New Years 2013

Happy New Year!  Itz only January 2nd; I’m totally allowed to still say that. I thought I’d recap our New Years with you all.  Jonny and I like staying low-key for New Years.


We’ve never been ones to go out to bars, drink all night, and be on the roads late at night.  Nothing against it, just not our thing.  We much prefer house parties and low-key dinners, even more so now that I’m pregnant.  My in-laws went out of town for a few days, so we’ve been dogsitting, and they allowed us to use their home to have a few friends over for a nice simple dinner.  It was faaaantastic and deeeelicious.

NYE dinner

We set out buffalo cheddar popcorn, white chocolate covered pretzels, and toasted ravioli (a St. Louis favorite!), and Whitney made a Greek yogurt, artichoke, and kale dip to use with vegetables and crackers.  For dinner, I made Texas Toast (from a box thankyouverymuch), roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus with balsamic browned butter, and a caprese salad.  My dad graciously offered to make and deliver a beef tenderloin!  Boy, did my friends think I was fancy!  Ok just kidding, I fessed up to my dad being the magnificent chef, but we did all thoroughly enjoy it!  Diana made a ridiculously good molten chocolate lava cake to serve with ice cream for dessert.  Our bellies were stuffed, that’s for sure!

The girls & the boys:


After dinner we played a hilarious game.  I’m not sure the name of it, but you choose a letter and each write down several things that start with that letter.  For example, our first letter was S and some of the words were: school, silver, shorts, soccer.  Then there are three rounds.  The first round is just like Catch Phrase.  You have a minute to describe which word you pull from the bag and you get as many words as you can describe.  Once the bag is empty, the teams count their points and put the same words back in the back.  For round two, you can only use ONE word to describe your word.. and if you say “um,” that counts, so your team just has to guess like crazy.  Again, you have a minute and keep passing the bag between teams until all the words run out. Once the bag is empty, you tally points, stuff the bag back with words, and play round three which is exactly like charades.  Hard to explain, but really fun.  We played two full games.  The boys won one and the girls won one; tiebreaker will need to happen.

And get this…. we stayed up til midnight!!!  Crazy talk, I know, but itz true.  I couldn’t believe it myself, to be honest.  Stevie and Whitney left around 11 as they had their little Ainsley to get, and Diana and Andy left promptly at 12:01 haha.  We couldn’t have asked for a better New Years!

Jonny and I (and the dogs!) stayed in bed until 7:30 in the morning which is pretty amazing all around.  After doing their feedings, eating, and lounging for a bit, I eventually went to the basement for a two-mile walk on the treadmill.


Hey, a little somethin’ is better than nothin’!  After showering, lounging, and lunch, I met my good friend for a Starbucks date.  Coffee for her, tea for me.


After a couple of hours of girl talk, I headed home to spend the rest of the day laying low with the dogs and Jonny.  I’m sure I didn’t look nearly as cute as these sleepyheads.


They partied too hard on New Year’s Eve. 😉

I’m back at work today and tomorrow for meetings, so vacation is officially over.

What did you do for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?

27 thoughts on “New Years 2013

  1. Sounds like fun!! Any time your Dad wants to deliver on the East coast I’m game!! We were headed back to school today but…snow day. Problem is it isn’t even snowing!!! It is supposed to ramp up in the afternoon leading to getting home issues!

    • we had a snow storm last night too! however, we still had school – well just professional development. i think if we would have had kids, school would have been called.

  2. Your New Years Eve party sounds perfect! My husband and I are not partiers either, so we love the kind of parties you threw. We actually just stayed home and celebrated together. We had black bean veggie burgers for dinner and then watched The Hobbit at home. Our plan was to play scrabble after that, but we were tired so we went to sleep. We couldn’t make it to midnight, haha! Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time! That meal had my mouth drooling, sounded heavenly! Plus your game is something I’m definitely doing on out next family get together! They’re always so much fun and it’s true hours go by just like that! You’re Ali very dedicated to get on the treadmill after all that haha. Happy new year! (I’m sure I can still say that!)

  4. I would much rather a quiet evening with friends. Yay! Looks like a fantastic time. The food looks delicious. We sat at home with junk food and watched movies. Was a great night.

    Your pregnancy bump is cute.

    Now off to check out his oatmeal recipe you have.

  5. New Years Eve I slept; I know part animal. But new years day I really lived it up and cleaned, visited with my grandparents and went to there house for dinner! Happy New Year Linz!

  6. Happy New Year!
    My 10 yr old nephew spent NY Eve with us in Madison and we had a lot of fun. Pizza, games, a movie.
    NY Day we saw Walter Mitty–great movie!

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