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Happy happy happy happy Friday!  Woah, happiness overload, eh?  Itz because Jonny and I are currently in Arizona visiting both of our brothers and I’ll be walking the Phoenix Hot Chocolate 5k on Sunday!  Plus, we narrowly escaped some nasty weather in St. Louis (like snow day for most schools – including the one where I teach – go figure since I took a personal day!).  Itz actually not that warm in Arizona (50’s), but that’s about twenty or thirty degrees warmer than the STL, so we’re not complaining!

Today I’m linking up with Clare at Fitting It All In and her Five Things Friday!

#1) My niece Audrey Rose is too stinkin’ cute.  She loves her aunt La La.


And I’m obsessed with my new headband ear warmer from my in-laws!

#2) About a month ago I told you all about MizzFit’s Fashion & Fitness Quarterly Box that I had purchased.  It arrived and itz awesome!  Itz making me itch to get back to the gym full time, but that will come soon enough.  Take a look at the goods:


Pack a smart bag for a killer workout is the theme and lesson of this first box.

  • Electric Yoga Ultra-Lite Gym Bag: First of all, pink and black are the colors which I totally love!  Second, it really is super light and stylish.  I’m totally using it not just for the gym.
  • Fresh Feet Wipes: Ok, my feet don’t stink, y’all, but these wipes have a peppermint scent which I imagine will be invigorating on a tired day.  Plus, MizzFit says she wipes down everything with these (hands, yoga mat, etc.).
  • Words To Sweat By Towel: There are “quotivations” to stay motivated.  Mine reads, “Carpe Dumbbells.” Heh heh, gym humor.
  • Banjees Wrist Wallet: I actually have one of these already and get a lot of use out of it; can’t hurt to have a spare!
  • Nature Made Vitamelts Energy:  I first learned about these and sampled them at Blend Retreat.  Now that I’m pregnant, I won’t be taking them, but they’re definitely a nice “natural” way to get an energy boost (perhaps pre-workout or mid-day?).

All in all, I’m very happy with this first box.  I’m curious as to what number two will entail.  I adore MizzFit, so I know it’ll rock again.  This would make a fun gift for someone who loves fitness and fashion – you can gift one box or an entire subscription.  I’m not getting paid for this and I used my own money for this subscription.  I really do think itz cool.

#3) You know how sometimes on airplanes the snacks are peanuts and pretzels?  Well, last night they passed out honey roasted peanuts (better than dry roasted!) and Ritz bits cheese crackers.  Jonny and I were quite pleased.  The flight attendants were really funny, too, which always makes flights more fun.  They said, “We need your tush in a cush before we push!” to get everyone situated before take off.  They also said, “We’re coming around to make sure you’re buckled up because we don’t trust you.”  Everyone got a kick out of it.  (Southwest is the best!)  We did not get a kick, however, when they said that we were “crawling” to Arizona as we were facing 160 mph headwinds!  We were flying at about half the speed of normal.  Boy oh boy was I ever glad to get off that plane four hours later.

#4) I was recently sent a pair of Pluggz shoes to review.  Their tagline is all about style and comfort, and since I work on my feet all day, comfort is very important (we all know I’m lacking in the style department haha).  I chose a pair of their mustard color ballet flats from the fall collection.


I don’t typically find flats very comfortable for extended periods of time because I have high arches and there is never any arch support.  While there wasn’t really any arch support in the Pluggz, my feet didn’t hurt at all at the end of the day.  The inside is super cushioned which is why I think they felt so good.  Nor did they rub and create blisters at all (another annoyance of flats for me).  I also really like the color I picked out.  I feel like most cool weather clothes are so dram, so I liked adding a splash of color with my shoes!  They have several other styles including suede loafers which would be great for the winter.

#5) Uhhh I’m so happy to be in Arizona (and apparently have nothing better to to post for numba five!)?  I know I already said that, but I didn’t count it as part of the official five things Friday, so it totally counts now.  Robbie and Becca picked us up from the airport last night and Jonny and I grabbed dinner at My Big Fat Greek at 9:30 at night because we were starving.  We get to see Justin today, so we both get lots of brother time this weekend which will be fantastic.  I’m sure I’ll bombard your Instagram, so make sure you’re following me at ItzLinz to see the events of our mini-vacay.  You know how exciting we are! 😉

Tell me five things for Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

29 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. “We’re coming around to make sure you’re buckled up because we don’t trust you.” Hahah! That’s amazing. WestJet (Canada) flight attendants are awesome like that. It’s always such a fun and relaxed flight. After hours of customs or lineups inside the terminal, it’s definitely refreshing to lighten the mood!

    Also, that fitness quarterly box is such a fabulous idea! Honestly, I need to come move to the States after we are done in Australia. You guys have everything!

    • Humor always makes traveling better! You could at least come visit me in the States hehe I would LOVE to visit Australia sometime!!

  2. Have fun in AZ and glad you got there safely! I always love good airplane snacks and those Ritz cheese crackers sound awesome. I used to LOVE them in middle/high school. Jet Blue has great snacks including blue Terra chips!
    I adore your yellow flats and your headband in the first photo. Too cute!

  3. Have fun in Phoenix – 50 sounds pretty warm about now – 2nd day in a row that the temps have stayed in the teens all day.
    Love the mustard colored shoes!!!

  4. Oooh those pluggz look awesome! I rock flats 99% of the time so I’m always in the market and cute, comfy, well-supported ones are surprisingly hard to come by. Hope you have a great time in AZ and enjoy the warmer temps!

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