19 Weeks Pregnant | Gender Prediction – Boy or Girl?

19 weeks pregnant, seriously?  I cannot believe how this time is flying by!  Today is actually our twenty week appointment (20 weeks official tomorrow!), which means itz time for the gender prediction post!  But first let’s do the weekly bumpdate and details.

19 weeks

Baby Itz: 19 Weeks

Baby’s size? Mango. (I know I said that last week; it was supposed to be sweet potato, whoops! Itz fixed now.)

Maternity clothes? No, just living in leggings and stretchy pants.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I usually do, but not because of being pregnant.  Just have had a lot going on causing me to go to bed later and wake up earlier.  Surprisingly, I haven’t been that tired though.

Best moment this week: Arizona, for sure!

Miss anything? Runny yolks in my eggs.

Movement: Sometimes I think I can feel movement, but because I’m not sure what itz supposed to feel like, I don’t know!  I do know it feels like “flutters.”  Ok seriously, what does that even mean?

Food Cravings: No, but I did order french fries during our Arizona trip which I very rarely do.  I wouldn’t call it a craving, but they really appealed to me when I spotted them on the menu.  And I ate them.  All of them. Without sharing.  #noshame

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.

Gender: We have our ultrasound today, and my sister (photographer) Stephanie is coming with me. She will find out the gender, and we will do our photoshoot tomorrow when Jonny and I find out.  We laughed that of course Stephanie will find out before us.  Very typical.  😉  You all will find out on Friday.

Labor Signs: None, not that I would know what those feel like anyway!

Symptoms: My lower back has been a little sore the past couple of weeks.  I was thinking it couldn’t be because of this whole pregnancy thing since I’m not that big yet, but I don’t know what else the cause would be.

Belly Button – in or out?  In.

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy in Arizona, and maaaaybe a little moody otherwise.  Though I don’t like to attribute it to pregnancy; instead, people or situations that annoy me.  Remember, I’m perfect! Ha, really it doesn’t feel like I’m being unnecessarily moody… That’s how I feel, maybe others would say something different…

Looking Forward To: Finding out if we are going pink or blue!

pregnant itz linz

Gender Prediction – Boy or Girl?

  • Chinese Gender Chart: boy
  • Cravings: boy or girl?… I don’t really fit into either of these categories. I’m not craving sweets (girl), but I’m not really craving salty (boy) although my order of french fries would say otherwise haha. I’ve really been wanting more hearty meals – burgers, pizza, junk, in general, which I suppose would point to the boy sign.  And my sister wanted lots of sweets with her boy and more cravings like I’m having with her girl which leads me to believe girl.
  • Morning Sickness: boy – Luckily, I’ve had none!
  • Carrying High or Low: uhhh, I feel like I’m not even showing (well, barely), so I have no clue.
  • Skin Blemishes: boy – My skin has been super clear. A family friend told me I was glowing a few months ago; unbeknown to him, I was six weeks pregnant at the time!
  • Baking Soda / Pee Test: girl – Yes, I actually did this.
  • Ring & String Test: boy – The ring went back and forth (not a circle), so I think this means boy… I googled it a bunch and got mixed results.

My kiddos at school… boys think boys and girls think girls.  Oh, the logic of fourth graders! (Although many of my family members are the same way – haha!)

Jonny thinks… boy! I asked for any reasons or thoughts… “because itz going to be a boy.”  Jonny’s really hoping for a left-handed baseball player.  Fun fact: when Jonny found out I was left-handed (as are both my brothers), he asked me to marry him.

Our family’s predictions:

  • Girl: Mom, Stephanie (my sister), Justin (my little brother), Jason (my older brother), Amy (Jason’s fiance), Nancy (my mother-in-law), Becca (Robbie’s fiance), Mama (my grandma), Grandma Adelaide (Jonny’s grandma), Grandma Gerry (Jonny’s grandma)
  • Boy: Dad, Jack (my father-in-law), Robbie (Jonny’s brother), Papa (my grandpa), Poppy (my grandpa), Daddy Bob (Jonny’s grandpa), Grandpa Carl (Jonny’s grandpa), Dana (Justin’s fiance)

I think… girl! Itz been my gut this whole time.  Plus, my brother and sister both had boys first, and I usually do things differently than them.  I think itz funny that many old wives tales say I am having a boy, yet many of our family members are predicting girls.  I guess we will all find out soon!  Either way, I’ll be over the moon happy for Baby Itz!

Make your prediction: BOY or GIRL?

45 thoughts on “19 Weeks Pregnant | Gender Prediction – Boy or Girl?

  1. you have the most adorable little 19-week belly ever. Hmm, I just think girl automatically, but your results kind of make me think boy for some reason. Like I had very minimal morning sickness, just a couple days of it and we’re having a boy and the ring test came back as boy. I’m excited to find out!! 🙂


    First, how awesome that your family friend said you were glowing and he didn’t even know!!!!!!! WOW 😀 that’s pretty crazy!

    I honestly think you’ll have a girl too 😉 it’s just my gut feeling.

    Can’t wait to find out for real 😀 i love you Linz

  3. I say GIRL!!! Probably because mom’s intuition is usually best, and I want Lily to have a BFF!! 😉

    P.s. those flutters are most definitely her/him. It took me awhile to really know that is what it was, but it happened to me RIGHT the day before I turned 20 weeks. Hope that helps.


  4. So exciting! I’m officially guessing BOY (because everyone I know right now is having a boy and it tends to go in groups), but I’m (not so secretly) hoping it’s a girl.
    🙂 Yay! So excited for you guys. I can’t wait to see the photos on Friday!

  5. So excited for you!!! I had a blast with both girls when it came to this appointment. Maddie should have been a boy according to the old wives tales, but they predicted wrong! Can’t wait to see your reveal! Your sister’s photos are beautiful!

  6. So, so excited for you and Jonny, Linz! I’m guessing a girl, but either way it’s a lucky baby to have a great mom like you!

  7. I think it’s a girl, I really do! My coworker isn’t gonna find out and it’s driving me NUTS. Soon we will all know though, in February when she is due! It’s hilarious that all the boys think it’s a boy and girls think it’s a girl. I’m sure I would’ve thought the same in 4th grade. Good for you on the french fries!!! I don’t remember the last time I ordered a whole order to myself and didn’t share. I think my birthday a couple of years ago! Dayum.
    Why aren’t you eating yolks? Are they “bad” in pregnancy or is it just something that doesn’t sit well with your stomach?

  8. I can’t wait to find out and think its so interesting how you’re having a gender reveal for yourselves outside of the doc office.

    For a guess? I always go with the mama’s instinct. My gut was right both times for me, even though other predictions were always the opposite.

  9. easy way to remember for the ring test, back and forth – straight line boy, like penis 😛 and a circle for girl, like.. well you get the idea!
    Excited for you either way 🙂

  10. I’m totally guessing boy! Haha, I know I am more than a year late to this particular party…but I have just been reading through some of your older posts and thought I would comment on you being left handed. How crazy that so are your brothers! I am the only lefty in my entire family!

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