41 thoughts on “cranberry egg sandwich

  1. I love eggs and sweet together. I always eat my eggs on top of jelly toast. Cranberries are one of my favorites. At thanksgiving, that’s what I go for! I totally agree with you on the cake flavored ice cream! I usually mix birthday cake and brownie batter!

  2. You’ve definitely succeeded in tempting me to try out that cranberry sauce. Looks like I’ll be buying cranberries this weekend. It really does look amazing! I’m pretty knew to the sweet thing with eggs, but that sandwich looks awfully tasty!

    Favorite flavor of ice cream is definitely mint chocolate chip!

  3. wow, that sandwich! I want to dive in right now! I never have fresh cranberries around, but next time I think about it and actually PLAN a meal, I will try and remember that I need to have some of them on hand!

  4. Cannot wait to make that sauce this weekend 🙂

    Oh ice cream – one of the only things that’s sounded good to me lately! I love all flavors, but my grandma used to buy me cherry cordial (her fave) so it always brings back memories..but I love ANY Orange Leaf flavor – I love the batter/cookie dough kind. During the summer they had no bake cookies it was WONDERFUL

  5. I’m right there with ya on the ice cream, Girl! I don’t care what the temps say, I’m all about it. 😉 My new favorite Coldstone flavor is their Oatmeal Cookie Batter – SO GOOD! I also love their Cake Batter and Sweet Cream. If I’m not doing Coldstone, I love cookies ‘n cream or chocolate chip cookie dough.

  6. Great combo! I make a similar egg sandwich (adapted from that is 1 egg, sun butter, and raspberry jam between toast, English muffin, or your favorite bread. So good! Now you are making me crave one for dinner!

  7. This sandwich looks OUT of this WORLD! Oh how I miss Coldstone. Haven’t had it in eons. Their cheesecake ice cream is my fave. I used to go there with girl friends in high school when anything depressing (prob not actually a big deal) happened to us and get the gotta have it size. We called it a Gotta Have It Moment.

  8. Wow cranberry and eggs, I never would have thought to pair those but would believe they taste good 🙂 Ah ice cream, I’m quite the vanilla bean fan but Cold Stone has so many more options!

  9. I love that sandwich! I wish I had leftover cranberry sauce to make it with, but we didn’t have any this year!

    Ice cream is good in any weather.

  10. Wow this looks divine!! Aside from the fact that eggs are like my favorite thing! I love sandwiches and we have a tonne of cranberry sauce left over from christmas!! Nom nom cannot wait to try this

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