20 Weeks Pregnant | Baby BOY

Thanks for all the love on our gender reveal!  Knowing that Baby Itz is a boy has made it all the more real!  Now itz time for the name discussion to ensue…

gender reveal

20 weeks pregnant and still feeling good!  I feel great actually, and at my appointment last week, my doctor told me to enjoy this second trimester because the third changes drastically.  I know I’ve been super lucky with symptoms (or lack of really), throughout this pregnancy so far, and I can only hope it continues.  Bumpdate time:

20 weeks

People are telling me everyday that I’m finally beginning to show.  That or all the chips, cookies, and ice cream are starting to catch up! 😉

Baby Itz: 20 Weeks

Baby’s size? Banana

Maternity clothes? No, just living in leggings, stretchy pants, and pajamas.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Sleep has been fantastic; please don’t change! I’m such a stomach sleeper, and since I haven’t really popped yet, itz still comfortable to lay on my stomach.

Best moment this week: Talking with Jonny about boy names.

Miss anything? Not really. I’m telling you, I’m digging this pregnancy thing!

Movement: Ok I really think I can feel Baby Itz now.  I wasn’t so sure before, but now I’m thinking that whatever I am feeling (flutters, bubbles, call them what you will) that itz him.  Most noticeably at night when I’m sitting or laying down.

Food Cravings: Still no real cravings, just being way more lax than usual when it comes to food.  I’m trying to be healthy, but when a box full of fresh donuts are in the teacher’s lounge, itz hard to resist!  I did make a huge batch of vegetable and bean soup for this weeks lunches, so that does make me feel better.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.

Gender: BOY BOY BOY!!!!

Labor Signs: None, not that I would know what those feel like anyway!

Symptoms: Still a tiny bit of lower back pain in the evenings when I’ve been sitting or laying in the same position too long.  I mentioned this last week and Madeline left me her blog post on Prenatal Yoga for Back Pain. Several of the poses are the same ones we do during prenatal yoga, so at night I do a couple when my back starts to ache.

Belly Button – in or out?  In.

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Oh so happy!

Looking Forward To: Starting to plan and decorate the nursery.  Ok, actually that type of thing doesn’t usually excite me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been browsing Pinterest.  Really, I’m just hoping that my mom will help me clean out and organize the room that will be turned into the nursery, and then hopefully she and my sister will help me with the decoration part.  We shall see.


Can you tell I’m happy?  This is another picture from our gender reveal photoshoot.  Jonny and I literally had blue sparkles everywhere!  We are still finding them around our house!

Have any boy nursery inspiration for me??

33 thoughts on “20 Weeks Pregnant | Baby BOY

  1. i still can’t get over how amazing the pictures your sis took are! i love them all so much! i showed eddie the gender reveal post and he thought it was the best thing ever! <3 <3 <3 <3 you totally are beginning to show babe!

  2. I’ll help decorate too! or clean out the extra room…. What a perfect way to “make” me come over. .. dont ya think?

  3. Congrats again!! How exciting! I feel like this is the year of the boys, everyone I know who’s had a baby, it’s been a boy! (Aside from a few select bloggers) 😉 But it’s so exciting, I can only imagine how happy you are. Now, I think it’s time to start a baby boy nursery board on Pinterest if you haven’t already. 😉

  4. You are glowing Linz!!! I loved being pregnant…definitely a time to be filled with joy!!! Your sister does such a great job with the photos!! My suggestion would be to pick two colors and go from there! I LOVE planning nurseries!! Color combos….grey and navy, baby blue and chocolate brown, navy and lime green, grey and light blue….

  5. You just look fantastic. Enjoy this great time of your life. At 20 weeks I was wearing tent dresses (of course, you wouldn’t remember them!!!!)

  6. I am totally laughing at the fact that you have a banana in your belly! LMFAO! You know that saying, “you’re glowing” when it comes to pregnancy – well, YOU REALLY ARE!!! 🙂 Lets hope you can prove your doc wrong in the 3rd trimester!

  7. You are looking beautiful, my dear! I love that you’re loving pregnancy so much too. 🙂 It’s such a special time!

    What helped me with figuring out the nursery is picking a theme/colors and running with it. I found a super cute sports themed crib set at Babies ‘R Us, and then went from there.

  8. Yay a boy! I am just ahead of you (23 weeks) and we just found out we’re having a son as well. It’s funny because our pregnancies (symptoms, cravings, etc) have sounded very familiar so far. Congratulations!

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