Five Things Friday

Itz Friiiiiiday!!! Woot woot!! Let’s get right to Five Things Friday!

Linking up with Clare from Fitting It All In today.

#1) Today is my last day of work before winter break!  I get a week and a half off which I plan on making some progress in the baby-to-be nursery, lounging around, and visiting with friends and family.

2)  My sister, Stephanie Cotta Photography, posted her take of my gender reveal on her blog.  She wrote all about how it was done and how the moment was captured.  See it HERE.  Yes, she’s incredible and she’s the best.

reveal steph

3)  I found some new recipes that I’m digging.  I tried a new recipe out last night when I had Annette, her hubs, and baby over.  Risky move using a new recipe when guests are coming over, but it was a Mexican casserole dish, so I felt like it was fairly foolproof.  Itz the Southwestern Salsa Chicken Casserole by Baking with Blondie.  It went over well and I actually doubled the recipe, so we have pleeeenty leftover!  I also made Banana Bread {using coconut & almond flour} and added chocolate chips.  I’ve made this recipe a few times, and itz perfect for using super ripe bananas.

4)  Annette, her hubs, and Baby Lily came over for dinner last night!!!  This was super exciting as I hadn’t seen Annette in a few months, and it was my first time meeting eight week old Lily! (It was a perk to see Jared, as well – heh heh!)

annette lily

Annette and I have been friends since we were two, so we can literally talk for hours.  And Lily looks good in my arms, eh? 😉 She was so stinkin’ adorable and snuggly!  This picture doesn’t do Lily’s cuteness justice, so be sure to check out Annette’s blog for the real deal Baby Lily pictures.  Now if only I could convince her fam to move back to St. Louis…

#5)  I worked out three times this week.  While I realize that may not sound like much to some, after taking four months off completely, three times is an accomplishment.  I’ve got to take it slow and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  I’ll do a full post on my current pregnant fitness routine later.  At least I’m movin’!

Tell me FIVE things! (Or just one really good thing.) 🙂

22 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Yay for being off for Christmas break! I have been off for the last two weeks, and I am loving it! I plan on thoroughly enjoying my next two weeks off too! Great job on doing three workouts this week! I look forward to hearing about your pregnancy workout plan.

  2. Lets see…five things:

    After today I’m off for the holidays as well! So excited!
    I’m baking Christmas cookies with my mom on Sunday.
    I have a sore throat and I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t turn into a full blown cold!
    It’s been absolutely freezing in my area this week (like in the low 20sF) and now on Sunday it’s going to be in the high 60s. Crazy weather!
    We’re getting pizza for dinner tonight.

    Have a great weekend Linz!!

    • drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon and honey for your throat! hoping it didn’t develop into something more and you’re healthy for this week’s festivities! xo

  3. Yay for new recipes working and getting to see baby Lily. I am addicted to Annette’s instagram feed/ blog of photos. She is just too cute!

    So happy you are able to get back to moving/ working out a little. Three times per week is normal and you should be proud of everything you do and accomplish. You are carrying the most precious gift ever. 🙂

  4. Yay for being off for Holiday vacation now =) I’m heading to check out your sisters blog now. I can’t imagine it being anything but amazing. I’m thinking I should grab a tissue or two first.

    Happy holidays, beautiful

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