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‘Twas a chilly afternoon when Linz and Jonny met Stephanie Cotta Photography at a nearby field dusted in a light blanket of snow.  SCP laid out a blanket, instructed the anxiously waiting couple to sit down, guided her assistant (Mr. SCP) up the ladder with a bucket full of glitter, and got into position.  On the count of three, she screamed, “Go!”  All at once, colored glitter began falling from the ladder sky into Linz and Jonny’s hands, on their heads, and before their eyes.

gender reveal

A screech escaped Linz’s mouth as they were surrounded by blue glitter. 

gender reveal 2

She saw the look of sheer happiness on Jonny’s face and felt pure joy in her heart.

gender reveal 1

A baby boy will be entering their lives.

gender reveal 3

They couldn’t be more thrilled.

itz a boy

Itz a boy!

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  1. Little boys are the greatest!! Mine changed my entire world and has made ever single day of the past ten years magical! Congratulations to both of you!! It’s the first of so many surprises this boy will throw your way. Enjoy ALL of them!!

  2. I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!! You read my comment, you knew I already knew! You want to know how I knew? My mom is an OBGYN – and she knows how baby boys vs baby girls sit in the uterus… Thus she TAUGHT ME how to tell!! 😀 OMG I am thrilled for you 🙂 He’s going to steal some lady’s hearts!

  3. CONGRATS!!!! I am so happy for you guys, little baby boy! Boys are fun, I have to say they are really easier too when it comes to teen years, ha!

    Love you! Love how you guys did the gender reveal too! <3

  4. Congratulations!!!!!! Little boys are the BEST! It’s so fun being a boy mama 🙂 hopefully we can take our future Tigers to games together one day!

  5. Congrats! We found out Monday we’re having a BOY as well. We are still in shock as we both thought it was a GIRL. Still a blessing and we’re thrilled with the news. What a fun way to find out and reveal.

  6. SO crying right now… and it just started snowing as I opened this. Congratulations- looks like Jonny might just be getting his left-handed ball player! 😉

    PS. What beautiful pictures– your joy is just radiating off of them.

  7. So excited for you guys!!! And I love the photos…love love love them!! I saw your sister post the bottles, and I had a feeling that’s how you guys would reveal – such a clever idea!! By the way, where’d you get your beanie?? I love it!

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  9. You are going to looooooove having a little boy! My son completely stole my heart and I know yours will too. <3

    I love the gender reveal idea! So creative and beautiful pics!

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